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The"Hi I'm new" post number 1million

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Crazily inventive to title my intro post with "hi I'm new", I know. 


A little quick intro and straight to another question which no doubt has been asked a million times. 


I'm happily married and been with my partner for many many years. He doesnt strike me as a dom which is where I've started to become unstuck. Always aiming to please he is the one who bends over backwards to accommodate and help others, whereas I am the one who will do as little as i can get away with! Oops. Yet in the bedroom I want to be dominated, spanked, flogged, nipple clamped and the rest, leaving me begging for him to stop nit begging him for more. Ive felt this desire for quite a few years. But aside from a little hair pulling and the occasional slap or simple handcuffing there hasnt been much bdsm excitement in the bedroom. 


So I'm here to learn how to be submissive .. and hoping despite everything I seem to have read that somehow someway there is a possibility that I can persuade my partner to become my dom. 


I know there must be others in this situation so here I am seeking them out. 


If you've read this far you're probably thinking "oh not another one, just tell him and you'll know"


The thing is I am cripplingly shy and can barely get a word out in that regard. (Yet thinking of being *made* to say "yes sir" "thank you sir" while being made to do what my dom wants gets me very excited) I'm hoping by gaining some knowledge and by chatting to others who are in relationships and have maybe been in similar situations I can approach this the right way to get the most 'dom' out of my oh. 


Now I'll take a look around the forums and see what I can find. 


Thanks for reading! 



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