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Tell me your fantasy (Part 4)


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“Tell me your fantasy.”

Rules set, the outfit on and kneeling in front of me. She was ready for the next step. Tell me your fantasy had become her key question to me. It was the way that she asked me what I wanted her to do next. I had her under control. It must have been uncomfortable for the strong businesswoman to give over control. But she was doing it willingly and with consent. She wanted, no, needed to give up control. It allowed her to be the side of her that she could never show in the business world. The balance to make her complete. She gave me the same balance. I was always being walked over. My life had not amounted to anything. When she gave me her submission and allowed me to dominate her it gave me power, strength and confidence. I was complete also.

I looked down at her magnificent body kneeling before me. The chill air conditioning in the room was doing its job perfectly. She had been sweating after the striptease but her skin was now showing the goosebumps of the chill. Her nipples were erect and full as a result. I am sure that she might even have been shivering occasionally.

“I want you to undress me. Slowly.”

This was something I always looked forward too.  Having her slowly take off my clothes without me doing a thing gave me such a thrill. Someone wanted me. Someone desired to take my clothes off and see me just as naked as they were. I was ordinary. My body was not as spectacular as hers. But she did not care about that. She adored me for who I was. She trusted me for who I was. She wanted to please me and make me happy without trying to change me. What more could I ask for?

I rose to my feet to allow her full access. She moved up from her kneeling position. Her eyes remained lowered. She made sure that she would not make eye contact with me. I was following her every move. I did not want to lose sight of her amazing body. She started with my top. I could smell her perfume as she pressed close to me while unbuttoning the buttons. As commanded she took her time. I loved the feeling of her hands on my body. Her touch was so soft. Once all of the buttons were done she moved around to my back. She slowly slipped it off my shoulders and down my arms. I could feel her breath on my neck. It made the hairs on the back of my neck rise in delight. As she moved back around to the front I slapped her playfully on the ass.

Her hands went to the belt of my jeans. She slowly pulled it free. As it dropped to the floor she unfastened the button and pulled down the zip. Her hands went to my hips as she took hold of the top of the jeans then slowly pulled them down to my ankles. Despite them being a tight fit jean she effortlessly pulled them down. She followed them down all of the ways. I just loved the way that she had learnt to stick out her ass. It had taken several spankings to teach her how I liked her to move. Her ass was sticking out offering such an inviting target. Part of me wished that I had been standing behind her, not in front of her. She went to my boots. She lifted my right foot gently into the air as she pulled the boot from my foot. She slipped the jeans off that leg before repeating on my left side. She still moved slowly. It allowed me to take in the glory of her curving back, the slight show of her spine bones coming up and the softness of her ass.

She moved back up my body slowly. Damn this whore was too much. She did not touch me with her hands. I had not given her permission to do that. She did not need to. Just the presence of her right in front of me and the wind of her breath against my now naked skin was enough. I thought I actually felt the touch of her breasts against my skin as she moved back up.

“Did you touch me?”

“No master.”

The reply was playful. The little minx. I think she had done it deliberately to see if I would notice. I would remember that for the spanking later. One extra to added to the tally. I would let her think that she had got away with it for now. Come to think about it, it was going to be two extra – one for the touch and one for lying about it.

She stood before me. Her eyes were still down to the floor. I was now just standing in my underwear. My body was not as impressive as hers. Therefore I did not need the help of any bra to contain my breasts. They had been free under the top I had been wearing. She unclipped my hair and moved it out so that it fell on my shoulders. Her hands then went to my panties. I could feel my heat rising at her touch. I always did. Whenever she had undressed me like this before it had always turned me on. She slipped my panties down to the floor slowly. I got the sense that she lingered to take in the view it now gave her. That was the third extra spank just earned. She had taken that pause without permission. I did not mind her looking at my body but only when I told her that she was allowed.

She immediately went back to the kneeling position in front of me the moment she was finished. We were both now virtually naked. She had the collar and high heels on, which at that moment meant she wore more than I did.

You might be thinking – if I am a woman why does she call me master? I am NOT a Mistress. I am not a paid fancy thing for a rich man as his bit on the side. I am the one in control here. As such, I am the master in this relationship. She was not going to forget that.

 “My outfit.”

She instantly went to the bag by the cupboard. It was the same one she had got the high heels and collar from. She pulled out a strap-on from the bag. It was the usual toy that I wore when we were together. I allowed her to secure it around my waist and lower body. Part of the strap-on went inside me to stimulate me as I entered her. I allowed her to push it inside of me so she could secure the straps properly. Had she touched me more than that she would have got another spanking added to the three she had already tallied up. She returned to her kneeling position once it was secure.

 “Tell me your fantasy.”

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