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So iā€™m brand new to all of this but really want to explore my submissive side, has anyone got any tips or advice on finding a dom who likes bigger women? Because this is fairly new to me I want someone who can train me so any advice on what to look for in a domĀ would be great.


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this thread seems to come up a lot - there's something similar further down the page >>Ā 


to be honest, there's plenty of guys really not picky, but of course that's something to be wary of - a lot of offers are often unsuitable.Ā  Sometimes going to events and parties in your local area is a good way to meet people.


As a bigger woman myself, I can tell you there are Dom's out there who enjoy that. Definitely urge you to get out to events in your local area to meet people :)Ā 


Put size out of you mind, focus more on learn what you like, might like and don't like in BDSM...Size doesn't matter and when you find out that it doesn't your going to find a new confidence level...there are many in BDSM that love shapely woman and others than can see and desire inner beauty....Check outĀ some of the topics on line about BBW (big big woman) you'll find that many love themselves more and blossom with a new confidence...then they find a new freedom in being who they want to be.

Main thing is just find some people to meet and chat with here or in the real world and explore BDSM, submissive side and what you need to do to play safe.

Don't worry about find a Dom that like big women, just keep your eye open to finding a Dom that will be honest and understands respect....have fun and play safe.

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