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My weekend kink fest alone !! Lol not


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        My wife informed me on Friday she was leaving to go visit a gf from college who I can't stand !! So she knew better than to ask me to go with she said she would be back Sunday night and to not make a newspaper headlines !! I told her I couldn't promise anything !! 

          I helped her pack her things in the car and kissed her and rubbed her tits and grabbed her ass before telling her good bye and be careful !! She hadn't been gone for maybe 2 hours and I was encased in tight black shiny rubber and scuba gear and looking for phone numbers of a person or a couple who may cum over and play !!! Then I found her stash of numbers and found a couple she had 5 stars by so I called and introduced my self and asked if they new my wife they reluctantly said yes she had helped rock there worlds !! After some talking found out they were both Bi and had no plans and would grab some latex and rubber attire which meant catsuits and total enclosure !! 

         So I slipped into something even tighter and with a cock sheath and put my scuba gear back on which was a scab tank lighter and my vintage cressi mask and my fins and they arrived soon after and I answered the door just that way !! 

            The entroduced them selves as bill and Karen and Karen said you must be the well hung butler scuba dick I looked at bill and he said awesome we will have to compare notes and cocks in a bit !! I showed them to a guest room to get dressed Karen came to the living room first !! She was wearing a black condom catsuit with an open face hood and carrying a gasmask with a 5 foot rubber airhose she sat next to me put her hand on my thigh and said this is such a erotic look we have never tried it with scuba gear !! She asked if I would stand so she could get a better look and I did and she put her knees on my fins so I could not move and grabbed my ass with both hands and took me balls deep in her mouth as she gagged and then sucked on my encased cock and turned my air off I gasped and turned it back on she looked up and smiled and said oh I am sorry !! 

          Then bill came out looking just as feminine as Karen I said omg what a hottie and they said omg glad you didn't freak out I said I dress fem to so I went and slipped into my femskin and a sexy black rubber outfit with cock sheath and anal condom and my latex female mask and open face hood I walked into the room and they were on the love seat I said room for one more and they parted and I sat between them and I was getting groped more than I dreamed 4 hands could do that fast and I was just eating it up !!!

              Then bill said ok Karen suck off then they explained that Karen would suck on him for a minute then me for a minute and so on until one of us cum !!! He cheated and was stroking me while she sucked on him and it was a tie !!!  Then it was our turn to eat Karen out and she would tell us who was best that was a setup too I lost that and I know that's bullshit I made her cum in about 30 seconds of tongue fucking 

              Then after that I won because I was hard again and ready to fuck !! So we all three geared up them in there gasmasks me in my scuba gear !! Karen said let's see who has the best idea for a position I said how flexible are you she grabbed her ankles and bent over at the waist and I slid my cock in her right then she was squirming and hollaring omg yes all of it !! When my balls hit her ass she squeezed her pussy muscles and said we have a winner !!! Now are you going to finish or stand there I pounded her that way for 15 minutes before I filled my sheath and made her legs shaky !!! Bill was sitting behind us with his cock in his hand  more to cum this afternoon 


Fucking amazing hope it was true if so you a lucky man 

Dude, I'm not even into y'all's kinks but that was a titillating read! Good times. Slainté!
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