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Tell me your fantasy (Part 6)

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“Tell me your fantasy.”

Usually, if we were in the privacy of our homes, after a session as we had just had we would take a long soak in a hot bath. She would wash me from head to toe. We would just soak in the water and take in each other’s naked bodies. This was the first time that we had met in a hotel. It had been a joint decision to do this. We both wanted to add a little variety to our encounters. Having that element of public exposure to what we were doing added a bit of excitement to the deal. I think it was more the sense of danger that she felt was exciting. If we went out of the room she could be noticed by anyone. I have a sense there was an element of fear mixed in with her excitement. It was different for me. There was no one who would recognise me. I did not care if they did. I was with the most stunning woman in the world to me. I would be proud to be seen with her. Some might have questioned what she was doing with someone like me. But they could go fuck themselves. The only thing that mattered to me was that she trusted me enough to give her submission to me. That was something I was honoured and humbled to get.

As the hotel room did not have a bath the shower would do. It would be big enough for the two of us. I rolled off the bed. I took her hand to lead her into the bathroom. As commanded her eyes were downcast to the floor. She knew what the plan was without me having to say anything. She went straight to the shower and started the water. Her hands then started to undo the strap-on locked around my waist. My pussy was still dripping from my orgasm. She slipped the dildo out of me with ease. She slipped her high heels off. My girl moved into the shower first.

The water cascaded down her body. Her long hair started sticking to her skin. She bent her head back to let the water hit her face. I stood back to savour the view. Her wet skin was enticing. My sweet girl rocked the wet look. She reached out her hand. I allowed her to guide me into the shower. She stepped back. I let her take the lead for the moment. She knew what I wanted her to do so I allowed her the freedom to do it the way she wanted to do it. It was enough for me to know that she wanted to do this without question. That was her submission.

I turned my back to her. She immediately took the shower gel and started to rub her hands all over my upper body. Her hands went down to my breasts. She cupped them in her hands. I could feel my arousal rising as she stroked them and toyed with my nipples. As a woman, she knew what she liked, so wanted to do that for me. Her hands worked over my stomach. In slow wide circles she covered every inch of my skin. Her hands went back up to my breasts. She again cupped them in her hands. She squeezed them. She pushed them together. I could feel her hot body close to mine. There was more than just steam coming from the hot shower water.

My upper body had been well taken care of. Her hands went down to my cunt. She rubbed her hands all around it. Her attention was extremely tender and soft. She started to go up and down over it slowly. Her finger strayed to push inside of me briefly. She worked the soap of the shower gel around to my ass. Her hands worked all over it. She went down both legs. She worked carefully and efficiently. It was time to swap. She was finished and I was all clean. Well my body was anyway.

She moved around in front of me. Her back faced me. I slowly put my hands on her. I moved slowly. I gently rubbed her down with a cloth. She would not get to use the gel. I stroked the cloth over her breasts. I did the same as she did and played with them for a moment. Squeezing them, pushing them together and stroking them. I worked down her stomach and wiped her down. I cupped my hand around her pussy from back to front. I could feel the tension in her body increase. I kept my hand firmly pressed over her pussy. I think that combined with the rough material of the cloth was a slight turn on for her. I looked down her bare back watching the water trickle down her skin in various patterns. It was like watching rain down a window. I slowly kissed her back. I worked across her shoulders kissing her each time. I could taste the softness of her skin. I could feel the heat of her body. I felt like I was losing myself again. I held her closer to me. Our two naked bodies moved together as if we were one. We just stood under the water. The hot shower eased our muscles. But the touch of each other made us feel complete. We wanted to stay under that water forever.

We stayed in that shower for over fifteen minutes. Just holding each other close and enjoying the feel of our naked bodies touching each other. She was now towelling me dry outside. The towel was lovely and soft. Just like her touch. Like with the shower it was her duty to see to my needs first before she was allowed to look after herself. She padded me down with talcum powder. I turned to face her when she was finished. She slowly dropped the towel to the floor. Her eyes went straight to the floor as I turned. I think she knew what was coming next. Part of her did not like it but there was a part that did. The part that did was the kinky side who loved her body being touched, being humiliated and being told what to do. The part that did not was the strict business woman who did not give up control for anyone. But she was not going to have a choice with me.

“Tell me your fantasy.”

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