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The snow queen

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             His driving down the TransCanada towards the west he wanted to drive to Vancouver, BC. But his red light kept flashing, he kept saying to himself next exit I will turn off to a gas station and see if a mechanic would be able to fix it. He is getting nervous he doesn't see another sign for an exit but instead, smoke starts coming out of the hood of his car. Man, I don't need this. He gets out of his car and opens the hood of the car, the smoke was so intense he couldn't see anything.  And of course, it started to snow. They announced a blizzard for the next couple of days. I guess I will start walking along the highway and hope a car will pick him up, no luck whatsoever. It's been half an hour of walking and he starts to see in a distance a glow, that should be the next town. He sees a path through the woods. He is getting hopefully that the town was close, he keeps on walking and gets to a clearing and a fire is rowing. A nice big fire with rabbit cooking on the fire, he sees furs on the snow like they are there for his comfort. He starts to warm up to the fire and picks up a fur and covers himself with it. He thinks to himself wow I'm so lucky this was here, he hears a beautiful laugh it sounds like music. And turns around and sees the most beautiful woman he has ever seen, her smell was of sweet cherries. She walks to him in a sensual way every movement was pure beauty, the way her hair moves and her lips red like cherries again. But I have never seen someone as gorgeous as you he said as his eyes rest upon her breasts perfect her nipples hard made his pant tighter, his eyes made love to her body as he looked at every detail. And she just smiles and sits on the furs pats the fur next to her and he sits down as lust is getting stronger every minute passes by. She looks into his eyes and whispers do you want me with a moan in her voice you feel her desires, he says yes please I want you so bad. She gives him the biggest smile ever and says take me to do what you want of me I’m yours to do whatever you desire. He starts removing her clothes and his desire is getting heated he touches her skin it's like velvety and warm, he removed his clothes too. He was enjoying himself her body was pure pleasure. He felt his cock throbbing when he entered her, he can't remember ever enjoying sex this much and could get enough of her body so all night they were entangled in all sorts of sexual positions. He finally falls asleep but to never awakens, it was all a mirage.

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