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Locked Up and Cuckolded P.1

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It’s our wedding night and you are now my sweet and submissive beta husband and I’m your powerful, beautiful, and dominant wife. We haven’t had sex yet because when we were dating I told you I was waiting until marriage. I told you it was for religious reasons and you believed me hook line and sinker. When we were dating you would get so horny because of my sexiness and each time you tried to go further than eating my pussy, I would stop you.

I never gave you blowjobs. I also told you that I didn’t do that because of my religion and you accepted that. Occasionally I would give you a handjob or allow you to jerk off to me as I played with my pretty pussy. But I never allowed you to touch it with your dick. Even though this confused and frustrated you, being a beta, you let it go.

And after 2 years of dating you proposed marriage with the intention of doing anything and everything to make me happy and that is what I wanted all along. To make you mine and back then you didn’t know I was training your subconscious. As a result of my training, you became more submissive.

And now that it’s our wedding night and we arrive at a fancy hotel, I tell you to wait for me as I go into the bathroom to shower and put on something more sexy for my newlywed husband.

As you wait, with excitement and anticipation running through your veins, you think you’re about to have sex with your hot wife. You’ve been waiting a long time to be able to stick your dick inside me and penetrate the walls of my precious and divine pussy. You secretly hope to be able to cum inside of me. That’s what you fantasize about the most. Cumming inside of me.

I walk out of the bathroom with my hands behind my back, wearing a red lace bra and matching panties, thigh-high stockings, and heels. Looking gorgeous. You instantly want to drop to your knees. You’ve never seen me looking this sexy before and you’re excited because you think it’s all for you.

“Baby, I Have A Gift For You”, I Say As I Walk Up To You.

I remove my hands from behind my back and present you with a black gift box adorned with a red ribbon.

“This is for you my love. Open it,” I say with a sweet smile.

You take the box and open it up.

You see a strange metal contraption.

“What is it?” You ask confused.

“It’s a cock cage, my love.”

“I want you to wear this for me tonight.”

When you ask me how and why, I respond.

“My love, I need to tell you something. I wasn’t totally honest about the reasons I wasn’t having sex with you.”

” I never intended to have sex with you, ever. I didn’t marry you for that reason. I married you because you always did whatever I said and I knew all you wanted was to make me happy. You see, your penis is too small for me and I want you to wear this cock cage, but that’s not all.”

Suddenly there’s a knock on the door.

“He’s here!” I shout in excitement. I tell you that I invited a special guest over.

I tell you to keep an open mind and remember that you love making me happy.

You don’t say anything but stare at the door.

As I open the door you hear me invite our guest inside. You see a tall extremely fit and good-looking black man. He follows behind me and I tell him to sit on the sofa and make himself comfortable. He doesn’t address you, he walks past you and sits down.

I then grab your hand and pull you into the bathroom.

“Take Off Your Clothes And Put This On,” I Hand You The Cock Cage.

“What’s going on?” You take off your clothes.

“OK, here’s what I want to happen tonight. Did you see that handsome stud out there? Well, he’s about to fuck my brains out and you’re going to watch him. You’re going to kneel down on your knees and wait for any instructions I give you and then do it.”

As you fumble with the cage, I look into your eyes as I help you.

“Why am I wearing this?” You ask.

“Well, this cage will make it so you can’t keep an erection and I don’t want you distracted by a hard on. This is about me”. I lock the cage with a key.

“I need you to be a good boy for me. You want me to be happy, don’t you?”

You nod your head.

“You want me to have what I desire and this is what I desire, to be fucked hard by a man with a big juicy cock. If you want to keep me as your wife you’re going to go along with this.

“I want that more than anything!” You eagerly express.

“Perfect! Now it’s time to have fun.” I kiss you.

You follow me out of the bathroom, naked with only your cock cage on.

“Go kneel down over there.” I point to a place near the edge of the bed.

“Meet Antoine.” I walk over to him and straddle him.

He picks me up in his big and strong arms and carries me onto the bed. I look over at you as Antoine removes my bra and slides my panties off. He then takes off his shirt and pants and what comes out of his pants is a thick black cock.

I look over at you and see your eyes widen and your mouth drops.

“I want my cock sucked!” Antoine says.

“You heard the man. He wants his cock to be sucked and you know I don’t do that.” I motion for you to come over.

You get up and slowly walk over, not knowing what to say or do. All you can think about is making me happy on our wedding night.

I meet you at the edge of the bed and tell you to get down in front of Antoine. You do exactly what I say.

You have never seen a BBC before and you definitely never thought it would be right in front of your face.

“I don’t know what to do….” you mumble under your breath.

“Don’t worry, just listen to me and I’ll tell you exactly how to suck him off,” I move your head closer.

“Now open your mouth and take his big black cock inside”, my words comfort you and the feel of my touch relaxes you, and you open your mouth.

“Mmmmmm, good boy, you’re going to make a wonderful cuckold husband,” I whisper into your ear.

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added P.1
Reading this makes me wish that I was your husband 😈
That brings back so many wonderful memories of my time as cuckold to my late wife. We spent 5 wonderful years in a committed FLR. Thank you for sharing.

omg id love to be apart of this



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