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Munch Notes/Agenda - Happy 4th Birthday Fetish.com - 11th February 2021


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Munch Notes/Agenda - Happy 4th Birthday Fetish.com - 11th February 2021

*Backdated munch notes/agenda, please feel free to add if you have any questions or comments*

Host: @lil-monster

Content Contributor: @lil-monster

Evening everyone and welcome to tonight's munch. Topic for tonight is all about the site itself as Fetish.com is celebrating its 4th birthday!!!!! So let's celebrate all things Fetish......

1. So to start off with how did you all find out about Fetish.com?

   • from a friend
   • other half is on here
   • web search
   • from other kink sites i.e fetlife, fab swingers etc etc.
   • word of mouth
   • from events i.e munches etc

2. Does any one know how Fetish.com first started out?

   • It all started back in 2004 when a band of German brothers saw a hole  that needed filing ( pun intended lol) free dating websites were hard to come by back then, so then created Poppen.de. It grew and grew by 2012 it had 3 million users then in 2017 a brand spanking new version of Fetish.com was released and here we are now!!!!! 

3. Do you know how far reaching Fetish.com is now in the world? How many countries it's now reaching?

   • German speaking site
   • English speaking site
   • S***
   • Turkey
   • French
   • Sweden

4. Did you know Fetish.com has partner sites also, do you know what they are?

   • Fuck.com
   • Gays.com

5. Have you found anyone special through the site? Made any lasting friendships/relationships?

6. What do you think Fetish.com has that many other sites similar don't? What functions keeps it going do you think?

   • chat rooms
   • larger forum and topics
   • a magazine section
   • dating/ad section
   • points system
   • treasure hunt games
   • photo competitions
   • meeters and greeters
   • moderators
   • BDSM school
   • Gifts function

7. So let's switch it around do you think Fetish.com is missing anything that you think would be good for the site?

   • more wider events section
   • a block that means a block fully from everything on site i.e like fetlife
   • the photo rules can be a bit all over the place and some photos can sneak through
   • a larger roles and archetype selection
   • more options to put on profile for gender or sexual orientation i.e gender fluid, pan sexual, asexual, demisexual etc etc
   • basic members can't send screenshots or pictures in messages
   • Shop to fetish merchandise

8. So to the members who've been here a while ( if any are here! ) what has Fetish.com improved on since you first joined?

   • likes on photos instead of star system
   • BDSM school
   • meeters and greeters are a newer thing
   • a new here thread in forum where newbies can say hi and ask for advice
   • more languages coming on board

9. So what do you think of the FET app that was released last year? What are the pros and cons do you think?

   • get notifications for messages
   • good for when out and about
   • possibly it uses less data

   • no photo rules on there
   • chat rules are a bit out the way
   • not much forum on there
   • no magazine
   • glitchy at times
   • if block someone you can still see through the app
   • Most people thinking it's a sex site only

10. So what has made you stay here at Fetish.com?

   • Chat rooms
   • Community/Friends
   • Relationships

11. So let's steer away from FET as any one had a lockdown birthday yet? Some of course had one from march last year, but has anyone had one beginning of this yet?

12. How have you celebrated your birthday during lockdown?

   • Had a party at home with family that you live with
   • Zoom/VC party call with family and friends if you live on your own
   • VC with other half

13. As you've gotten older do you think birthdays mean as much as they did when you were younger? Or are you always a big kid when it comes round to them?

14. Does anyone have any other questions or comments?

Thank you to all who attended the Quarantine Munch and to our host for the night me lol 


Good evening lil- monster and thank you for your post.  Love the posts love the discussions love the hunts love the community and friendships love being  able to catch up with things . The site the content the communication have gone a long way with assistance through lockdown and therefore much appreciated. I’m not going to moan about minor issues because my opinion is when I started my fetish journey there wasn’t an opportunity to educate one’s self so we had to jump in the deep end and hope for the best . Once again thank you 🙏

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