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Preamble:   This poem is not for tea or sympathy on any level, just a quirky piece of humour on my part.  Sometimes you just need to see the brighter side of life and make tequila with those lemons that land your way.  




Twenty-seven was a golden age

Boy did I dance, boy did I rage


In the blink of an eye, it was taken away

Palindromic Rheumatism was on its way


Carried on the best I could

But thirty-five I soon stood


Destined for the Back Surgeon now

My poor dear back became a cow


Surgery had a hitch

It fucked me over and I did bitch


Recovery was a thorn in my side

When my legs went very wide


Lymphoedema was my fate

Good golly, how did I score this mate?


Forty came all to soon

Surely, I still can’t be doomed


Rheumatoid made is presence felt

All I did was friggin yelp


Forty-six snuck right in

As torn meniscuses made a scene


No longer could I walk as such

I Introduced my sexy crutch


Fifty-one was at the door

And hell did I but score


CREST syndrome jumped right in

A party with chemo was about to begin


Fifty-two is all but due

Gosh do I need a cheeky brew


Wonder what’s round the corner

Guessing it's going to be a corker


Life may give you lemons from time to time

But squeeze those suckers until sublime


Find the bright spark within

And tackle life with an awesome grin


Keep your humour close at hand

And laugh out loud when you can


You never know when your time is up

So have a blast and bloody good luck !!!!!



The lengths some people will go to in order to stay off work are astonishing 😜😜😜

I'm so glad you've decided to post this. Love your humour my friend!

Wow my sis 👯‍♀️❤️ no matter how many times I've read this it's just gets better and better (and thank you again for letting me read before anyone else) I know it's coming from a place of humour and I did laugh but I know the struggle you go through day after day. Again my sis fantastic piece of writing 👯‍♀️

Absolutely top class , as is often the case , people who have most right to feel sorry for themselves and have a negative outlook never do , your attitude is a lesson for all of us and with strength of mind like that , nothing will ever defeat you , worth waiting for 😉
I dont know you but this writing says to me your a strong woman that won't be held down. Give 52 a big 💋 and keep smiling.

Your optimism is the mirror to your soul. Beautiful piece, sweetie!

Love this
If you know me you will know why
But the message is strong and clear and I love it
I wil kick and scream and laugh and dream till I can’t anymore and if you’re thinking of stopping me you better have brought help lol
Well beautiful Pixie you most certainly try and tackle life head on, and for most part succeed. I know those sucker peanuts often win out though. YOU girl are a beacon of inspiration, because I know at times, life can be very difficult for you. And I do so love your sense of humour.
Beautifully written my gorgeous friend always keep the humour it is one of life’s Doctors xx

The salt on the rim of life‘s glass

Is humour - you have it to spare

But next time life puts you on your arse

If you run out, we’ll have some to share

Beautiful written as always beautiful,humour is one thing that gets me through hard day's,lots love💖
I love this and it is so you. Keep your humor at all times. It’s what makes you special to those who know you and draws in those who don’t.
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