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Kink fest part 2


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As I get up on shaky legs I notice bill behind us holding his hard cock in his hand his gas mask all steamed up from breathing hard and watching us I had lost track of time and realized it was now 11:30 pm I went to get something to drink and I could hear bill and Karen going at it I went in and sat and watched the  2 of them in there rubber suits go at it and it was so fucking hot and kinky that I was hard by the time they got done Karen saw me setting there and said no my pussy is off limits now you too are trying to wear it out I think !! I told them make themselves at home I was getting a shower clean my outfit and find another 1to sleep in I undressed cleaned my suit then showered and picked out another  rubber outfit to sleep in which was a black rubber smooth skin wetsuit with attached open face hood and gloves and dive bootys it was shoulder zip  and fit tighter than skin after getting it on I noticed you could see every vein and line of my cock through the attached cock sheath !!! Then I got  a S-10 gas mask that has the filters and diaphragms removes for sleeping in it !! I lauded down on top of the covers with the fan blowing on me and got chilly so I covered with a blanket and was soon asleep dreaming about what would happen in the morning !!  I woke up and realized there was someone in bed with me more like under the covers trying to suck me out of my rubber suit !! I pushed the covers back and there was a blond girl with long hair and a killer ass sucking my cock I said hello who are you she stopped and crawled up beside me wearing a spandex diveskin which really showed off her tits and then she put her leg over mine and latex her head on my chest and said hope you don’t mind Karen called me and said you were here alone and she felt guilty that her and bill  had each other for company !! I said so your my companion she whispered in my ear no I am your fuck buddy !! My mask was steamed up by then I took it off and she grabbed my face and just gave me the longest wettest sexiest fucking kiss ever !!! I reached down to her pussy and could tell even with my rubber gloves on that she had the crotch of that suit soaked with her pussy juices !!! I told her I said move up get on your knees and legs spread and grab the cross bar on the head board she did and I got on my back and slid myself under her so her soaked spandex suit was just about 1 inch above my mouth as I started licking it and pushing it up in her pussy with my tongue !!! In no time her legs were quivering and her thighs were tightening against my head as she sat on my face smothering me as she cum all over my face !!! She moved down and and laid on me her wet pussy was on my cock I could feel  her lips against my cock as we layed there her face in my chest and her long hair covering my face so I could smell her sweat and hair and fuck juices all over my face  she tells me she like the feel of the rubber of my suit against her skin then she tells me she has only worn wetsuits and her diveskin but this was first time she played with it on she said she was more into lingerie and don’t stallings then I told her about what size cloths she wore and she said I was right and I said well then would you like to wear head to toe and then some shiny tight rubber women’s outfit ??? She quickly asks will you be able to stick this in me while I have it on and slaps my cock I cringe a little and say if that’s what you want I can can find you just the outfit you want  !!! I got up as she went and showered I opened the bathroom door and said I found a latex police woman’s costume you can wear after we are done she said I wear enough police uniforms at work I said your a cop she said  no actually highway patrol !! I said no your not she got out of the shower and dried off and omg she was gorgeous then she said up against the wall and she put her leg between mine and 1 arm behind my back and started patting me down kinkier than fuck though then I turned broke her hold and and had her pinned to the wall my sheathed cock between her legs pushing up against her pussy she swallowed and said with a shaky voice where is my rubber outfit so I can get ready and we can wrestle more ?? I took her hand and walked her down the hall to the room we keep our kinky stuff in !! Laid out on the bed was a shiny black suit like mine but only it had a attached pussy and ass condoms !! She said she wanted me to stay in there to make sure she put it on right by the time she was dressed I was ready to throw her on the bed and fuck her brains out !!!! She said where is a mask like yours that I can wear I said right there she slipped it on and as I turned she ran up jumped on my back and put her rubber gloved hands over my mask cutting off my air !! I walk back to the bed grab her legs and and lifted and she fell off my back onto the bed I turned and straggled her pinned her to the bed holding her arms above her head and grinding my cock against her pussy she asked if I had lube I said In this drawer she pulled it out I released her hands she filled her hand with it and grabbed my cock then she asked what position I wanted to fuck her in first  I laid back and said I am not sure and about that And she jumped on me and my cock just went inside her she started riding me bouncing harder and faster as she went I exploded just as she did we collapsed and fell back to sleep 

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