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Letting the Devils out to Play - Part One

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They'd been seeing each other for some time now, for the mutually beneficial purpose of letting their darkness out, together.

She was incredibly independent in life; some might call her a dominant personality. She knew different though. She had always known she had a dark side, wanting, first rough sex - being manhandled, then needing *** in order to get off. The more she got, the more she wanted and now...? Well, now, her deviant flag was flying free. Every time they got together, they sank to new depths.

He was much like her; had always had his likes, his needs. He knew exactly who he was, what he was. He had kept it all under wraps for much of the time. Life; circumstances. But when they were together, he could let his beast out to play. And when he did?! Oh, how delightfully devilish!

They were due to meet that evening. All she knew was that they were going to the woods, which they had talked about before. He had instructed her to wear no underwear and black clothing.

She chose carefully after showering and shaving. She knew she wouldn't be keeping it on long anyway and that it may not be salvageable by the end of the night. She picked out a black shirt with three-quarter length sleeves and a black A-line skirt that fell just above her knees. She put her boots on as they'd be walking to get to their destination in the woods. They were chunky and rose to halfway up her calves, with a short, thick heel. Her dark blonde almost waist-length hair was down and straight; her make-up simple; black eyeliner and mascara, nothing else. Quick spray of perfume and she was ready.

He picked her up just as the sun was beginning to set, sending pulses of pink across the sky. She squinted, looking through the windshield. He didn't ask her if she'd followed his rules; he knew she did. He told her to place her phone and keys in the glovebox to keep them safe.

An hour later they arrived. The suspense was killing her. He'd told her nothing! Opening the back of the car, he took out two large black bags, giving the smaller one to her.

"Holy shit, what do you have in here?!"
His reply was a simple look. A gleam in his eye and a slight smirk that said she was in for a world of ***. She started to feel a familiar ache in her pussy as she started walking behind him, the bag on her back.

It was almost full dark now. The air had grown cold, with a slight breeze. She could smell Autumn on its way in. They'd been walking for what felt like forever when he stopped. There were a few birches and pines dotted about but it was relatively clear where he was standing. She couldn't see anything further than where he was. It was too dark. She never knew the forest was so noisy at night. Twigs cracking, the sound of ***s and insects. People? The thought made her shudder with...***? Excitement? She didn't know. He would keep her safe though.

"Put the bag down here," he pointed at his feet. She did as she was told and waited. He pulled her towards him and kissed her deeply. She kissed him back, pushing herself against him. She was about to reach up and grab a handful of his beautiful, long hair, but he grabbed her wrist and pulled away from the kiss.

"No. You move when you're told this evening. Understand?"
She nodded.
"I didn't hear you,"
"Yes, Sir," she said, feeling a little taken aback by his refusal to let her engage in the kiss fully.
"Good girl. Now help me take everything out of these bags," he said, as he unzipped one of them. She looked up at him as she knelt down.

They emptied both bags and set everything out on the ground in front of them. She had no idea why he had brought some of the items. But some of them sent shivers up and down her spine, and she knew it wasn't the cold causing it. There was a long, thin bamboo cane, rope, his favourite knife, lube, gauze, antiseptic wipes, several, large bottles of water, a couple of wash clothes - what were they for?!

He pulled her up to standing and started to unbutton her shirt. A twig snapped off to her right and she flinched.
"It's ok. I've got you," he looked into her eyes as he said this and she quieted instantly. He continued with her shirt and the noise in the forest seemed to continue. But it didn't sound like the normal *** sounds or the breeze blowing through the trees.

Just as he unbuttoned the last button, she caught sight of a light in her peripheral vision. There was someone there! She gasped slightly.

"Do you trust me?" He asked her.
"Yes," she didn't need to think about that one.
"Do you want to be owned by me? Completely?"
"Tonight is that night. Tonight we make it so. I'm going to own you. You remember how I said it would happen?"
She tried, she tried so hard to remember, but she could see another light now, flickering in the breeze, off to her left. She could hear twigs cracking and breaking every now and then. Her brain wouldn't work. He saw the panicked look on her face. "Sshhh...don't worry. They are here to observe the ceremony, my ownership of you. Just like we talked about." He pulled her close, stroking her hair as her head rested against his chest. She could hear the steady thud-thud of his heartbeat, much slower than her own. It calmed her.

He pulled away from her and looked down into her eyes. "Are you ready, my slut?" Just that word alone was enough to trigger a spasm in her cunt and her nipples hardened. She nodded. "Yes, Sir," she said. He smiled, that slightly goofy but very definitely sadistic smile.

He removed her shirt and placed her hands on his; told her to take it off. She unbuttoned his shirt and took it off, slowly moving her hands over the hair on his chest. He took her wrists and placed them at her sides. She couldn't decide if it had become warmer outside or if it was just her excitement that had warmed her. He unzipped her skirt at the back and pulled it down over her hips, dragging his fingertips down as he did. She shivered. She was naked except her boots.

She counted six flickering lights now, all spread out around them. She couldn't see who was holding them. She couldn't even tell if they were real candles or those battery powered ones.

He gestured for her to remove his jeans. She knelt down to undo them and realised he was wearing a belt. She wondered if that was purely functional or if it was for the evening ahead also, as she undid it and moved on. She pulled his jeans down but had to undo his boots to get them off.

Once he was out of his clothes, he turned to his right and nodded twice. Barely perceptible. One of the lights moved forward, held by a figure. The figure was robed. She held back a laugh. This was serious. She had expressed interest in this, so it would be unfair of her and disrespectful to laugh. But she was not religious and held no beliefs of any kind so this all felt a little farfetched and farcical.

The figure moved toward them. She hadn't seen it but they had a bag, it looked heavy. As they got closer, she could see it was a man, from the outline. She couldn't make out his face, the hood of the robe was too low over his face. About six feet away, he started taking small-ish rocks out of the bag. Again, she stifled a laugh. He placed them in a circle and then pulled out what looked like dry leaves and bark. On top of this he placed some small twigs.
She finally cottoned on to what he was doing, he was lighting a fire!
On top of the small twigs he placed some larger logs, not much thicker than her wrist. He then pullled some matches out of his pocket and lit it.

Whilst she was captivated watching this man light the fire, she had not noticed more shadowy figures arrive. Including the firestarter, there were now twelve.

She looked back to where he had been in front of her. He was standing with two wash cloths and the bottles of water were on the floor beside them. He handed the wash cloths to her and bent down to remove her boots.

He took one of the washcloths back and picked up a bottle. All at once, the twelve figures began to chant. She smirked.


Goddamn that hurt. He'd slapped her face. Eyes watering, she looked at him.
"If this is funny or doesn't mean anything to you, we can go home now." He did not look pleased. She felt crushed.
"I'm sorry," she whispered. "I didn't mean to laugh or....I just...I've never done this and it seems so surreal. Like something out of a movie or book and...and..." She was yammering fast now. She hated disappointing him. And she did want to do this.
His face softened, though the sting on her cheek was still raw. "I know. But that's why we talked about it so much. So you'd know exactly what to expect. I know it seems kooky. But we're not doing this for some religious purpose. We're doing this to become one, together; for me to take ownership of you. Completely. Do you still want that?"
"Yes, with everything I am", she replied.

The chanting continued and she did not smirk again.

He handed her a bottle of water and told her to cleanse him. From their previous discussions, she understood that they were leaving their hair dry. Both were freshly showered however, it was part of the ritual to wash each other before he took her.

She soaked the washcloth and started to draw it over him in long, slow strokes, enjoying how it made the hair on his body turn a darker shade. His eyes never left her as she cleaned him. She bit her bottom lip as she focused on the task at hand.

She'd left his cock until last. Aside from his mind, it was her favourite part of him. Her strokes slowed. She refreshed the washcloth with more water. And more still. The coldness of the water was offset by her movements on him and, on her knees, she was at the perfect level. Her mouth was slightly open and her breathing had become shallow. She could feel the wetness of her cunt now, just from looking at him, washing him. She'd forgotten about the twelve strangers standing around them, chanting whatever it was. What she would give to just take him in her mouth...

She looked up at him then. He was looking at her with a rather amused look. He knew exactly where her mind had gone. He knew her wanton ways. He moved his hips almost imperceptibly towards her face, so that the tip of his cock was just touching her open mouth. God, she so wanted to drop the washcloth and shove a couple fingers in her pussy. She was so wet.. Stick her tongue out, just for a little taste.

She knew better though. She stayed completely still, looking up at him with pleading eyes. "Enough." Her hands dropped immediately and she placed them on her knees. "Up." As she rose, his cock traced across her lips and down her chin, leaving traces of him.

He took the cloth from her and set it down; soaked his own cloth. He started at her neck and worked it down over her tits. The water was cold and made her hard nipples even harder still. It was her turn to watch him work. He was focused. Completely on her. She'd seen this face so many times before and yet she still loved to watch him.

He cleansed her all over; her arms, her legs, her back. He pulled up her hair to try and keep it dry. He knelt down and washed over her legs and moved back up.

"Spread your legs for me," his voice had become husky, but retained the commanding tone it always had. She complied of course. She moved her right leg a wide step out and saw him smile as he breathed her in. He started off washing her pussy slowly, softly and she moaned lightly. It was almost ***. But she chuckled to herself. This wasn't ***. He knew how to *** a slut and it wasn't washing her.

Without removing the washcloth from her, he used his other hand to pour more water on it. The change in the sensation made her gasp and grind slightly into his hand. He looked up sharply at her. She stopped and stayed still, though it was so difficult. He resumed washing her, harder now, his strokes really pushing into her, grinding into her sex. She had to focus to remain still. She really wanted to fuck his hand.

He pulled away and she whimpered. Slowly he walked around her, almost like he was surveying his prey. She felt the washcloth on her ass, freshly wet. He pushed it between her cheeks and dragged it up and down. Growling, he stopped.

She saw one of the robed figures come forward, not Firestarter this time, another one. He picked up one of the ropes, moved toward her and looked at him. He looked at the trees and settled on a pair of birches that were around eight feet apart; pointed at them. The robed figure nodded and moved towards the birches. He started tying one end of the rope around one of the trees.

Another figure picked up the other rope and tied it around the other birch. She watched, quietly. He rummaged in a front pocket of the bag, puling out what looked like a ***t palette. He dipped his finger in one of the dark colours; she couldn't see what it was, it was too dark. He moved towards her and traced his finger down her sternum, swirling a pattern or rune of some kind. She could see his lips moving, faintly hear the whispers of his voice. The chanting of the others almost drowned him out.

He placed the palette back in the bag and pulled a small wine bottle out with one small wine glass. Pouring a full glass, he dipped his finger in the wine and traced the symbol he had ***ted on her. He finished by tracing her lips with his fingers and then tracing his own. Then he took a mouthful of the wine, before holding the glass to her lips. She took a mouthful.

Before she'd even had the chance to swallow the wine, the two robed figures that had been tying the ropes were grabbing her wrists and pulling her towards the two birches. She only had to move twelve feet or so but with no boots on, it was tricky and somewhat ***ful. The two men placed her in between the birches and picked up the loose ends of the rope, starting to tie her wrists.

He picked up his belt and moved towards her. Her cunt twitched. Two of the other figures picked up the rest of the items they'd brought and placed them beside him. They formed a circle around the birches. The chanting had never stopped.

He circled her; she could hear his breathing, just above the chanting. Or was that her own? He came back into view and then left again. Left her view and left her waiting for the first strike. The anticipation was delicious but she desperately wanted to feel the sting of the belt.


He wasn't starting off lightly then. The belt landed on her ass and made her cry out in shock. She wasn't expecting him to go so hard straight away. Immediately there was another one.


Same place. Goddammit. She grunted. She held onto the ropes. There was some slack in them. She didn't know why but she was holding onto them to stay upright.

Why was he going so hard on her straight out the gate? The blows were raining down on her ass now, making it sting and ache. She knew there would be *** involved in tonight - all of their play involved ***. It's what made them both tick. But he usually warmed her up first.

She was lost in her thoughts when she felt his hand snake round her side and grab her right tit, kneading it roughly. He pulled and twisted her nipple. She gasped and writhed against the ropes. He chuckled.

"Oh, come on now, don't pretend to me that this isn't what you want? Don't pretend that you don't like it....?"

His tone was almost derogatory and his hand snaked further down between legs. He laughed, a full, throaty laugh.

"You're so very wet, my slut." With that, he plunged two fingers inside her cunt, hard, deep and held them there. She ground her hips against his hand, trying to fuck it.

"You're such a wanton little whore for me, aren't you?" She moaned and writhed against him. He pushed against her once more and then his hand was gone.

He resumed beating her ass with the belt, the bite of it bringing tears to her eyes, despite how much she loved it. Just when she thought she couldn't take any more of it on her ass, he moved lower, to the backs of her thighs. Oh the deliciously horrific ***! She couldn't help herself from crying out with each strike now, she both loved and hated it.

Then it stopped. He came into view. All raw, visceral energy. His cock was rock hard. He did love to hurt her. But she knew, she just knew he was only just beginning.

He stood in front of her with a half smile-half snarl on his face and threw the belt down. Looked around and located what he wanted. She followed his gaze. It was the cane. Oh shit....on top of the belting?

The chanting was still going, lower in volume now. She'd completely forgotten about them! Couldn't believe they were still here! Were they going to stay for the whole thing? Of course they were, silly girl. She admonished herself in her head, knowing they'd talked about it before. Knowing that the men in the circle would chant for the entire ceremony at varying volumes. She couldn't remember what else they'd do...

He brought the cane down on her left tit so fast that she felt the wind of it just as it made contact. She shrieked in surprise. And ***.

"Yes." Was all he said. And he continued. Right tit, left tit, and so on. They were rather stripy now, like a warped tiger. He moved towards her and traced the tip of his finger around a nipple. The contrast between the sting of the cane and the softness of this touch was exquisite. But it didn't last. He squeezed and twisted her nipple, only letting go to grab the whole breast and squeeze. She whimpered and bucked. He just laughed at her.

He moved back and brought the cane down onto the front of her thighs, alternating between legs. Her legs were not tied so she was free to move them about. Unfortunately for her, her instinct was to move them together. This did not please him.

"Open your legs!!"
Immediately she obeyed, standing with her legs wide apart, holding tightly onto the ropes. He struck her pussy with the cane once, the sharp sting making her scream and curse.
"Close your legs again and everything will be focused here! Understand?!"
"Yes!!....Fuck!" Her eyes were really watering now....or was it raining?
He struck her again. It took everything within her to keep her legs apart.
"Yes what?"
"Yes, Sir!" The tears started to fall. She couldn't help it. The cane on her pussy, that hard, really fucking hurt. She loved *** but a little warm up to each area was good for her.

He moved around her and used the cane on her ass and the backs of her thighs, going over the areas he'd used the belt. They were already tender so she couldn't help but cry, scream or curse whenever a blow landed. Despite her protestations though, she knew she wanted this. Her nipples were hard and her cunt was wet, so wet. So much so, it was dribbling down the inside of her thighs. She desperately wanted to be filled.

The caning abated and he moved around to the front of her. Discarded the cane and picked up his knife. It was a beautiful knife. A lock knife, with an ornate wooden handle and a very sharp blade. He favoured this knife when he cut her. He kept it especially sharp just for her.

He looked at her and grinned wickedly. "Lay on the floor. The ropes are slack enough. On your back. Legs and arms out.
"Do it now!"
Ahh so that's why the ropes were slack. Made sense now. What she didn't understand was the four figures that had come forward and were positioned at four 'corners'. She laid on the floor, the odd twig or dead leaf digging in to her back.

Spreading her arms and legs out, the four figures, men, came forward and knelt down, still chanting. Each one grabbed a wrist or ankle. What the fuck was this happy horseshit?! She didn't remember this part of the conversation.

He towered over her, holding the knife, looking slightly psychotic in the very dim light provided by the fire.

"I'm going to cut you. My slut. My whore. My girl. I'm going to cut you and mark you as mine." The grip on her wrists and ankles tightened as she realised she was wriggling.

He knelt down in front of her and traced the blade of the knife lightly down past her ear, across her collar bone and down over her breast. She was breathing so fast, it was an effort to slow it; she didn't want to jerk and have him cut deeper than intended.

He traced her nipple with the tip of the blade and she could feel its sharpness. She whimpered and saw the delight on his face. The almost-maniacal grin and savage glint in his eyes. God she loved that look. It made her groan. She gave in to it. The savage beast. The chanting. The *** that enveloped her.

He moved the blade further down her body, pausing at her hip bone. This is where he would mark her. He moved across slightly and drew the tip over her lips, drenched in her fluid. When he reached her slit, he narrowed his eyes and watched her, slowly pushing the knife inside her. She stayed incredibly still, terrified but at the same time trusting him completely.

He pulled the knife out and licked one side of the blade. He turned it over and offered it to her. She gave him her tongue and he dragged the blade down it. She could taste herself, her wetness from the knife. He moved the knife away and smiled at her, a dangerous smile.

He drew the knife sharply then, across the skin of the inside of her thigh. She looked down and could see the *** well up. He slapped the cut. She yelled out and bucked against those holding her extremities. He repeated the same on the other side. She was floating. Each slice, each slap, sent her higher. Her legs were crisscrossed with cuts and handprints in ***. She thought it looked beautiful. He must have done too; he was dripping.

"Now hold still; I don't want this fucked up." He demanded her obedience and set to work on her right hip bone, carving a symbol. The *** was almost distant now. It hurt but it didn't. It was ecstasy. She remained completely still, though the four men never let go of her.

When he had finished carving her, he put the knife down and rammed three thick fingers deep into her sopping cunt. She moaned loudly and immediately ground down onto his hand. He started to move his fingers in and out in a steady rhythm and she moved with him.

"That's it, show me that *** that you are. Filthy fucking whore ***," he said as she rode his hand. She could feel her climax building. He wasn't going to let her have it yet though and removed his fingers, to her cries of dismay.

He moved up towards her face and lifted her slightly off the ground by her hair.
"Show me how you want to be mine. Open your fucking mouth." She was lost in the euphoria of it all and opened her mouth wide. Her rammed his cock in her mouth before she could even take a breath.

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