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Different Types Of Beautiful

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I like beautiful dresses, heels and make up, but sometimes, I just need to be reduced to a shivering mess on the cold, hard floor.

The latter may not sound as beautiful as the former, but the process of getting to that point...?

Bound wrists,
Eyes covered in lace that lets the tears flow.
The bruise at the back of my throat,
The ability to forget my name and be reminded of Yours each time I sit the following day

I need power exchange. The absence of it is a rock in my stomach weighing me down.
With it, the knot in my head untangles and the rock dissolves. This is me at my purest. My outward being, shunned for a moment. My natural being here, drawn out by You.

It's a different type of beautiful.
Yes it is CK, but seeing a girl in 'that place' is beautiful in itself and getting her there is something very special. I hope you get to that place again soon sexy CK
I can still remember my first wrist marks from a hogtie.
I had to hide them at home, but tey also made me happy. In that weird, beautiful way.
Just wanted to say your writings are so beautiful and eloquent. I can't begin to know the world of a submissive but you're descriptions ***t a picture for me.
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Copper your words always ***t such evocative pictures and this time more than most. Thank you for sharing that, truly beautiful.
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