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Deliberately late

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I told her exactly where she needed to be and at what time. She was late, but that was deliberate, she wanted to be punished, she loved to be.

I instructed her to stand still and undress, in a loud stern voice, from the bathroom. She was nervous but excited as she knew although she was going to be punished, it was always carried out with love and total respect.

She told me she was now naked, her voice full of anticipation. I told her to close her eyes and stand perfectly still as I was going to blindfold her now. As I stood close behind her, the black silk blindfold in my hands, I deliberately let her feel my big bare chest brush against her naked beautiful back.

As I began to fasten the soft black silk around her eyes I whispered in her ear ‘why are you fucking late?’, my lips touching her earlobe so she could feel my warm breath sending shivers through her as the goosebumps formed all over her beautiful body, ‘I’m really sorry’ was the response to which I replied ‘you’re going to be, you know that don’t you?....’

Blindfolded now she mumbled ‘yes I know’, her soft beautiful lips forming a perfect cheeky little smile. As my bare hand smacked against her soft sexy arse cheeks, the smile turned into a gasp, shocked but excited at how firm that slap was. The spanking now continued until her gorgeous bare arse cheeks had become a little red. I ***d her legs apart with my knee, my hand gripping her hair tightly, leaning her forward a little, the petals of her beautiful flower now exposed. The next slap was directed perfectly, the palm of my big strong bare hand connecting against one of her cheeks, my fingers catching her moist petals

She screams out now, she wants more, she know she’s done wrong.

As I pick up my leather belt, my left hand grips around her throat, the belt in my right hand, I make sure she feels the tip of it running up the insides of her soft smooth legs, and against her bare bottom......


 💚 Great, as always 🤤🔥 


Thank you beautiful ❤️

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