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Daddy likes to make her cum

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"Lick my pussy, Daddy!" she pleaded.

Babygirl felt amazing. And she was being so good herself, she was really proud. She was sucking hard on Daddy's cock, as Daddy's fluffy beard tickled between her thighs and, his tongue...Oh God the things his tongue were doing to her naughty place, it made her feel pleasure, a shivering all over her body. She could barely contain his cock in her mouth she needed to moan so loudly.

She greedily pushed her pussy harder onto Daddy's face but he didn't seem to mind, in fact his grip became stronger and his furious licking and sucking became intensified. She knew she was going to cum all over Daddy's face again like a good girl. He always praised her for having her happy moments, even when they were really messy.

Daddy adored the feeling of his babygirl's soft skin. The smoothness and softness of her bouncing breasts as he devoured her pussy. He loved to pinch her nipples as she moaned, and stroke all over her delicious body. God his cock tasted good in her mouth.

"Don't stop sucking on Daddy!" he ordered.

"Mmm hmmm," she mumbled.

"No sir Daddy!" she gasped, as she briefly withdrew Daddy big thick vein filled cock from her soft pouty lips.

Babygirl licked swirls around the head of Daddy's big long happy stick. She could hear Daddy's muffled moans, he enjoyed when she teased him with her naughty tongue. She drooled saliva all over his shaft, as she had been sucking it so deeply. It felt so warm and safe deep inside her throat. And Daddy always made sure Babygirl could breathe, she was becoming an expert. She smiled to herself, kissing and then engulfing the head and shaft down her throat. It disappeared down her hungry mouth like magic. She closed her eyes to fully enjoy the taste and feel Daddy hold tight as she began to shake harder and harder, the pleasure building until-

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh Daddy!!!" She screamed, cumming and squirting all over Daddy's face and beard, her juices dripping all across his shoulders and onto the bed.

Naughty messy girl.

"I want more! I want you to cum so hard you can't cum anymore!" He barked.

"No Daddy, that's enough! I can't-"


Daddy spanked Babygirl's bottom very hard.

"Owwww!" She yelped in pain.

"What the fuck did you just say to Daddy?" He growled.

"Nothing Daddy, I just meant-"


"AGHHHH! OK! I'M SORRY DADDY!" She screamed for the world to hear.

"You do what Daddy says," Daddy rolled over and got out of the bed, moving behind it and standing at the end. He then grabbed her ankles and pulled her til her knees were at the edge of the bed. He pulled her up by her hair. Daddy was angry and being rough.

"Daddy wants to fuck his little slut," he whispered in her ear. Before raising his hard erect cock and pushing it at the entrance of her already sore and wet pussy.

She couldn't lie, it felt good. It always felt good having Daddy's cock so close to her pussy. And as he teased her dragging the head through her folds, rubbing around her wet clit, and edging inside her entrance, she knew she couldn't help but really really enjoy this.

"Daddyyyy, nowww, pleaaaaase," she begged.

Daddy thrusted with a grunt and slowly penetrated her welcoming pussy with a delightfully familiar wet sound that reminded him he owned her.

Babygirl could feel everything. Every pulse of blood running through her Daddy's cock inside her. Every moment of arousal and excitement he felt. Every sensation as he thrusted it deeper and harder, his balls slapping against her, the slapping sound of their bodies meeting in such pleasurable fury.

"**Take me Daddy. I'll be your little cum slut!**" She moaned.

He grabbed her waist harder, spanked the red mark on her ass where he spanked before and kept brutally fucking her.

"**Play with your clit you little whore!**" He commanded.

Babygirl always did what Daddy said. At first because she was afraid. Daddy could seem scary and mean like the worst monster in the world. But what she learned was, when she did the things Daddy told her to do, the more she came from her special place and the greater it felt. So if Daddy was angry now, it meant she was going to feel really good really soon.

So babygirl rubbed her wet folds spreading them, then teasing her clit as he ordered. God it felt good being fucked by Daddy's big cock. It filled her up really tight but she was so wet all over it it just slid in and out reaching further than she'd ever known. It was amazing. He had grabbed her hair and was controlling her, sometimes pulling, sometimes burying her face forcefully into the bed. She rubbed her clit harder and faster. She felt a powerful force of pleasure building. Oh God she was going to gush all over the bed and Daddy's cock! Oh no!

"Daddy I'm gonna-" she tried to get the words out.

"Hold it in!" he quickly interrupted.

He was thrusting hard and she could feel his cock tense as the cum in his balls did boil waiting to be released into her pussy. It was Daddy's time.

"Now!!!" he roared.

Daddy grasped her ass hard and-

"AHHHHH!" he moaned like a wild beast's dying roar.

Daddy shot stream upon stream of thick warm gooey white cum deep inside her pussy. Soothing its begging thirsty walls with its oozing melt.

But his thrust didn't stop, he still remained his grip on her hair and pulled one last time, and babygirl reacted by bursting her waters all over his manhood and dripping into the bed below.

"YES!" he yelled.


"YES DADDYYYYYYYYY!" she screamed in frenzy.

Every thrust of his cock prolonged the spasming pleasure. She moaned and begged like the dirty whore she was and, finally, collapsed, melting into the bed. Lying in a mess of both their love juices and sweat.

Daddy curled up behind Babygirl and wrapped his arms around her. She felt so safe and warm and loved. She stroked his arms and put her hands into his. Daddy kissed her shoulder and neck and whispered how much he loved Babygirl in her ear. They were both so tired, so sleepy. Daddy pulled the duvet over them and they stayed together cocooned in happiness.

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