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Worst experience ever - Donald Trump

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I've dealt with many pathetic men over the course of my life - some more obedient than others. None, however, have ever been as shocking as a recent experience I had in NYC.

I expect my submissives to be behaved and respectful, at all times. with clear boundaries set from the outset. Normally, I'd never divulge any information on any encounter but, given the complete disregard for the rules I had put in place, I'm going to tell all. In other words, fuck Donald Trump.

My friend (who I won't name) has contacts in very high places. One day she asked me if I wanted to play with a guy who is, lets say, very powerful but she wouldn't give me any more info than that.  Cutting a long story short, one afternoon we were driven to a plush hotel on the Upper East side, I had no idea who would greet us, but guessed from the address he was pretty high-profile.

"Nothing but *** will suffice" were the only instructions given to us. Enter Mr. President.. dressed in a robe. I stayed calm despite my shock at discovering who he was. 

First of all, he wanted us to dress up. Usually, I set the negotiations, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to dominate one of the most powerful men in the world. The outfits laid out on the hotel room sofa looked like something Theresa May would wear, complete with horrible heels and awful chunky jewellery. 

Meanwhile, I noticed a plastic map of the world laid out on the hotel room floor. I looked over and saw he'd slipped off his robe and saw him standing there in nothing but an adult diaper, he barked as us to piss on him. So I instructed him on to lay on it, and we both did.

After drying off, he seemed agitated. He didn't listen to anything we were saying. I was starting to get angry at him - really angry. He wanted my friend to pour hot wax on him. So she did. You could see the look in her face, she liked making him suffer. I enjoyed it too. 

He then made us all get into a bathtub full of beans, and talked on and on about his plans for the country. He would not shut up. So I lost it. After 20 minutes of hearing him whine on, I went into overdrive. I screamed at him to get out of the bath and on the floor.

"Stay there you pathetic excuse of a man. You're not my President. I own you.

He fell silent - finally. His eyes lit up as I reached for my bag. Instead of reaching inside, i just grabbed the whole thing. 

"Now, I'm going to punish you until you scream for your bodyguard." He just nodded. 

I smacked him with the bag until his legs and chest were blue. You know what? He came too. And I just spat on him and left. 


Is this a First of April Fools day fairy tale ? I loved it, would have love to spank this low class of human being. Thanks for the reading.

On 4/2/2018 at 3:58 PM, Crystal_Clear said:

Is this a First of April Fools day fairy tale ? I loved it, would have love to spank this low class of human being. Thanks for the reading.

Yesss!!! Did you bump into our mag article as well? In case you didn't have a chance to read it, here's the full fake news piece again and a follow-up on April Fool's Day:


Enjoy & keep it kinky ;)



Hahaha, fantastic fake news guys, love it!

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