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Locked up in an Chocolate Easter egg

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it was a very special party that I would normally escort a Female to...in Germany..not able to go..other commitments...But , I can tell you what it involved.....A female being lowered into a really big  Vat ,  4 sections that locked together....shaped like an Easter egg...Full of Chocolate that was setting....All that showed was her neck and Head...Nothing she could do....Had to wait until all the guests had either licked or chipped away at the Chocolate before she was free...It was for a Charity...don't know which one...I was told it was about  14 hours before she was free..!....Apparently , raised a massive amount of ***....wish I was able to attend!


Who else would like to be trapped in chocolate or who'd like to eat the chocolate to help the person escape?



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This reply is to a spam comment that was posted and has nothing to do with the OP's post at all. But as it contravenes no guidelines and makes perfect sense, it's been left in situ. 

Incredibly rude, to use someone else's post to try and sell your "goods" especially when your profile is not a sellers one...not very professional and a lousy advert.


Sounds like a lot of fun Cassie, it's a shame you couldn't go..me though I'd be an observer.. the smell alone would be enough to trigger a migraine lol

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You know what..I did find out that she had to wear a protective suit and that she was also standing...so I would guess that the layers of chocolate were thinner...14 hours was what the organisers thought it would take for enough chocolate to be licked or nibbled  away to allow her to "escape"...It took only 5 hours...she was sponsored and at the end of the party...the amount raised was 215, 000 Euros...I am a little bit wary of mentioning what the event was raising funds for..so I am hoping that a moderator will, if needed rephrase the following....it was to do with providing counselling and helping young vunerable youngsters  who were subject to physical and sexual ***..So close to my heart...I think you can guess why. By the way , she has a love of milk chocolate...was very unhappy that she had to be enclosed in  dark chocolate.!...But to raise that amount of *** is just wonderful..!..Whether she has been put of chocolate for the rest of her kinky life , only she knows...Cassie

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wow that sounds awesome an princess i understand why u say its close to your heart. id love to eat it. couldnt stay in it as smell would make me ill after a bit


I think I will have to find out if she was ill....I would imagine so , I know I would be to!..

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