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Should people in the UK have a more acceptance in Bondage/Discipline, Dominance/Submission, and Sadism/Masochism. Having been lucky to serve in most European countries bdsm has been widely acceptable and I have had the pleasure to date some truly amazing submissive women, notably Norway, Germany & Denmark, but my first love an American Nurse when based in Cyprus.
Obviously bdsm means participating in the play of ***, power and sex. The focus is definitely on the Dominant being powerful, primal ***s in the human experience especially for the submissive.
I feel a lot of people see bdsm as being in shame, so hide their desires or total denial. But I feel with the right tuition whatever character you decide to be can be an exhilarating experience for both parties. But those that do decide to play the Dominant comes great responsibility, you definitely need to know this is not an excuse to do whatever you please. Maybe if people were more responsible it might become more acceptable within the UK. Self-Education is power behind being a good Dom/me, Master/Mistress. 

The short answer would be yes. As a terribly sweeping generalisation, a great many people need to be more accepting of a lot of things and kink certainly falls therein.


In short I want to say yes

But it depends on what you mean by acceptance?

In a way it is a lot more accepted these days and is often practically mainstream

We can set up fetish events in most cities and advertise them on facebook should we wish


Of course then there are those that don't like how acceptable it now is; who are into it - who preferred it when it wasn't.

Yes, however,.you also have to consider that to the general public there is the idea that you cannot consent to the type of things we do. There is also the wife beaters and abusive bastards that hide behind BDSM to try and excuse what they do.

I was watching something one lunch last week where an 'expert' stated that women are not capable of giving consent or having Informed consent to take part in BDSM activities.
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