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I turned 18 at the worst time so here are sexy things I wanna do when COVID is over


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1 ) This is like a sex party idea. A bunch of people sign up as either doms or subs and the rule goes that at any moment, any dom can do anything they want to any sub. Obviously there would be a safeword and security in place to make sure it stayed safe and fun.

2 ) Being completely tied up and blindfolded. I'd like to do this with one dom and again with multiple doms.

3 ) Maid fantasy. I think this was the very fantasy I ever had lol. I want to wear one of those really cute french maid dresses and a leash and have a master/mistress for a weekend or so. A couple days in a cabin somewhere.

4 ) I want someone to take me out to dinner or a movie while I wear a vibrator and they have the remote.

5 ) This one is so frustrating because I'd be able to do it if I had ***!! I really really wanna get an app-controlled vibrator and video call someone while they use it. I want to try that so bad but I don't think anyone would be willing to me a 100$ vibe haha.


If you’re an 18-year-old girl, my arse is called Veronica.

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