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Tell me your fantasy (Part 2)


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Read Part 1 here.

“Tell me your fantasy.”

She was kneeling in front of me. Her eyes were lowered to the floor. As was demanded of her while in my presence. For the moment she was wearing her business suit. Her usual nature was the powerful alpha-female who did not take any shit from anyone. But when with me she was my bitch and would do what she was told when she was told to do it. We had been together for a short time but I had already pushed her to find new levels of submissiveness. She still fought me as her dominant business persona crept out at times. But she was learning quickly. It was time to change the situation regarding her state of dress. I could be rough with her. We had done that before. But that was a display of my dominance, not her submission. While it gave me a buzz to do that to her I wanted her to put on a show for me.

“Pick a music track.”

I motioned to her phone.

“Put it on the side and play it out loud. Strip for me.”

She continued to look down to the floor. I could see her struggling a little with that command. She had never had to do this for me before. To *** her to strip was adding a new level of control over her. I was being turned on by her struggle to accept it.

“Is there a problem?”

She shook her head solemnly

“Excuse me?”

“No master.”

She replied immediately the moment that she picked up on the disappointment in my voice. She knew that when I was disappointed I could be quite vicious. Usually, I was quiet. Possibly I was the opposite of her in public. I would be shy, withdrawn and not hurt a fly. In private I turned. I could not stand being dominated anymore and wanted to control someone else for a change. Our roles completely reversed. She scanned through her music list quickly. She was trying to find the right tune to perform a striptease too. She picked one and started the music. I instantly shook my head.

“Pick another.”

She was frustrated by that. But I wanted her to realise that she had to please me not herself. Sometimes first time would be okay for me but had to keep her thinking. She picked another song from her list. I nodded my head. She placed the phone on to the cabinet. I think she was a little unsure about how to start. Her hands went to her blouse.

“What is that?”

She stopped and froze. Her hands were on the top button of the blouse. The dance music was playing out behind her.

“That is not a striptease.”

She lowered her eyes. She slowly started to move her hips. She bent down into a squat then back up. Her hands started to work up and down her body to caress her curves. She flipped her hair back and started to gyrate. That was better. She forgot about her stiff business stature and turned into a hot steamy stripping vixen. I was just sorry there was no pole in the room. I would have loved to have seen her sexy form twisted around a pole.

She peeled off her blouse while bending forward. It was perfect to give me the view down her front. She tossed the blouse to me playfully as she swayed back away. She crossed both of her arms over her chest and looked back over her right shoulder. She had her back to me. I could just make out the bra straps but the skin of her back looked so smooth and soft. She turned back to me as she slowly went down into a squat again. Her legs were wide open. She opened and closed them several times before rising back. She flicked off her high heels in time to the music. I could not take my eyes off her. She had transformed so quickly. This was so hot. She was so hot. Her hands slapped her backside. Damn, I wanted to do that. They went to her belt and slowly peeled it away. She turned her back to me again so she could show the zip of her skirt slowly going down. She again crossed her arms over her chest and looked back over her right shoulder. All of these movements were in perfect time to the music. The pause in motion was timed to a slight break in the rhythm. She wiggled her hips in a semi-twerk. It was as sexy as hell to watch her firm backside shaking back and forth. The skirt slipped off her hips down to the floor. It revealed her stockings and suspender belt. Her lace underwear was all that she had left. I was starting to sweat a little.

She swung her left leg up and dropped it down on to the bed in between my legs. Her hands went to the top of the stocking. She toyed with me as she rolled the stocking slowly down her leg. As she was bending forward I could see her ample breasts heaving behind her bra. I just got a glimpse of the treasure waiting beneath her panties. She left the stocking with me as she changed legs. She did the same action with her right leg. At the end, she spun away. She did a twerk in my face before dropping the suspender belt to the floor. One arm went across her breasts. The other covered her pussy. She played the coy shy virgin. I knew that she was more like a hot temptress whore.

She took the shoulder straps of the bra. She pulled the left one down then back up again. She did the same with the right. Teasing what was about to come. When the music changed beat she dropped the straps down and flicked the bra loose. She spun to face me with her arms across her chest. She stood with her feet shoulder-width apart. All she had left was her lace panties. God, her body was magnificent. It was athletic, trim and toned. She certainly took care of herself. Her hands went down to her hips in a Wonder Woman type of pose. Her breasts and nipples just matched the rest of her look. Her breasts were natural, rounded and firm. Not big but just right for her frame. Her nipples were puffy but looked erect. She was being aroused by this dance as much as I was. I was hot for her. I wanted to taste her. I wanted to kiss her. I wanted to throw her down on to this bed and do wicked things to her. Her hands went to the top of her panties. She teased pulling them down by running her hands around the waistband. She timed the removal of the item perfectly to the end of the music. It was as if she had actually been practising the dance moves.

When the music stopped she stood before me completely naked. Her pussy had a nicely trimmed pubic bush that was just on her mound but left her pussy clean and soft. She immediately returned to her knees in front of me. Her hands rested palm up on her outspread knees. Her feet were crossed. Her eyes were down to the floor.

“Tell me your fantasy.”


I love the way you have the whole sequence addressed but kept the sub trait in the fantasy; where you wanted to lay hands on her but withheld.  I think that gets lost in my limited experience of the dom role with their sub.  Thank you for sharing. 

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