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Exposed in real life

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A knock at the door.

She put on her screw-you-there's-covid mask, and opened the door. She was met by a tall handsome, somewhat familiar looking young man holding some letters.

"Hi, I'm James. I live down the hall, we've passed each other a few times but never spoken. Anyway I got some of your mail by mistake. Just thought I'd pass it on to you." He explained, holding out the mail in his hand.

She took the mail, "Thanks," she replied.

"No problem, a pleasure to meet the wonderful Darkthoughts69," he smiled.

Wait. What the fuck did he just say? How does he know that name? That's my Fetish site name! Oh my God. He knows! But how? I'd been so careful, I'd always made sure the camera never shows my face. So how the fuck does he know? Oh my God he goes on that Fetish site too! He's been on my profile! Shit! He's seen my nude pics. Oh my God! He's seen my masturbation videos! He's seen all of me! What do I do? What do I say?

"W-what?" She feined confusion, badly. "Darkthoughts69? What on Earth is that?" She asked in the worst attempted lie since Eve said to God, "What apple?".

James looked at her smiling, no ill intent in his eyes.

"There's no need to be shy. I love Fetish sites. I go on there all the time. You should check out my profile..." His words were quickly interrupted by a protesting madwoman.

"Profile? I'm sorry you must have me mixed up. I rarely go online. Anyway I should get back inside." She hurried to unlock her door in embarrassment but as she opened it he exclaimed.

"The ***ting. The one next to your bed, I saw you with it in the elevator a few weeks back. I thought it was pretty then and then I recognised it in your videos after that day. I've never had an excuse to bring it up until now. I don't want you to feel shocked, I've never seen someone so attractive do the things that you do and make me feel the way you do. I know I'm probably sounding hella creepy right now, sorry, just know I don't want to cause trouble. I just had to let the real you know how wonderful you are at what you do. Big fan. Anyway, you take care now." He smiled a rather sweet sensitive smile, looking at me with those seductive brown eyes of his and turned and walked back into his apartment.

The door closed. Fuck. That fucking ***ting. Of all the things. What if my friends find out about the internet whore in town? Oh my god my boss. They'll all go online they'll see! I need to shut my account. Delete everything. Total deniability. Unless the videos and pics were copied. Oh Christ! What the fuck was she to do?

She went inside, shut the door, ran to the bedroom and stared at the ***ting. That stupid, piece of shit ***ting that was going to destroy her life.

Her phone vibrated, a new notification. From the site!

A new inbox message request, holy shit! From HIM! She quickly opened it.

"That really is a lovely ***ting. Relax. Your secret's safe with me. Do tell me if you like my pics too. 😉"

Just who the fuck was this guy? I mean she'd noticed him around the building a bunch of times but this guy was actively watching her masturbate every night? She always imagined her viewers to be really far away. As far away as she was, in imaginary fucking Antarctica! Not in the same building. Jesus Christ!

Relax Christine. Get your head together. He's just one guy. And maybe he won't tell everyone. Maybe he just likes you. Who the fuck was he anyway? She looked at his profile pic, posed downward angle profile shot of face and upper torso. Ok yeah pretty nice to look at. I guess there's no harm in seeing his other...oh...oh my God...these... these are nice. And so revealing. He's got such a nice body to go with that handsome face. Look what's hiding under those clothes. Hello James. Nice to meet you and your... wow that looks nice. I'd sure like to suck on- WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Stop admiring his photos! This is the enemy! This is the guy that's going to destroy your life! You should be working out *** scenarios, buying plastic sheeting and searching body dumping sites. Not getting a tingling sensation watching his...ok I'll give it to you he is pretty hot. Fuck. What to do. What to do. Wait, does he have any...

Oh my God he does! He has videos too!

Oh that looks nice. Wow. They are **really** going at it. She is really enjoying that, lucky bitch, and no wonder. Fuck I'm horny now. I'll just watch a little more... **mmmfh** ...I really need...what she's having...fuck...Wait, I just had an idea.

Christine took off her trousers, pulled down her soft panties and tossed them aside. She set up the camera to record, ensuring it only showed her body and the bottom of her face, took out her wand, and started to play.

"Is this what you want?" She asked into the camera. "You **dirty fucking pervert**! Does this make you hard? I bet you're stroking that nice hard cock right now as I play with my wet pussy. You wanna know how this feels? I bet you do you **bad man**! You wanna know what it's like to slip that big bulging head inside this tight wanting hole?" She pouted, toying with him.

"Awww, you wanna fuck this wet pussy hard?" She moaned and pressed the wand harder against her clit.

"I bet you'd taste so good in my little whore mouth!" She rubbed her pussy with her fingers then sucked on them suggestively looking into the camera like a hungry little slut.

"Yeah, I'm talking to you, you dirty motherfucker!...My pussy is waiting! Now come fucking get it!"

She spent a few minutes clipping the video, making sure she looked and sounded up to her usual high standard. Then she wrote in the description, 'The Door's unlocked', and clicked to upload.

## Make your own ending time...

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