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Tell me your fantasy (Part 3)


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“Tell me your fantasy.”

Looking down at her magnificent naked body was a pleasure and a delight. To see the sweat rolling down her athletic form was enticing. When I first started that might have been enough of a fantasy for me. There was no way that was enough now. She had to do more than that.

I rose from sitting on the side of the bed. I deliberately went to the air conditioning and switched it on a cold blast. That would soon make her cool off and bring the goosebumps to her skin. Lovely. She had to do more than that.

She remained kneeling with her head lowered. She could be such a good girl when she wanted to be. I moved to stand behind her. My hands went to her hair. I brushed it through my hands. I took in a deep breath of her scent. Sweat, perfume and heightened sexual arousal was an intoxicating mix. I might have lost myself in that aroma years ago. But that was not my fantasy anymore. She had to do more than that.

“That was a lovely striptease you did for me. You are such a dirty little whore aren’t you?”

“Yes, master.”

“Did it make my little slut horny?”

“Yes, master.”

“Did it make my bitch want to please me more?”

“Yes, master.”

“Does she want me to touch her cunt? Does she want me to make her cum? Would the whore like that?”

“Yes, master.”

“Well tough luck bitch. You’re going to have to work harder than just a dance.”

I returned to sit on the edge of the bed in front of her. She did not lift her head. She did not move from her kneeling pose. I knew that she must have been frustrated by not getting her way. She always got her way in the business world. People did as she told them to do. But she was in my world. In my world, she did as she was told.

“Put your uniform on.”

She rose to her feet and went straight to the bag by the cupboard in the bedroom. We had done this before just not in a hotel setting. She knew exactly what she was supposed to do. Inside the bag were a set of high heeled shoes, much higher than she would ever wear usually and her collar. There was something about the collar that made her change. It was if when she put it on she became a totally different person completely. It changed me as well. It told me that she trusted me enough to give me her submission. That was a trust that had been hard earned. It had not been a quick thing to develop between us. She knew that when she put on that collar her life was in my hands. But she gave me that willingly and without concern. That was the beauty of our relationship. The collar may only have been a simple leather strap with a ring at the front and a padlock at the back but it meant so much more when she wore it. She returned to her kneeling pose in front of me now in her correct outfit.

“What are the rules?”

I always did this with her. She had to recite the rules of her submission and the rules to our engagement at every session. It reminded her of what she could and could not do. It ensured that she knew her place. I knew her limits but always tried to push them just a little bit further each time. I had to make sure that she was just as satisfied as I was. We both had to get something out of this deal or she would quickly look for other doms to help her.

“This bitch is always to kneel with eyes lowered to the floor before requesting permission to do something.”

I did not care about the order that she gave the rules in. They did not rank in importance. What was more important was that she could remember them all.

“You know the penalty if you forget any.”

I wanted to make that clear to her as she stammered and paused while trying to remember them. Even after just the first one. She often tried to push her luck.

“Your whore is always to make herself available to you and obey your orders without question. This slut is to never cover herself with anything unless given your permission while in your presence. This cunt freely gives herself over to her master and confirms that everything is consensual. I understand that if I need you to ease back and check in I am to use the safe word ‘easy’ or shake my head if gagged. If I need you to completely stop and break character than I use ‘enough’.”

“What else?”

She kept her eyes down to the floor. I could see by the expression on her face that she was struggling to figure out what she had missed. It was if all of her thoughts were coming across her face as she worked through what it was she had missed. I found that quite adorable. I could see the panic starting to develop when it would just not come to her mind. The words wanted to come to her mouth but they seemed stuck. She opened her mouth several times as if about to say something but stopped when she could not find the right thing to say.

“I am sorry master, I cannot remember.”

“Oh dear.”

I rose to my feet slowly. She grimaced. She knew what failing while I was in control meant. There was punishment involved.

“This bitch submits to any punishment my master deems necessary if I fail.”

She quickly added to the rules that she had already expressed. I sat back down on the bed to reduce the menace.

“What else?”

She continued to struggle. The panic continued to increase after the last rule that she had just remembered. I could see her fighting not to look up at me. Every part of her was trying to obey and stay to the rules but she was struggling with it. She started shaking her head. Despite the cooling temperature in the room she was sweating. Her struggle was actually turning me on. The fight against her submission was delightful. I decided to put her out of her misery.

“Enjoy it.”

I think that she actually sighed with relief. It was not a rule. I had been testing her. She had remembered all of the rules that we had set. I was just playing with her. The tension in her whole body seemed to drain through the floor.

“Yes, master.”

I gently ran my hand over her cheek to show her how pleased I was with her effort. She was panting and breathing deeply to try to regain her composure.

“Tell me your fantasy.”

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