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Late night rubber work


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It was like 3 am and a sat morning and I couldn't sleep and I had one of my classic cars in the shop so I got up trying not to wake the wife !! I started getting dressed then thought to myself I am the only one out there and no work this weekend so I slept into one of my all black rubber wetsuits it's very tight lol I love it it has a cock sheath with a zipper over it for staying out of sight but at the ready !!! Lmso I took the tunnel to the shop locked the outside doors and got on the creeper and wheeled under the car and laid there a few minutes enjoying the feeling and then I was slapped on the inner thigh and looked to see 2 black rubber encased legs and hear my wife's voice say you going to lube my chassis ??? I wheeled out to and she was standing straddle of me with my cressi scuba mask hooked to our shop air we use for breathing in our ***t booth she sets on my zippered cock and puts the mask on me and opens the valve then she zip ties my wrists and arms to the creeper and grabs my leg and pulls me over to a work bench where she leaves me laying on the creeper and she takes a air order sander with a fluffy buffing wheel and puts lube in it and starts rubbing it on my cock and OMFG I had no Idea if had that capability !!! She says do you like it I screamed out of fuck yes !! So she used on her self and almost fell on top of me !! She took my cock out and slid down on it then put the sander between my legs against my balls and spueeze and I did making the sander work and Jesus Christ we both cum for what felt like hours of fucking !!!

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