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How to raise subject


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My SO has recently allowed me to start licking her ass during foreplay.

It drives me wild and she often enjoys it too.

I've always had a scat and pee fetish.

I only do this on days she's not showered.

Last time she told me she'd had 2 poops that day (and no shower....the taste was devine).

Having her ass locked on a day she'd pooped didn't phase her.

I've made comments that the dirtier her ass is the better I enjoy it.

Without blurting out that I WANT to lick her shitty ass, how do I introduce this?

I have considered jokingly asking to watch her poop and offer to wipe her clean, hoping that I could then offer to clean her with my tongue.

It doesn't have to be a lot, even a partial wipe would be great.

Any advice?

Just be straight with her & tell her how it arouses you, how it makes you feel, how much you love her ass & tasting it & ask if she enjoys you doing it, would she be happy to explore it more if she does enjoy it & lay out to her the things you'd like & ask what she is open to trying & take it from there
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Making progress.

I've mentioned how much I prefer a very dirty ass.

Last night before we began she went for a poop and did a pretty good job of wiping.

Then she asked if I still wanted to do butt stuff.

I said yes.

5 minutes after a poop. I managed to get my tongue nice and deep.

There wasn't a lot left behind, but inside there was definitely poop.

She's into it more than she lets on. She raised the subject, told me she'd had a BM and kept pushing her ass into my face.

It felt like grains of sand just around and inside the rim.

The smell and taste was incredible.

I said next time I can help her clean up instead of wiping using TP :)

She didn't say no, so that feels like it may be a possibility.


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Just an update (I don't really have anyone else to tell, and I need to vent), after some initial excitement this hasn't gone as well as I'd hoped.

My S.O seemed open to it and went along with my desire to eat ass. After testing her reaction I said that I preferred it as dirty as possible.

However, no matter how much I've hinted and outright asked for her not to wipe after a BM or to keep her ass dirty for me, it just hasn't got that far.

Last time she was particularly lack luster and told me it did nothing for her and she didn't "get it".

She said she was happy to continue, but a clean ass and knowing she doesn't like it just killed the vibe for me.

I'm giving up on it.

She obviously doesn't understand what makes this special for me.

She's not going to take this where I'd hoped it would go.

I felt SO close to fulilling a life long fantasy.

I now almost wished I'd not mentioned it.

I opened myself up and shared a very personal secret desire, which is rare for me.

I feel like I shared too much and that it wasn't understood.

I feel a bit let down by the half hearted response, and dashed hopes.

I understand her lack of enthusiasm though (even I admit this is an unusual fetish).

For that reason alone I'm going stop asking and make this my own personal secret again.

Thanks for reading.

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