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College Adventure part 1


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She knew it was coming, and she had thought about it. She had racked her brain on the subject, but this semester she just wasn't doing well in that class and nothing much could help her. She really only had one asset, and she thought she might as well try, who new, it might be fun. She was going to a Catholic college, so she chose her clothes with that in mind. She picked out her schoolgirl outfit. It was perfect. Also it was her only class on Tuesday, so she didn't need to run around on campus with it. She put on her hose and garters. White shirt that was a size too small, and then she buttoned her plaid skirt on. Today she had decided to forgo bra and panties both, making her feel extra dirty considering what she planned to do. She got her school materials, put on her long coat, and headed to class.
She got to class and sat down. It was a usual class where she really did understand most of it, she was just fuzzy. After almost an hour he was done, and he dismissed the class. But he called to her and said he needed to talk to her about her grades. She waited until everyone was gone, acting like she was working on something. Once everyone had left she got up and went down to his desk. When she got there she took off her coat. He definitely seemed to notice.
He gave his speech about her grades not being the best, and she needed to work harder. The room was cool, and she could see his eyes often looking at her hardening nipples. After he was done she reached up and undid another button on her shirt, exposing even more cleavage, her breasts now close to falling out. She walked up and reached out and touched him between the legs, as she bent over in front of him, giving him an even better view. She asked him if there was anything she could do, as she felt him growing through his pants. He told her that her actions were highly inappropriate, and that he would have to do something about it later. However he did absolutely nothing to try and stop her as she started to undo his belt and zipper.

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