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A New Office Part 4 : As time passes (or should that be pisses)


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I hadn't realised it has been, ahem, 3 years since I wrote the last installment despite knowing already in my head where this is going

Soo... rewind

Part 1 : 

Part 2 :

Part 3 :

And now.... Part 4....

After time working in the Femdom office, things got easier.

He'd started to know what to expect and had been making a good impression.  He'd learnt how everyone had their drinks, which gave less excuse for punishment. Sometimes he even had a drink of his own that didn't have spit, or piss, or snot... in it. Sometimes.

He was now allowed to eat in the kitchen, even if he wasn't always allowed to use his hands, or a plate, to eat his lunch.

Of course he'd always be ready if Miss Annabel or one of the other ladies wanted to fuck him - he still never really got into feet - but being able to do a good job at massage or worship had been appreciated.

There was, still, work to be done. But the good results from the department showed the system works.

The men (as in, him) were trying to focus on work and it be a nice environment for the women - so not to be on their backlash.
The women of course were quite happy and focused, him doing so much work gave them a little extra gossip time and if they ever did get stressed or frustrated there was always his face, balls, or arse to take it out on.

Because of this, the boss had no complaints sending him as a rep to meetings in other departments.

This was something that was so simple, yet deeply humiliating.

The company had rules, their department could pretty much do as they wanted because they got results but a kinda "what happens there stays there" and a "we don't want to see it"
So, they couldn't send him to a meeting in a frilly sissy dress.
But they COULD send him there in a full business suit, despite the company generally being 'dress down' and a pair of pink panties underneath - oh, and butt plug, and chastity cage.

And the thing is. 
Psychologically it feels like everyone in the room knows.  Even if they can't possibly.

One time another rep from another department did console him for coming over "despite what the women put him through" on a day when he was sent over... well... sent over normally.  There was still the psychology that he thought everyone else in the room would think he was, I dunno, fully waxed and in horrific sissy panties.

One day. One day they did see how much they could push it.

He had been working at his desk that morning - and every time one of the ladies walked past, they added a glass of water to his desk.

It was water, no spit, no piss, he saw them pour from the cooler themselves.

It soon, however, became obvious when he went to go to the toilet and found it locked.

There were giggles as he returned.  Of course, he had to go to a meeting shortly, pissing his pants in the meeting would be against the rules and, besides, there was a toilet at the meeting room they couldn't stop him using.

At his desk, Miss Kelly was waiting and smiling, with an adult diaper.

"Oh fuck," he thought.

"I don't think I need to tell you what to do"
"No, Miss"
He dropped his pants and was about to drop his underwear before being stopped.

"Put this over your underwear"

He put it on as instructed.

She pulled it tight, and slipped on a lock, "Just to stop you getting ideas"

"We'll unlock both the toilet and the nappy when you get back from the meeting"
She hands him another glass of water and instructs him to drink.
"If, however, you need to go before you get back - well..."

He was already really in need of the toilet before he even left for the meeting - of course, he did decline a coffee in the meeting room, much to everyone's surprise as it's usually his best chance of a drink nobody has gobbed in, but - yes. Of course.
It was late starting.  And, he couldn't make excuses and leave as, well, he was scheduled to speak last.

By the time he got up to speak he was desperate.  But, also feeling... motivated... he'd come this far.

He put up his slides and the notes - and then found the last cruel twist.

To give some idea of the quotes snuck in.

"We want this information to trickle through to you..."
"...our department has done well, swimming against the stream..."
"...while things looked initially damp, we've turned against the tide... to everyone's relief..."

And then. Then it just happened. He felt the nappy fill as he pissed into his underwear, the warm sticky sensation oozing around him. The embarrassment as he felt everyone must know, he froze, silenced.   Then of course that while he's sure he'd be allowed out the nappy and to the bathroom, he'd be in these were underwear all afternoon.

The whole room sat waiting for him to finish what he was saying. As his face glew like a beacon.

To credit, he continued, and finished the presentation.  To great feedback, pause aside.

Before the walk of shame back to his desk.

Walking in, of course, the ladies desperate for a glimpse to see if he pissed himself.
One asked.
"Yeah," he said embarrassingly, to a mixture of cheers and laughter.

In fairness. The gents was now unlocked and the key for the nappy was on his desk.

There was also a clean pair of sissy panties places in his drawer, the type where the flap at the back opens.
A note from Miss Annabel, "I want you clean when I take you" 

There was one more surprise later that day.

The boss called into the office - he did prematurely get down to start on her heels and feet.
She called him up.

"I've enjoyed having you here"
"Enjoyed? Are you letting me go - please - I've done everything that's been asked?"
"Aww, don't worry your pretty self.  I've had one of the bosses on the phone from another department.  They've asked about transferring you to them."
"Umm, OK"
"Their department is more... traditional.  You won't need to worry about having your face slapped, or balls kicked, or any of the other fun things we do.  No sudden need for you to wear panties, and no day where you'll find a dildo on your chair you have to sit on - as impressive as that was.  It will be a normal job. You've certainly proven yourself"
"Thank you, that's wonderful!"
"Before you get too hasty. You won't have to make a decision today - and - whatever happens up to and including decision day - you are... still... ours."
"Yes, Miss"

She then put her bare feet on the table, they were visibly dirty and sweaty.  

"Until then, as he told me this news in the gym I didn't bother showering... you can start with my feet and then, perhaps... let's have you in my sweaty armpits.  We ARE going to make the most of you" 

1 hour ago, Leisa said:

You write so beautifully. Don’t wait so long for the next installment

thank you :)

I did actually write another part yesterday but I don't like it - so I'm going to keep some of the ideas as a basis

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