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Late-night workout (exhibition, D/s) *Long*


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We park in the lot outside the gym, and I turn to smile and rub my hand up and down your leg. We're both still dressed for work, which means a skirt and stockings for you, and I'm currently sliding my hand up under your skirt, teasing to the edge of your stockings and the bare skin of your thighs.
"Ready to go, Kitten?" I ask with a smirk, knowing my teasing the whole way home already has you riled up. You glare at me, then look down and start to nod just as my hand spanks the inside of your barely-covered leg. "Good girl!"
We both gather our small duffels and head inside, walking towards the locker rooms to change. The place is quiet this time of night, but not yet deserted, and we part at the mandated division between "Men" and "Women".
You quickly find a spot in the empty room and drop your bag on the bench, sitting to pull off your boots and roll down your sheer stockings. You glance around before unzipping and dropping your skirt, quickly swapping it for the tight little booty shorts I bought you. The blouse goes next, and the bra, replacing them with a sports bra and a tank I insisted you wear, even though the large neck- and arm-holes expose more of your bra and sides than it hides.
You quickly lace up sneakers and grab a water bottle, toss your bag in a locker, then head back out to meet me. Even though we're not doing the same routine, you like to see me and be seen by me before starting our routines.
I'm on the mat nearest the locker rooms, stretching and keeping an eye out for you. I slowly, blatantly drag my eyes up and down your body, from sneakers to ponytail and back down, then smile and softly say, "Good girl. You look delicious!"
Your hesitation about the outfit I chose for you, showing off much more than you would by choice, starts to fade away as your *** rushes to your cheeks in a blush, while also sending a thrum of electricity straight to your clit.
"Thank you," you mumble, glancing at my lap to look for the outline of my cock in my tight running shorts. You lick your lips as you find it easily, clearly already swelling with arousal. You glance around quickly, nervously, wondering if I was already stimulated by some other barely-dressed gym bunny. The place is almost empty, every other patron far away, and I clear my throat to regain your attention.
"It's all for you, Kitten. The sight of you, the sound of your voice, your pure natural scent turn me on, constantly, instantly, without fail."
You blush deeper and smile, looking down again before steeling yourself and looking back up to meet my eyes, which have just finished another tour of your body. "So, I'll see you back here in an hour?" You ask sheepishly.
"Yes, but I'll be keeping an eye on you the whole time, Little One. So relax and do your thing, and we'll meet up soon."
I stand quickly from the mat and I'm suddenly in your space, my face inches from yours, and I steal a kiss before turning to talk toward the free weights.
An excruciating hour later, you look up from your last exercise to see me watching you, hungry eyes locked on your sweating form. You blush again, and your already quickened heart rate goes double time as I devour you with my stare. You walk to me, oblivious of your surroundings, my piercing gaze sending moisture to your panties that has nothing to do with your workout.
"All done, Kitten?" I ask, then continue before you can answer. "I think we're the last ones here." You glance around the room, surprised that the light crowd at your arrival has dwindled to nothing. I take your hand and walk you back toward the lockers in silence. As we approach the doors, I squeeze your hand tighter and pull you to the left, the wrong way, towards the men's room. You instinctively hesitate, but my grip and pace allows no argument, and besides a harsh whispered "Daddy!?" you obediently follow along.
As we enter the main locker room, I turn suddenly and use a hand on your chest to *** you against the wall, my free hand roaming up and down your exposed flesh . "Mine!" I growl, stepping up to bite your neck and grab a handful of your tight ass. After a moment I seize your wrist and turn away, stalking towards the shower stalls.
As we approach the last stall, you notice two towels already waiting on the top shelf outside the curtain. I reach in to start the water, then turn to you with a simple demand: "Strip for me." I'm already starting, kicking off my shoes and losing my socks, pulling my shirt over my head before I hook my thumbs in my waistband. "Now, little cumslut, or Daddy's load will be wasted running down the drain tonight." You shiver and start to move, and I drop to my knees to take your shoes and socks. When you're done I gaze up your naked body from my crouch, "So beautiful" I say quietly, looking directly in your eyes.
I stand quickly and push you into the stall, half-heartedly closing the curtain behind us as we both moan in pleasure at the hot water. My sweaty upper body presses against your back, and you feel my thickening shaft slide between your ass cheeks as I wrap my arms around around you. I reach for your body wash (*how did that get in here?!* you think) then your control melts as I start to slide my soapy hands up and down your body.
Just as you're relaxing into my soapy grasp, I slide a hand over your breast and firmly squeeze that perfect pink nipple, just firm enough to make you gasp and part your legs for me. My other hand immediately swings down to spank your horny little pussy, then lingers to run a finger up and down your slit, finding the flood of wetness within and spreading it up to swirl around your clit.
"You're already hot and ready for me, aren't you baby? My naughty little Cumslut wants to get off right here, where anyone could walk in on us." You let out a loud moan at my words, and I step back suddenly and smack your juicy ass, then grab your wrists and plant your hands against the cold wet shower wall, sliding up your arms to push on your upper back and pull your hips toward me, tapping the inside of your ankles with my foot to widen your stance.
You start to understand and glance back in ***, scared of getting caught, of getting arrested, and of course *** of the huge swollen rod swaying between my legs, ready to invade you. One hand slides up to grip your ponytail, and I turn you to look in my eyes while I line up and push ***fully inside you from behind.
I start slowly thrusting into you from behind, stretching your pussy with each stroke, picking up the pace til the wet rhythmic *slap slap slap* echoes through the empty showers, my harsh breathing and your restrained moans steadily rising in volume to compete.
"Let go, my little nympho... Don't hold back, I want to hear you moan and beg and scream for me."
As I lean forward to growl in your ear I slip a hand under your leg, hooking your thigh over my forearm as my hand attacks your clit. I spank it first, and you let loose a surprised yelp that segues into a deep moan as my fingers start strumming across it just the way you need.
My thrusts are shortened with our new stance, and I'm rapidly hammering into you now, my thick head stroking your g-spot every time I pull back, then punching your cervix with each hard drive forward.
Your moans get louder as you forget your surroundings and surrender to the pleasure, and between wails you begin to beg for permission.
"Rub your clit for me, Kitten. Work your pussy til you can't hold back."
As you try to process my words I take control of your body, dropping your leg and pulling your hips back as I plant a hand between your shoulders and *** your upper body against the shower wall. Your head turns to look back at me and you gasp as your hard swollen nipples are dragged against the cold tile, and my other hand rears back to land a monstrous *smack* against your ass.
"You better get a hand on that clit or I'm gonna cum without you and leave you desperate and horny." My thrusts increase in length, pulling back to the tip before I slam home again, each stroke shoving you into the wall and increasing the friction on your nipples.
You reach down to obey me, and you're shocked to feel the slippery wetness pouring from your pussy even as the water washes it away. As soon as you start on your clit I smack your other ass cheek, the sensation burning through your body, then I wrap my strong fingers around your neck and absolutely rail you, my grip pulling you back to slam your stinging ass cheeks against my hips, then pinning you every time I withdraw.
You're losing control, stuttering through your attempts to beg permission, almost incoherent in your pleas. I know just what you're asking, what you desperately need, but I continue fucking into you while I tease you.
"What do you want, Kitten? You need more?"
I fuck into you even harder, one hand tightening around your slender neck while the other begins to rain down blows on your ass, your thighs, even pulling you back from the wall to smack your cheek sharply.
"Please! Cum! Daddy!?" you wail, and I twist your nipple as I finally relent.
"Yes, my sexy little slut, cum on Daddy's cock and milk my load into your tight little cunt! Use that perfect pussy to get us both off."
Your eyes roll back and your muscles begin to spasm as you start to cum, your hand drifting away from your clit only for mine to take over, roughly strumming your clit as your pussy contracts and my savage cock swells inside you, stretching you more than ever before.
You cry out in one long, continuous moan as your orgasm stretches out indefinitely, my hands now holding you up as your body goes limp, and you're lost in the feeling of my cum splashing against your walls, spurt after spurt prolonging your pleasure while you wail and shake endlessly.
... As you slowly come back to reality, begin to regain control of your body, and finally stand on your own again, you're startled by the sudden percussion of hands clapping together, the first pair quickly followed by another, then another, and you instinctively cover yourself and shrink down, trying to hide behind my larger frame.
As you peek over my shoulder, you see a man and two women in the distinct purple polos and black shorts of the gym staff, although all are in varying measures of disarray. The short, curvy, bubbly woman who greeted us at the front desk and scanned our cards has her shirt untucked and shorts open, having just pulled her hand out to applaud.
The taller woman is standing behind the man, arms wrapped around his torso as she claps, and both are clearly personal trainers, lean, fit and tanned; as you watch the woman dips her hand back into his open fly to continue stroking him. You blush as they both meet your eyes and smile, clearly excited by our performance, the lingering glances hinting at a desire for more.
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