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Tell me your fantasy (Part 7)

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“Tell me your fantasy.”

It was something that she did not like very much. I loved it though. It was a show of the control that I could have over her body. It told her that when she was mine I could do what I wanted with her body. Within the hard limits we had already established of course. Communication and preparation for these sessions of ours was for both of us to get what we wanted from the time together. It was quite simple really. She would set the boundaries of what could happen by setting the limits. But she left the details of what would happen within those boundaries under my control. One of the limits she had was leaving visible marks where they could be noticed. I understood and respected that. There were other things that she was just not into and I was not into them either so in that way we were the perfect match. This was a standard thing though that I insisted on.

She jumped up on to the bathroom counter with the sink next to her. I started to fill the sink with warm water. This was easier at home because the bathroom was set up for it. Here it would be a little more difficult but still doable. I walked into the bedroom leaving her sitting on the counter. I returned with the cosmetics bag. She lowered her eyes instantly. She moved her feet up on to the counter without instruction. She held her legs spread as wide apart as she could comfortably do. She scooted her ass closer to the edge of the counter. Her pussy was now in prime view. Prime view and with unrestricted access.

I slowly placed the razor down next to the sink. I watched her closely. Her body tensed. I could tell that she was watching out of the corner of her eye. That was number four that she had just earned. Four extra spanks for breaking the rules. It would be fun to see if she would remember them when I asked what they were for. Her spanking would come later. I placed the shaving brush down next. Her body twitched slightly. The shaving soap came last. The sink was now full and ready. I dipped the brush into the water then the soap.

Her eyes remained lowered. She could still see my hands moving towards her. I stood between her legs. Two reasons. It gave me better access but also stopped her from closing her legs. She had done that before. I placed the brush against her pussy. I slowly worked the soap around it. Her body tensed. She always did at this point. The brush was so soft that it was actually a turn on. I made sure to focus more attention on her clit than anywhere else. I felt like making her squirm a little. I worked the soap all over her pussy and between her legs. Every small movement of her body, every little squirm that she made, sent a rush through my body. She was fighting against it, but I knew she was getting hot. The little whore.

She was my little whore. I loved her for that. Her body reacted to my touch unlike any man’s had ever done. This had been my first lesbian dom sub relationship. So far it had been the best that I had ever had as a dom. Sure there was something about getting a man to kneel at your feet. As a woman it gave me immense pleasure to control a man and get him to do everything that I wanted him to do. The feeling of power and confidence that it gave me was such a rush. But the intensity that I felt with her went deeper and was stronger than anything before.

I heard her whimper slightly when I touched the razor to her skin. I gently stroked my left hand down her face. She trusted me not to hurt her unnecessarily but she was still very nervous about having the razor touch such a sensitive part of her body. There had been a number of occasions before when I had to stop because her body moved in such a way that I could have hurt her. My touch calmed her down. I worked slowly and carefully. It was more than just the fact that I wanted to be aware of her nerves. I wanted to linger down at her pussy, play with her a little and enjoy what she was presenting to me. I cleared a line of soap at a time. Working around the edges first. She was mostly shaven so the razor moved smoothly. It had not been that long since our last encounter. I gently stroked the razor over her clit. This was usually the point where she bucked. I could see that she was trying everything that she had not to move. After clearing the line of soap away I crouched down and pressed my lips against her clit. I kissed it softly. I sucked on it briefly. With my left hand I played with her breasts. It was only a brief moment but it made the tension flood away. Arousal replaced it.

I quickly took a soft towel from the rack. She welcomed the padding touch of the towel against her slightly red and angry skin. I went back to the bag. I pulled out a little bottle of post-shaving balm. I worked the cooling gel all around where I had just shaved. I paid particular attention to her clit. I tweaked it between my fingers several times. I worked my fingers into her slit and played with her pussy lips. I could feel her getting wet from the touch. I softly rubbed the gel into her skin and between her legs. I managed to even reach through to her ass slightly.

She was as clean as a new born baby. Just the way that I liked it. When I ate her pussy I disliked having to work through hair to get to the prize. This way she was wide open and her clit and pussy lips were prominently displayed. It made her slightly embarrassed to be like this but as I was the only one that would see her like it she tried to hide the shame of it.

“Is my little whore ashamed of her body?”

“No, master.”

“Good. You have a beautiful body.”

“Thank you, master.”

I cleared away the shaving things quickly. She slipped off the counter while I did. She immediately put the high heeled shoes back on so that she was not out of her uniform. She went straight down to her knees.

“Tell me your fantasy.”

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