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Tell me your fantasy (Part 1)


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“Tell me your fantasy.”

Why did she want to know that? I was the one who was in control here. She was kneeling in front of me. Her eyes were cast down to the floor. Her hands were placed on to the base of her spine. They were crossed over. Her ankles were crossed over. She was wearing her usual business woman outfit.

We had planned this out for weeks. It was not our first meeting. I would never do the first meeting like this. So it was all set. Today was the day.

It had been easy to get the hotel room. It was never busy during the week. I had got off work early. We arrived separately. I was first to arrive. I had checked the room and she was not waiting for me. Perfect. I went back downstairs to the lobby. I sat in the reception area watching the door. She arrived about five minutes later. I rose to my feet and followed her to the lift. She pushed the call button. I stood behind her. Close but not close enough to touch. She glanced over her right shoulder. She slowly took off her sunglasses to look at me closely. She was a successful businesswoman. In public, she was a typical alpha-female who did not take any crap from anyone. She was in control. She looked up and down at me with disdain. So I admit. I am not much to look at. I am fit enough but could easily be overlooked. Ordinary I suppose you could say. She went into the lift first. I moved to the back to stand behind her again. She pushed the button for the top floor. The doors slowly shut.

“Take off your panties.”

The moment the doors to the lift were closed I gave her my first order. She slowly reached under her knee-high dress. She pulled down her white silk panties.

“Give them to me.”

She handed them back to me without comment. I held them close to my face. I inhaled deeply. The scent of her sex was mixed with her perfume. I could not wait to have what these had covered under my tongue.

“Remove your bra.”

She moved her hands below her jacket. She unbuttoned the top buttons of her blouse. Her hands slipped the straps of the white silk bra from her shoulders. Matching underwear. Nice. She unclipped the bra to release her breasts below the blouse. I could see her flush as her nipples rubbed against the material of the blouse.

“Leave the buttons.”

She pulled her bra out and handed it to me. The doors to the lift opened. Someone else came in. I held both her panties and bra in my hands for all to see. The man glanced at me then at her. I smiled back at him. He coughed as the doors closed. I moved to stand closer to her. I turned to look at the man as I moved my hand up under her jacket. I started fondling her left breast. She did not move. My eyes fixed on the man in the lift. I could see him starting to get uncomfortable. I slapped her on the backside playfully. I could tell that she was being turned on by the attention. The lift got to our floor.

I walked out first. She followed me slowly. I went straight to the room. I held the door open for her to enter. She glanced up and down the corridor before going in. I did not care who saw us. I wanted people to see me with her. She took off her coat and d***d it over the back of one of the chairs. I closed the door then went straight to the bedroom. She watched me closely. I came back with one of our toys. I dropped it at her feet.

“Pleasure yourself. I want to watch.”

I moved back to the bedroom and sat on the bed. She bent down and picked up the wand device. She followed after me. She stood just inside the room. Her left hand went under her blouse and started playing with her breasts. Her right hand switched on the wand. The vibrating noise was quite loud. She moved the wand up under her skirt. I watched as her eyes rolled back in her head as she touched its head against her pussy. She moved her hips about the device. While her left hand played with her breasts, she moved the wand all over her pussy. She went up to her clit. A short gasp escaped her lips. A slight moan joined that. I could see the bulge under her dress. It was obvious what her hand was doing. She continued to push the vibrating wand against her clit. Her arousal was increasing. Her moaning got more frequent. I stayed quite still. I could see her hand moving as it pressed against her skirt. She was writhing more as the wand did its work. She started panting deeply. Her heat was rising. Her motions got faster. Her panting got quicker. Her moaning got deeper. Her hips moved more.


She glared at me fiercely.

“I said enough.”

She lowered her hand slowly and reluctantly from below her dress. I could see the head of the wand glistening with her juices. She removed her hand from her breasts. I held out my hand. She passed the wand to me. I switched it off then licked the top to taste her. She tasted so good. I wanted to lick her right then. I could tell that she was still very aroused. I had denied her a climax.

“On your knees.”

She was fuming at being denied her climax. Now I had demanded she drop to her knees. She was struggling to submit. I waited. I could be patient. She had time to learn. She slowly dropped to her knees.

“In front of me.”

She edged across the floor slowly. Her eyes were lowered. I rose to my feet. I took her hands and placed them behind her back. I folded her wrists at the small of her back. I gently crossed her ankles. I think she understood. I went back to sit down.

“Tell me your fantasy,” she said meekly.

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