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Late Night - Dark Daddy


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Daddy stood in the doorway to the office.

Working late again?


Baby looked up. Yeah, probably a few more hours. 


Ok, I'm going to read in bed. I've got an early morning breakfast meeting. I need to close this deal.  Biggest meeting of the quarter....


Uh.. yeah... Daddy, great. Night.


A few hours later, baby walked into the bedroom and turned on the light. 


Daddy's head popped up. Baby? What the fuck?


Did you know we were out of bagels?


No you're the only one who eats them.


Right, but you went to the store yesterday. 


Did you write it on the list?


No, I ate the last one this morning. 


I have to be up in 2 hours for a very important meeting. 


Well, I was up all night working on stuff for my important meeting. 




You think just because you make more than me your meetings are more important than mine.


Oh this shit? Daddy got out of bed turned off the light and slammed the door.


Baby huffed in bed. Fuck him.... she wanted to fight.


She walked to the guest bedroom. Not there.


She walked to the office. Not there.


Not in the kitchen, dining room or living room.


Front door was locked and his car was in the driveway. Backdoor was unlocked. 


She walked out on the patio. No Daddy.


As she turned to go back into the house, the door was shut. She hadn't closed it. She went to open the door, but it was locked.


Fuck him.


Baby went to the side door. Locked.


She went to the backdoor and it was open.


She walked into the house.  Daddy!


She was pissed. She stomped towards the stairs to go to bed, but something grabbed her by the throat out of the dark and slammed her against the wall.


You cannot help but be a bitch the voice said.


She took a breath and went to speak. The hand squeezed harder and she couldn't get a word out.


That mouth... that mouth is good for so many things, but all you want to use it for is trouble.


A hand firmly slapped her face. Shocking her.


Baby was pushed to her knees, hand still on her throat. 


A cock was being rubbed on her face as it swelled. 


Another firm hand slap on her face.


Open your mouth bitch.


A cock was shoved into her mouth. Her head pressed against the wall, forcing her to swallow all of it.


She gagged and teared up.


She grabbed his thigh and squeezed twice.


He released her. 


She coughed and gagged on her spit.


He rubbed his slobbery cock all over her face.


He wrapped a belt around her neck and walked her like a dog to the living room. 


He grabbed her by the hair and stood her up. He bent her over the arm of the couch and pulled down her panties.


He tugged on the belt choking her.


On hard firm swack with his hand on her right ass cheek. 


She yelped.


Another firm swack on her left ass cheek.


She yelped out again.


Again and again, he swacked her ass with his hand.

Again and again, she yelped out.


He tugged on the belt hard.


He shoved his thumb in her mouth and she sucked on it. He took his thumb and rubbed it on her asshole and shoved it in




He tugged on the belt choking her.


He spit in her ass.


The head of his cock, pressing against her tight little asshole. Stretching her ass out. 


Oh...uh... owe....she moaned.


Deeper and deeper his cock slid in her ass. He filled up that tight ass with his cock.


She moaned and screamed.


He pumped her ass hard and deep.


Fucking cock whore. Totally useless except for pleasing cocks. Your mouth and your ass are the only things worth anything. 


He grabbed her tips and pinched her nipples while he fucked her ass.


Cock slut. Cock whore. Cum bucket. That's all you are. That's all I need you for. 


He grabbed her by the hair and pushed her on her knees. He tilted her head back and stroked his clock infront of her face. Open your mouth bitch!


He shot his huge hot sticky load all over her face and mouth.


He let go of her hair.


Baby leaned back against the couch. Panting, covered in cum.


Daddy walked into the room. Baby, are you ok?

Daddy helped baby stand up. 


Daddy needs to shower, why don't you come with me?

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I really like your stories you’re very good read I do have to ask you I don’t know if you’ll get this message or not but we chatted so many times a couple times and I really enjoyed spending time with you. I just wanted to be friends I don’t understand why you blocked me. I thought you were satisfied daddy
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