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Daddy's Little Princess (story)


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chapter 1

It's late Friday afternoon, the sun is slowly going down but there is still a couple of hours still till sunset, even with the lowering sun the heat was still stifling. My clothes are clinging to me as i take the last few steps to my front door routing around in my bag trying to find my keys “i really need to clean this bag out” I mutter to myself, a sigh of relief as I find my keys and unlock the door, closing the door behind me I just stand in the hall way and sigh deeply. Having left the AC on all day the apartment is nice and cool, its just a relief after a long day at work....hell its been a long week. You have been away all week for work, yes you have made sure to face time at bedtime you even managed to read me a bedtime story a couple of times, smiling to myself as I remember the stories, but my body is longing for your touch craving to feel you, just to lay my head in your lap and watch a film as you play with my hair. Night time is the worst, going to bed alone once we hang up the call has become a nightmare, I have struggled to fall asleep and when I do finally fall asleep I dont stay asleep for more than 2-3 hrs at a time. Craving to just curl up in your arms, to feel your firm body holding me safe, knowing that you are next to me means I can sleep, I know im safe when you are there. Sleep when I have managed it has been my only release as you have met me in my dreams. I chuckle to myself at the fact that the strict rules you left me, are pinned to the fridge so i have no excuses. (edited)

As i carefully slip my pumps off and hang my coat up, my mind wanders to the morning you left. It's early Monday morning and i'm still in bed, not having to be in work till midday, i'm making the most of it and having a lay in . Yawning as i roll over, your side of our bed i realise is empty, frowning as i wonder where you are. You don't normal let me wake up without my coffee waiting, when your up first. That's when i hear your deep voice booming from the kitchen. "Time to get up Baby Girl, i need you in the kitchen now!!!". Sighing deeply as I roll my eyes, only daring to because you cant see me. "But but but ……  its early just 30 more minutes pleaaaaaaassssseee daddddyyyyy" I whine really not wanting to get up, im warm and comfortable. I can hear you walking up the hall, each footstep muffled by the soft deep pile carpet, yet i can still hear you slowly making your way to our bedroom “i do hope you wasnt just rolling your eyes at me little one” a look of shock on my face I the hell does he do that. I know i'm not going to get to stay in bed, but the brat in me refuses to get out of bed without a fight. "I don't want to you can't make me". I mutter under my breath and pull the covers up around me snuggling down further under them.

Closing my eyes again hoping that you will think i have fallen back to sleep, no such luck. As the bed bows I bite my lip trying not to giggle, i can feel your presents as you sit down next to me... oh so carefully, wrinkling my nose at the fact that my laying is going to be cut short. sighing as your fingers gently running down the side of my face, that's when i know its not going to work that you arent going to fall for my attempt at pretending to be asleep. Your  barely touching me, your fingers tenderly travelling down my neck, over shoulder and along my arm. The hairs on my arms standing up as i shiver, my body giving me away as goosebumps dance over my soft skin. "Time to get up Baby Girl" you whisper in my ear, your warm breath caressing my ear, making my breath catch in my throat. Sighing deeply as i open my eyes slowly, trying and failing to make it look like i had been asleep. "But Dadddddyyyyyy......." cutting my sentence off with 1 finger pressed softly against my lips. "No arguing this morning, there are things we need to go over before i leave princess". Pouting as I look up at you i almost forgot you are leaving this morning for the week.
"fineeeeeeeeeee" is sigh, untangling myself from the covers I crawl into your lap “do you have to go daddy” pouting as I say it. A Small smirk appears on your lips as you shake your head. "Do you want to spend the last few minutes before i leave being punished little one". My eyes widen and i sit up in your lap and smile sweetly trying to hide my frustration. "No, im sorry daddy. You know what i get like in the morning with out my coffee, and im just going to miss you daddy". Smiling again, "that's why i have brought you your coffee silly girl, drink up then get dressed and meet me in the kitchen. You have 15 minutes". Giggling as I feel your fingers brush a lose curl behind my ear, your fingers lingering a few seconds longer than needed, softly brushing your finger tips over my ear, breathing in sharply as electric pulses through my body from my ear down to my clit. Carefully you slide me out of your lap back on to our bed, before Leaning forwards and pressing your lips softly against my forehead, sighing contently as my eyes close enjoying our closeness. All to fast they are gone, looking up as you smile softly and gently run the back of your fingers down my cheek “i love you Sasha” a smile spreads over my face as I chuckle “i love you to Josh, you silly daddy its only 1 week”.

With a small smile and a nod your fingers are gone, and i watch as your oh... so.. impressive frame stands and walks out of our bedroom, giggling to myself as my eyes slip down over your broad strong shoulders, over your back, I can see your muscles rippling under your suit, down to your tight ass, biting my lip as I feel my princess parts tingle. Shaking my head to clear the naughty thoughts as I dont want to keep you waiting, I take a sip of my coffee and jump out of bed. Not sure what to wear today, i grab my knee length black body con skirt and a white scoop back shirt. After a quick rummage through my underwear draw i decide on the matching bra and pantie set, the ones you bought me for my birthday. Taking another quick sip of my coffee before slipping into the master bathroom.

Quickly i wash and brush my teeth, looking up at myself in the mirror i sigh. A small smile appearing on my lips as I scan my face and body. There is a twinkle in my bright blue eyes, that is only ever there when I think about my happy place, my daddy. My slightly tanned soft smooth skin blushing as I think about how lucky I am that my daddy love me that he chose me. Shaking my head to clear the naughty thoughts that are appearing, as I just dont have time to get turned on right now. Grabbing my brush i try to tame my flame red curls, un-successively. Giving up i pull them back into a high pony tail "that will do for now, i will have to sort it out before work though" i mutter to myself. Quickly getting dressed, i love the feel of my new underwear against my soft skin. I love how the underwear hugs and accentuates my curves, its amazing how the right underwear can my a girl feel so much better, I mean I know daddy tells me everyday how stunning I am and how sexy my curves are, but being a larger girl my whole life, its hard to believe sometimes. Grabbing my skirt I carefully step into it and wriggle  it up over my thighs and hips, as I zip it up I catch a glimpse of my self in the mirror and chuckle, as I pull my shirt on I smirk as I know this is one of your favourites on me as you like to be able to touch my skin when ever you wish, giggling to my self as i know you will enjoy seeing it on me.  Taking one last look in the mirror and adjusting my clothes, slowly running my hands over my hips to smooth any wrinkles out, i nod "that will do" i whisper to myself.

Emerging from the bathroom with 5 minutes to spare, quickly grabbing my coffee and my phone off the side, i walk out of the bedroom. Slowly i padding down the hall towards the kitchen-dinner, my toes wriggling in the carpet, i love the feel of the soft deep pile on my feet, pausing to scrunchmy toes into the carpet giggling as it tickles between my toes, my hand flying to my mouth “shhhhh” I remind myself, I'm try to be as quiet as i can hoping this time to be able to surprise you in the kitchen. Standing there in the hall in silence straining to hear if daddy caught any sound of me, when I think the coast is clear I slowly make my way to the kitchen door. Peeking into the kitchen I see you sitting at the table, I stifle a giggle “you havent heard me” I whisper to myself.  Taking a deep breath I sneak into the kitchen keeping my eyes on you, not making a sound I slowly creep towards you, all of a sudden you look up smirking at me, your eyes slowly rake over my body from head to toe. I can tell by the glint in your eyes you approve of my clothes choice. “daddyyyyyy you caught me thats sooooo not fair” I pout playfully, shaking your head as you try not to laugh at me pouting “one day little one, when your grown, then maybe you can surprise daddy”, you push the chair next to you out and look back down at your paperwork on the table. That is my signal to sit down. Doing as i'm told i sit, without saying a word i just drink my coffee and wait for you to speak, as I sip my coffee I watch you out the cover of my eye the small crease between your eyebrows which only appears when you are concentrating on something, seeing it makes me smile.

With a cough I turn my face to look at you, you look up at me and smile. "As you know i leave in 15 minutes and won't be back till Saturday evening. I will be checking in with you at bedtime but that will be it as I will be working little one. I have written up the rules that we talked about last night. That way you cant say that you forgot". I go to open my mouth to protest that i'm not an idiot. Raising an eyebrow and giving me that look as to say i haven't finished. I stop before i even say anything. "Have a look over them and tell me if there is anything i have missed". Handing me the list i put my coffee down and scan over it.

1: Bedtime is no later than 11pm
2: Eat 3 meals a day with healthy snacks in between
4: Only your best friend round
5: NO going down the pub/club/bar after work

I finish reading and look up. "problem" you growl. That's when the brat in me comes out i can't stop it, staring straight at you and before i even know what i have said  the words leave my mouth "yes actually, what the fuck do you mean NO TOUCHING WHAT IS YOURS". I bite my lip, regretting the words that left my lips straight away. Your face changes, gone is the smile and the warm eyes, in their place is a stern look and disappointment. "watch that mouth of yours Missy" almost a whisper as you say it, sending a nervous shiver down my spine. Looking away from you I sit nervously as I chew on my bottom lip, waiting for what im sure is coming. Im such an idiot, why oh why oh why did I say that, fuck I should know better than that.

"NO TOUCHING WHATS MINE" you growl at me, “look at me little one” turning my face up to look at you I almost wish I hadnt, looking at your handsome face that was so full of love seconds ago, I inhale sharply as I see a darkness spreading across your eyes, as they scan my face. Holding my breath as you lean into my slightly, I can feel your warm sweet breath on my face, my eyes not leaving your face “im...im..im sowwwwyyyy daddy. I dont know why I said that I know that I cant touch whats yours with out your permission daddy” your hand slips under my skirt and up between my legs. "This" making me gasp as your fingers slap my growing wetness. "This is fucking mine, you don't get to play with this whilst i'm gone". Slowly circling your finger over my clit through the silk of the panties. "All of your orgasms all of your cum, like you, belong to me". My body betraying me again, as a nimble finger dips inside my silk panties, searching for the wetness that is already growing. Making me groan as your fingers slide into my now soaked slit, slowly moving in and out, curling your fingers in me. "Do i make myself clear little one". I swallow hard trying to be still whilst your fingers fuck me "y...y....yes..... sorry Daddy, i....it won't hap....pen again daddy". Then as fast as your fingers entered me they are gone, i groan feeling empty. Wanting to feel your fingers more but knowing i can't. "Good girl princess". My eyes widen as i watch you suck my juices off your fingers, licking my lips wishing i could suck on your fingers.

"I have to go now. I will see you Saturday" in one smooth motion you push the chair out and stand up. Tilting my head into your hand as you cup my face tenderly. "Be a good girl whilst i'm gone, Daddy is going to miss you. "Trying to smile as i hate being upset when you leave as i know it upsets you as well. A warm smile playing on your lips, i can hear the soft chuckle in your voice. Trying to sooth my ragged nerves "if you are good i will have a surprise for you when i get home. I love you baby girl"

Pushing the chair back as i try to Stand, my legs shaking as i try and calm down. Biting my bottom lip as it quivers, look up at you with pleading eyes , fighting back the tears. For fuck sake get a grip its one week, his been away before and you have survived. Trying to force a smile as your eyes scan my face, i know you can see the pain i'm trying to hide. Before I can stop myself I jump up on you wrapping my legs round you, a low chuckle rumbles deep in your chest as youWrap your strong arms round my shaking frame and pulling me tight against your chest “be good whilst im gone little one, daddy will be home before you know it” nuzzling into your neck breathing in your smell like I will forget it in the time you are away, “i will I promise daddy” I whisper as I run my lips softly up your neck, leaving a trail of little butterfly kisses up your neck before I reach your ear and gently nibble your ear lobe, purring as I hear you growl deeply at me “daddy has to go princess” I slowly unwrap my legs from you as you carefully place me back on the floor, hooking your finger under my chin and tilting my face up to look at you “be good” a small weak smile playing on my lip “yes daddy” nodding as I say it.

You pull me into your chest and squeeze me gently “good girl” resting my head on your chest I listen to your heartbeat, which always soothes me when I get scared or upset, i take a deep breath in and close my eyes. "i'm going to miss you so much, i love you to daddy". Soft lips brush my hair, sighing as i enjoy the last few seconds of our embrace. Then all to quickly the safety and warmth of your arms are gone, whimpering softly as i feel your body move away from me. Opening my eyes trying to fight the tears as  i watch  you pick up your bags and with one last tender kiss your gone.

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Fantastic, would love to have more

Thank you very much. Chapter 2 will be posted soon 😊


chapter 2

Gently I shake my head bringing the present back into focus. Sighing as I look around the apartment, without you there it feels empty and cold. Realising my cheeks are even colder than the rest of me, bringing my hand up to my face gasping as I realise my cheeks are wet..... the memory has brought tears to my eyes!!! Biting my lip as I take a deep breath I slowly wipe my tears from my face, I remind myself that tomorrow is nearly here and that i get to curl up with you, a smile appearing on my face as I think about how excited I will be tomorrow, doubting I will sleep much tonight. Knowing that tomorrow we get to Ignore the world for the day just us together, smiling as the thoughts of the welcome home I have planned invade my mind.

Looking at my watch I suddenly realise that Charlie will be round in an hour. "Fuck, where the hell has today gone" i mutter under my breath. Smiling as I think about how she has been amazing this week keeping me company, I would have been a total disaster this past week without her. No doubt she thinks i'm mad, having spent most of last night a blubbering wreck. Sitting there in my slobby old pj's, watching a romantic comedy and eating a tub of my favourite ice cream (with just a spoon). Such a typical heart broken girl, one minute crying next minute laughing, my moods have been so unpredictable this week even I dont know how im going to feel one minute to the next. However it's been good to catch up, i didn't realise how much i missed my best friend until now.

I needed to get ready, to keep me busy on the last night with out you we have planned to go to the cinema and then out for a bite to eat, and at present I looked like something a cat would drag home. I know that charlie will look amazing, she always does. Typical long legged, slim, long blonde hair, perfect skin, blue eyes, she really doesnt need to try to look beautiful she is naturally stunning, I wish I could look a fraction of how good she looks when I try but after all these years I have resigned myself to the fact that my best friend is stunning and im just the background girl. Rushing into the en suite bathroom i lean into the shower and turn it on, trying to dodge the cold stream of water as it fills the shower room. Peeling my black skin tight jeans off and stepping out of them my thoughts on what film we are going to watch and where we are going to eat after, charlie wants to try the new Italian that just opened round the corner from the cinema, I was leaning towards the American style dinner that we normally go to, shrugging “we will see what we fancy after the film”   next I pull my white vest top up over my head. Discarding them on the floor along with my underwear.

Giggling as I remember what a neat freak i live with, and how much you would freak out if you found my dirty clothes on the bathroom floor. Rolling my eyes as I Bend down to scoop my clothes up and throw them in the washing basket. "seeeeeeee tidy still daddy" i shout, not that any one can hear me or that i would speak like that if you could. Shuddering at the thought of what my punishment would be for that type of attitude, “get all the brat out tonight” saying it to myself over and over like a mantra, as I don't want to ruin your home coming with my attitude, I have missed you so much I want everything to be perfect for you homecoming, I had even gone and bought your favourite stuff for dinner, got your bourbon in, even bought a new outfit just for tomorrow evening. Pushing the thought out of my head, i Grab my phone quickly connecting it to the blue tooth as i fire up my favourite playlist. Swaying my hips as and giggling as the speaker springs to life with my pop music that I know you hate.

Carefully slipping into the shower, gasping as the warm water hits my hot sticky skin. My eyes closing as I enjoy the almost instant relief washes over me, the tension that I didn't even realise I was carrying departing my slowly relaxing body, the water easing the muggy heat outside. With my eyes closed I  just stand there completely losing track of all time as I enjoy the water cascading over my sticky body. Smiling to myself as I start daydreaming again. Silently you slip into the shower with me. Your strong hands gently running over my curves, my skin coming alive with the combination of your nimble fingers slowly digging into the soft flesh of my hips pulling me against you, and the warm water hitting my sensitive skin.
Hearing a noise i'm snapped back to reality, freezing i could of sworn i heard the front door close. Sticking my head out of the shower straining to hear over the stream of the water. "Hello" i shout. When there is no response i figured i was just hearing things and go back to getting washed. Turning slowly in the shower, as the hot water washes away the stresses of the past week, i had been apprehensive when you had the massage head fitted but after this week its been a blessing, feeling it working my knotted muscles is heaven . Opening my eyes to grab the shower gel i stiffly a scream. Your standing there, naked, your eyes scanning my body.

"Your.....your....your..… DADDDDDYYYYYY " words failing me as i stare at you, i had forgotten how  to breathe taking you are. My heart beating so fast and loud i'm sure you can hear it. Forgetting we are in the shower i almost jump in to your arms giggling like a school girl. "missed you, missed you, missed you daddy" showering your face with little kisses, the rough yet soft voice that I have so craved all week whispers in my ear “careful little one, don't want to slip and hurt yourself. Daddy is home now”.

Wrapping my arms round your neck holding you tight. I have no idea how long we just stand there holding each other tight, our naked wet bodies pressing against each other, the relief of being in each others arms once again abundantly clear. Fitting together perfectly, like our bodies are made for each other. Feeling your finger softly curl under my chin as my face is tilted up to look in to your eyes, with a smile that stops my heart , your lips lock on to mine in a deep passionate kiss as the water cascades down around us, sucking on your tongue as it splits my lips and invades my mouth, groaning softly as I taste your tongue, our tongues interlocking as they seem to be fighting in our mouths trying to taste every inch of each others mouths.

Sighing into our kiss, getting lost in our passionate moment, the contact between us sends shivers rippling over my body. Kissing you back with the passion I feel, pouring all the pent up frustration from this week into this one kiss. The love i have for you seeping out of my very pores. Eager to re-quaint myself with every part of you, my fingers curl into your hair as we kiss scraping my nails across your scalp, holding your face to mine as your tongue swirls my mouth eager to taste, to explore. Moaning softly as i bite your tongue making you gasp at me, a mischievous glint in my eyes.

As my hands take on a life of their own, they slowly dance down your body as my nails skim over your firm chest, playfully flicking your nipple as I run my lips along your chiselled jaw line, your breathing getting faster as I move to your neck, nipping, sucking, kissing, licking unable to get enough of you, without even thinking I push my ass out, leaving a space between our bodies. I hear a growl deep in your throat. Trying not to laugh as I know the growl is your displeasure that our bodies aren't pressing against each other, but i carry on desperate for more. Slipping my hand between our wet bodies, I feel you tense, you know what i'm up to. Letting out a small gasp, as my fingers curl round your already throbbing cock I bite your lip and growl at you softly.

A deep guttural growl leaves your lips as i bite you, making me forget everything apart from the need to please my daddy, my lover, my amazing partner, my body desperate for the rough touch that I know is building in you. As you slip your hand down my spine your nails digging into my skin, making me gasp with a mixture of pain and pleasure from the nails drag down my skin, leaving red lines in their wake. Unable to tell where one pleasure ends and another begins your fingers dance over me, reclaiming what is yours what you have longed for all week. Coming to rest on my firm ass, a smirk appears on your lips, and then with a tight squeeze and a hard spank, I scream as my arse (now turning a soft blush pink) stings yet yearns for more, but you have other plans. Your hand continues slipping down my crack, then gliding over my tight hole making my back arch giving you easier access just how I know you like me, before curling around to slide along my wet slit and slip inside me.

Small groans leave my slightly parted lips as you move your fingers into my waiting wetness. ”please daddy” almost begging, my voice sounding different with the longing to be filled by your fingers, your tongue, your cock almost becoming to much. Screaming again as your fingers move in and out of my now soaked slit, I sink my nails into your back making you gasp with surprise “naughty naughty little one. Seems someone has missed me very very much” unable to speak I just nod. My lips lock on to your throat kissing, nipping, running my tongue over your wet skin. Purring as my hand starts to move, gripping your glorious cock firmly but gently. "Oh my god, your so hard Daddy". My lips becoming wet as i slide my tongue over your skin, finding the soft area just above your collar bone. Without even thinking about it, i sink my teeth into you.

A deep growl escapes your lips as i bite down “biting isn't nice princess”, trying hard not to scream as your nails sink into my red ass, my head falls back as I bite my lip. With my daddy's throbbing and twitching shaft in my soft hand, My mind starts to race, losing all control of what i'm doing, just succumbing, giving myself to you, my body yours to use as you see fit. "Be a good girl for Daddy" is all i can think as you push deeper inside me, your fingers curling up searching for my G-spot, writhing in your arms as waves of pleasure ripple though out my body, finding my G-spot I groan loudly, “scream for Daddy” you rasp in my ear. Our arousal building , i can feel the eagerness from you to feel the wetness building between my legs. "i have missed you so much baby girl, i need to hear you screaaaammmm for me" unable to deny my daddy anything i scream as i feel my dripping wet hole being stretched and claimed by your fingers.

All of a sudden your hand comes down with a loud crack, smacking my already stinging ass hard  "DADDDDDDDDDYYYYYYYYY" i scream. Panting from the stinging strike, quivering as the pain is replaced by pleasure. Trying to absorb all the sensations that flow over my body at once, the fullness between my legs, the cold air hitting my wet skin and the the hot water on my now red ass, your lips and teeth skimming over any part of me they can find. Squirming in your arms as your free hand strikes my other cheek, causing me to scream for you again, your nails sink into my flesh and pulling me tighter to your body I struggle to catch my breathe. My senses flooded with sensations I have craved all week.

Purring against you as our bodies press against each other, getting lost in our own world. Groaning as you mark me as yours again. My hand moving slightly faster around your cock as I feel you hardening. Smirking as i know it wont be long before the need to reclaim what you own takes over. Releasing your engorged shaft i place my hands on your chest and push myself back, just enough to be able to turn round. The need for contact to great, your hands grab me and pull me back, pressing back against your chest, your arms holding me tight against you, resting my ass perfectly in your groin. Having been deprived any contact for to long I grind myself back, as your cock lays between my ass cheeks. Quickly losing what little control I had as i grind my ass into your throbbing shaft. Needing more my arms come up and behind me wrapping round your neck causing my back to arch. Leaving my breast completely exposed to the water and your fingers.

Biting down into my neck, purring as you take what is yours. Shuddering as your throbbing cock slides down along the soft rise of my firm ass. Growling as i feel my Daddies rock hard shaft slips inside my waiting hole. Slowly filling my tight ass with your hard, throbbing cock. Our bodies pressing against each other as your hands squeeze my breasts. Biting my lip as I hear you groan with pleasure sliding your shaft all the way inside me.

Groaning as you bite down on me a smile playing across my lips. Moving as much as i can, trying to show you how badly i have needed you. The sensations running through my body as you reclaim what is yours. My head falling back on your shoulder as i close my eyes relaxing filling me like only you can. Shuddering as i absorb the waves of pleasures rippling through my body. My fingers weaving their way into your hair holding you close as I slowly start my move on your cock. Moaning and panting as my tight ass hole is stretched with your thick throbbing cock. Feeling your hips slowly begin rocking back and forth against my ass cheeks. My climax slowly building as i crave release, your cock sliding nearly all the way out before pushing back in again harder. Feeling your balls grazing against my pussy as I'm filled to the hilt. "Oh...... my...... god Daddy your cock is so hard, FUUCCKKK!!! fuck me please, harder, faster, i need to feel you please use me daddy".

As the words leave my panting lips, i feel your fingers slip to my wet nipples, pinching, pulling, twisting as the pace increases. "Rub your clit for Daddy just like you know i like" I stop breathing as those words are whispered in my ear in your rasping growl. Trying to answer but all that comes out is groans and grunts, words have failed me so as you start fucking my ass harder and faster, i just nod. Eager to please you, eager for my much needed release. I suck on my fingers and make them wet, before sliding them between my legs. It doesn't take long before they have found my swollen clit. Doing as i have been instructed my fingers slowly start rubbing "slap it" you growl in my ear. screaming as i slap my now soaking wet pussy, sending shivers rippling through my body.

Not caring any more i move myself faster on your twitching shaft as i feel you growing even more. My fingers moving faster, knowing it wont be long before you shoot your seed into me filling my ass. Completely lost in the carnal desire between us, our world becoming just us two and the pure bliss that we are chasing, lost in a sea of pleasure, bodies writhing, twitching, squirming, clawing, biting, pushing each other closer and closer to our climax. .
"Im going to fill your ass baby girl with my cum". Your words nearly my undoing,
"p...p...please Daddy"
"Wanting to cum princess are we. Have you been a good girl whilst i have been away"
"Yes... yes...yes Daddy" is all i can manage as the need to climax has become almost unstoppable. Thrusting hard and fast as your hips slam into my ass, making my soft skin red.
"cum little one, give Daddy what he wants" Screaming as i cum on command, my body ripping apart as wave after wave pleasure washes over my quivering body.

"That's it cum baby girl, milk daddy's cock" . With one last hard and deep thrust, burying yourself completely into my now stretched pucker. Screaming as you bite down on my shoulder, growling with the force of your climax.
"Who's Daddy's good little cum slut, take it all baby girl" The feel of your hot cum shooting into me, filling my ass pushes me further over the edge. Strong fingers dig into the soft flesh of my hip i feel you shaking your body racked with its own orgasm. Panting as i try to get my breathing under control. twitching and shaking in your arms as the after shocks still roll over my now shattered body. “ I am daddy, I am your anything daddy” growling at me again as you spank my now bright red ass “damn fucking right your mine” “thank ….thank… thank you daddy” I gasp.
"Daddy has missed his princess"

Chapter 3 coming soon

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chapter 2:     Gently I shake my head bringing the present back into focus. ............. “ I am daddy, I am your anything daddy” growling at me again as you spank my now bright red ass “damn fucking right your mine” “thank ….thank… thank you daddy” I gasp.   "Daddy has missed his princess"

so full of harmony 😊


chapter 3

Standing in the shower our bodies intertwined as we slowly come down from our explosive orgasms. The mixture of the hot water with the cold air hitting my skin causing my body to contort as small explosions of pleasure erupt through out my body, the heady scent of our sex lingering in the steam, the combination of the waves of pleasure still rippling through me, the feel of you still in my tight ass hole and the exhaustion from exerting all the sexual frustration from this week, makes my legs start to buckle and my head spin so much so that I need to reach out placing my hands on the cold wet titles to stop from collapsing, closing my eyes I try to slow my breathing and calm down and ride out the after shocks of our joint climax.

Still impaled on your slowly softening erection I giggle to myself as I know your watching my ass as it quivers around your cock,  my blushing red back side rippling as my body squirms with the last waves of my climax, giving my arse it a playful squeeze before your arms encompass my quivering frame as I fight to bring my breathing back under control still. The feel of your warm breath on my neck as you shudder with the remaining pleasure of the orgasm that we just shared causing goosebumps to dance across my skin. Without even thinking about it I tilt my head away from your lips, exposing my neck and throat completely to you.

Whimpering as your lips run softly down my neck, tenderly kissing my shoulder at the same time as slowly pulling your cock out of my ass, your arms loosening their hold around me just enough so that your cock is no longer encased in my tight ass. Gasping in pleasure as your hand slips down my body and spanks my ass again “my Good Girl” you whisper in my ear at the same time “your ass looks perfect like this, bright red with my cum leaking out of you” still panting slight I try to speak “yes….i...umm….yes….tha...thank you ….daddy”

Feeling empty and some how hollow without you I moan softly as my legs finally give out on me, but before I can fall your there, scooping me up into your arms, my head resting on your shoulder as I wrap my heavy arms around your neck “i got you baby girl don't worry, I would never let you fall” trying to hide my yawn as I answer you “i..... know.....daddy” nuzzling into your neck as you carry me out of the shower “grab a towel princess, I need to dry you before you sleep” not wanting to move as im to tired I sigh, “cant I just…… sleep like… this daddy” fighting back the yawn, “no you cant little one, you will get sore and daddy cant have that, you only get sore from what I do to you” giggling at your words I do as im told,reaching down I grab the towel and pull it into me cuddling it up on my chest like a blanket.

Not able to stiffly my yawn this time I close my heavy eyes, the next thing I know we are in our bedroom. “Stand up Sasha I need to dry you”, “i don't want to, i'm comfortable daddy” I whine as I try and fail to roll over and ignore you.
“Have I got to repeat myself little one”.
Hearing the tone I groan and try to stand, my legs shaking as I force my body to do as it's told.

“That's my good girl”.

Standing in out bedroom completely naked, my skin tingling from the combination of the now cold water droplets on my body, the cold air in the apartment and being overly sensitive due to our passionate session, trying not to shiver but unable to control it as a massive yawn escapes my lips. “Tired princess?” to tired to speak let alone open my eyes I just nod, hearing a deep chuckle next to my ear “well you need your rest baby girl, daddy has missed you, and I have plans you for”.

Chuckling at your words, my mind racing at what plans you have come up with for me, raising my arms above my head and stretching and yawning as I ask “wha...t plans daddy” your fingers skimming slow over my body snaking there way up over my thighs, my hips, pausing a second longer as your caress my stomach, your hand tenderly sliding up between my breasts, making me shiver again, “oh you will have to wait and see little one” to tired to try and argue about it “yes daddy”

Giggling as I feel the soft towel slowly creeping over my neck gently massaging and drying my skin as its moved by your strong hands , my shoulders and arms are next to feel the tender touch. Carefully as if I might break at any moment, your hands move over my chest drying my breasts one by one, moaning softly as I feel your thumb catch my nipple. Feeling my nipple hardening as your lingering touch sends pulses of pleasure from my nipple, down my body, feeling the throb between my legs growing, as my back arches just a enough to thrust my breasts in to your waiting hands.

Chuckling “not yet beautiful” then the towel and your hands are moving down my stomach, over my hips. I gasp as I feel your breath in my hair, my legs almost giving out under me as the towel cups my radiant red arse, small circular movements drying and kneading at the same time.
Whimpering as i'm not sure how much longer I can stand for my thighs shaking from the strain of standing “almost done princess then we can snuggle and you can sleep”. The pace of your drying doesn't change still taking your time, slowly exploring my body making sure to not miss a single part.


Is all I hear through my exhausted haze, feeling your hands gently pressing against my shoulders yet holding them as well so I don't just fall back in a exhausted, crumpled mess. Sighing as I feel the softness of the bed bow under my weight, relaxing as the tension from trying to stand leaves my body. Your hands leave my shoulders, lingering a second longer than need as they brush down the sides of my pert breasts, quickly I place my hands on the bed behind me to stop from laying back, you said sit not lay.

Taking my right foot in your hand you tentatively start gliding the soft cotton towel over my toes, taking the time to make sure each one is dry before moving on to the next. Slowly dragging the towel up to encase my foot, showing the same care to each part of my body as you glide the towel over my skin, up my shin, curling round to my calve, your fingers gently kneading into the aching muscles, causing me to exhale deeply the breath I didn't know I was holding.

“That feels so good daddy, you always know exactly what I need and how to look after me daddy” chuckling to yourself as you carry on with your task, moving to my thigh “i have to look after my little one, cant have you getting sore, well not unless it's me making you sore” Blushing at your words as I bite my bottom lip.

Your fingers kneading my thigh as they seem to take on a life of their own, almost feeling your need to devour, to taste, to enjoy me. My breath hitching as they move closer and closer to your end goal, my sensitive swollen slit almost pulsing as your fingers send tingles through my body, so tired yet feeling my body reacting to your touch like only you can make it. Your warm breath on my skin as your plant soft feather light kisses up the inside of my thigh making me stop breathing as my thigh quivers at your touch igniting the need for you deep inside me again, as they trail behind the towel slowly getting higher and higher, “again daddy?” I gasp.

Moaning softly as the towel brushes lightly over my sensitive inner lips, a stray thumb causing my breath to catch in my throat as it glides over the swollen sex. Barely making contact, but just enough for me to feel the dampness between my legs grow even more. A deep growl vibrates against my thigh “oh daddy wants to eat you alive little one, I can smell how badly you want me again, just the thought of running my tongue over my pussy makes my mouth water, it has been to long since I taste your sweet juices on my tongue” yawning and shivering not sure what I want I groan “yes daddy”

My mind starting to race with thoughts of what you have done and might do to me, imagines dancing behind my close eye lids making me shift slightly where I sit, “everything ok princess” I can hear the amusement in your voice, you know exactly what your doing to me, swallowing hard “yes  everything is fine daddy”, “you would tell me if there was something wrong, correct” biting my lip harder as your thumb circles my clit before your finger plunges into my growing wetness, “yes....of course... I.... would daddy” struggling to not let on how aroused I am becoming and failing “i want you daddy” as my back arches.

Whimpering as I feel you move away. Yet feel your finger running my juices along my parted lips “open and suck me clean baby girl”. Not needing to be told twice I open my lips wider as you slide your finger into my mouth. Tasting the sweetness as my tongue rolls your finger in my warm mouth, before I gently suck on you lapping my juices up off your finger, groaning as you pull it away, my mouth trying to follow your finger craving to taste more of myself on you. Then your lips are there, locking on to mine as your tongue replaces your finger in my waiting mouth. All to quickly your tongue is gone. The heaviness of sleep starting to engulf me, but desperate to stay awake.

Your hands are on my left foot repeating the same tender care, fingers snaking there way up my thigh again, slowly.....slowly.....slowly inch by torturous inch.
Causing my lips to part slightly as my breathing becomes harder as your hand moves the towel between my legs, the towel now slightly rough from the dampness it has absorbed, rubs softly against the sensitive slit making me moan quietly, as my hips move against your hand showing the need growing deep inside me.

“All dry princess” then your hands are gone, leaving me whimpering for more. Scooping me back up into your arms, in one fluid action you pull back the covers and lay my trembling exhausted body into our bed “try and sleep now baby girl ”, “but….but… but daddyyyyyy” yawning and stretching in our bed “whats wrong little one, do you want daddy to make you cum again for him” rolling over as  I yawn “stay wi…..th me daddy” my voice almost a whisper as I drift in and out of sleep.

The feel of the soft cotton sheets as you pull them over me causing the tiredness to engulf me. Somewhere in the back of my mind I am aware of the bed bowing gently next to me as you climb in, your need for closeness as great as mine. Hearing the laptop spring to life, your hand lays protectively on my hip causing my lips to curl into a small smile. Through the haze of my impending sleep I murmurer.
“what.. are ..”
“hush little one sleep, I will stay with you don't fret. I just have some work to do before I can curl up with you and sleep”
yawning once more before sleep finally takes me.

chapter 4 coming soon

  • 3 months later...
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chapter 4

Not sure what the time is as I struggle to wake, gently rubbing the sleep from my eyes as I try to adjust to the darkness in the room. Glancing at the bedside clock as a yawn escapes my lips, realising it's only 1.37am no wonder its still pitch black. Trying in my sleepy mind to work out what woke me when I realise i'm alone in our bed. That's when I see the light creeping under the bedroom door. Confused as to why you aren't in bed I decide to come search for you, sighing as I untangle myself from the bedding and swing my legs out of bed, gasping as I feel my warm feet touch the cold wooden floor. Flicking on the bedside lamp so I can find my robe the light causing me to blink a few times as my eyes adjust. Pausing in the open door I can hear your voice, you sound muffled like your underwater or whispering or something.

As quietly as possible I creep down the hall pausing as always to wriggle my toes in the carpet, getting to the kitchen entrance I pause. I can see you sitting at the table with someone, I cant make out who it is. “i need a drink” I know that voice its Charlie, what the fuck is she doing here at nearly 2am. Fighting the urge to burst through the door, I carry on watching and straining to hear what you to are whispering about.

“She can NOT find out Charlie, do you hear me”

“you can trust me Josh, you know that”

“if she finds out that will be it, everything will be ruined”

“i wont tell Sasha, I promise. It will be our secret. I know what you want and what I need to do. Its going to be amazing I promise”

“Thank you Charlie, you don't know how much I need you. I will be glad when this is all over its been a nightmare from the start”

My mind starts racing, I cant think straight. I don't know if I should scream and shout at the pair of you, or break down or run. Trying to control my breathing I see you put your hand on her arm “did you hear that” you both look round but thankfully the darkness hides my presents. Watching you gracefully stand up and smile at Charlie, a smile that is normally reserved for me, making my heart feel like it was about to come out of my chest, clapping my hand over my mouth to muffle the scream I can feel build, seeing you and her and the touch and the smile I cant take any more I cant think straight, looking up again I see you walking to kitchen entrance, fuck you cant find me here I cant do this now I cant face you. Before I even know what I am doing I am turning and running back down the hall to what was our room, what I thought was our sanctuary, not caring if i am heard or not.

Striping off I quickly jump back into bed and turn the light off. Feeling the warm tears start to stream down my face as I replay what I just watched in my head, hoping and praying I misunderstood. Every scenario I run through my head it doesn't change the overwhelming pain that I feel, my whole body is in pain like my heart as been ripped out of my chest and run over by a truck all at the same time, I cant think straight. No many how many time I went over it, I kept coming to the same conclusion. Charlie and you are having a fucking affair.

Hearing the front door close and you slowly padding up the hall I slow my breathing like i'm asleep, wiping my tears as I pull the cover up over my shoulder. I feel the light from the hall hit my face as you open the door but I don't wake or move. I cant face you or even pretend to be ok if I speak to you right now I will fall apart. I can feel you walking round the bed almost like a lion stalking its prey, making the hairs on my arms stand up. As you slip into bed and pull the covers over to cover me up again, gently pressing your lips to my head “good night little one, love you Sasha”. My mind racing how could you be so cold hearted, after arranging to fuck my best friend to act like nothing has changed, like you still love me, if you ever really did.

Laying there unable to move my heart racing, its sounds so loud to me im sure it will give me away as being awake, I try and breathe slowly as I listen to your breathing slowly changing, when I finally know you are asleep I exhale. My mind still racing, what do I do, how do I fix this, do I want to fix this, can this be fixed. feeling the tears welling up in my eyes again I carefully slip out of bed. Not wanting to wake you I stumble as silently as I can around the bedroom, fumbling in the dark to find my clothes. Grabbing them I glance at you asleep in our bed, seeing you so peaceful I freeze shaking my head silently, u cant have done this I have to have misunderstood he wouldn't do this not to me not with her, as quick as that thought leaves my mind another one appears well you know what you heard and saw stop trying to kid yourself, fighting back the tears again I creep out of the bedroom and down the hall to the guest bathroom. As I close and lock the door behind me the flood gates open and my knees buckle, sliding down the door to the floor as I cry unable to stop the torrent of emotions that I have been bottling up. After what feels like hours the tears finally stop, my breathing starts to slow and I can feel my heartrate slowly calming as well.

"I know what I need to do" shaking my head I get dressed “but I cant, can I, what if your wrong he will be so angry and hurt, but what if your right you have to do this”, looking in the mirror (which I should not of done) I winch my eyes are red and puffy and my cheeks are tear stained. grabbing the brush I quickly pull my hair into a messy bun. looking around for my toothbrush and paste. "Fucking damn it, why don't we have spare toothbrush in here". Muttering under my breath as I pull on my jeans "I'm not going back in there, I will have to stink for now". Pulling my black vest top over my head I take a deep breath, "you can do this, you are a strong independent woman, he doesn't deserve you". Saying that over and over again to myself as I pull my hoodie on.

With a new found and possibly false strength and purpose, I unlock the bathroom and walk into the kitchen. Looking around I see their cups still on the table, making me curl my lip and growl as I remember what I heard only an hour ago. Finding my handbag I check I have my purse, phone, make up and cigarettes and lighter everything else I can get sorted later, I just need to get out of here before daddy notices i'm not in bed, I need space I need to think  and I cant do that here. As I head to the front door I turn and take one last look at what was our home, my safe haven. Feeling the tears appearing again I quickly walk out the door, closing it behind me a silently as possible so as not to wake you.
The clear night had done nothing to lift the oppressing heat, making me feel even more strangled than I already did, as I mindlessly walk the streets trying to work out what to do next, my thoughts racing from they are fucking to I have it wrong, over and over the voices in my head at war with each other. unaware of how long I had been walking or what the time was, the sun suddenly hitting my face came as a shock to me. looking at my watch I realised its was nearly 6am, I needed to find somewhere to get ready for work. "damn I didn't bring a change of clothes" looking down at what I was wearing I muttered "these will have to do for now". With a new found clarity and purpose I hunt for a shop to grab some toothpaste and a brush. Rushing to get to the train station I decide I will finish getting ready at work, thankfully I had checked that my little make up bag in my handbag as I knew with out looking I looked rough.


Reaching work an hour before i'm due to start, thankfully Sarah wasn't here it so I had the place to myself. I rush into the bathroom and start trying to make myself look human and like I haven't been roaming the streets all night. Taking a deep breath as I stand and stare at the mess that is me in the mirror. "How has this happened, less than 12 hours ago I was over the moon that my daddy was home, now i'm standing in a bathroom alone and confused and homeless and my daddy is fucking my best friend" grabbing hold of the counter to stop from collapsing again as I felt myself starting to hyperventilate again “for fuck sake Sasha get it under control, you have a job to do” closing my eyes and taking a few deep breaths I finally stand up with a steely determination in my eyes which even I didn't believe . 

Refusing to cry any more I wash my face and start applying my makeup, slowly I can see the strains of last night and this morning disappearing, concentrating so hard on trying to look human when my phone rings it makes me jump. "who could be ringing me at this hour" I wonder,  as I look at my phone I see JOSH on my screen, a small whimper escapes my lips as I drop my phone I feel the air in my lungs evaporate, my head spins and I collapse to the floor, all the strength has left my body. I just stare at my phone, "I can't answer it, he will make me go home, make me tell him what's wrong. I'm not ready to face him".

As the call rings off I grab my phone and with out thinking turn it off yes daddy will be mad that I turned my phone off but right now I dont care I need space and I need to work, I cant be worrying about him, he should of thought about that before fucking my best friend.
Turning back to the mirror I ignore the over whelming feeling of sadness, loss, anger and hate swirling inside me, forcing myself to breathe slowly and not cry again i finish getting ready for work. 30 minutes later and even though I don't look picture perfect I at least don't look like a homeless person any more. Taking one last deep breath before I walk out of the bathroom, “you got this you can do” reminding myself that its work it will keep me busy and at least I don't have to worry about seeing Josh “i will deal with all the mess tonight, for now plaster a smile on its just another day”.

  • 9 months later...

Daddy’s Little Princess chapter 5

So far this morning I have been to busy to worry about anything apart from the orders coming in, turns out that the coffee shop round the corner shut down over the weekend and all their customers have been coming in to our little coffee shop instead this morning. We now had a lull before the lunch time rush start 

“Sarah im going to go have my lunch break now, before we get slammed again” 

“ok Sasha, is it ok if I have mine after you get back” 

I look up as I finish the last order I have sitting in front of me, looking over to Sarah. She is short about 5.4 5.5 I would say she’s pretty but not overly, more like the girl next door, with her long brown straight hair pulled back in a high ponytail, and her hazel well I think they are hazel coloured eyes. She isn't daddys type to flat chested and not enough curves for his taste but still a pretty young lady. 

“yeah of course Sarah, I will be about 45minutes, then as long as we arent busy you can go for your break then mate”

Sarah smiles at me “thank you Sasha, enjoy your lunch” her smile lights her whole face up, making her very striking, “thank Sarah I will”

Grabbing the xxl caramel latte I just made for myself before bending down and picking my sandwich up that I picked earlier, I don't normally eat the shops food, but today I had no choice. I sigh as I think about why I have no choice, feeling the tears welling in my eyes again I take a deep breath and stand up coming face to face with Josh, I stop breathing, I can feel myself shaking taking all my will power to not drop my latte. I swallow deeply before speaking “Sarah you have a customer, Sarah will be right with you im just going on lunch” not taking my eyes of your face trying to read your reactions to my words, “Sasha what the fuck is going on” you growl at me making my knees nearly buckle under me. “Sarah customer” I shout before walking out the back of the shop leaving you standing at the counter with a look of confusion mixed with anger on your face.

When you cant see me any more I lean against the wall, trying to control my breathing I can feel a panic attack building deep inside me, I need to get out of here, I need some air, a drink, a smoke something anything I just cant stand here. Taking a deep breath as I push myself off the wall and will my legs to carry me outside grabbing my handbag as I go. Reaching the back door I can feel my hand shaking as I push the bar to open the door, blinking as the sun floods into the doorway, taking a second or 2 to adjust to the light, I hunt in my bag for my sunglasses “fuck sake I always have them in my bag, where the fuck are they” pulling my smokes and a lighter out I search the other pocket, letting out a sigh of relief as I pull my sunnies out “least no one can see the swollen redness of my eyes”.

As I light my smoke and turn around to lean against the wall I scream and drop my bag, there you are, standing there staring at me “what …..the …..fuck….. Josh” my hand on  my chest trying to slow my breathing “your nearly gave me a fucking heart attack for fuck sake”. I hear a low growl coming from you “watch that mouth of yours little one” I stare at him trying to stay strong trying to not grumble at your tone, your stare your presents “im sorry you scared me daddy” I snarl. Without your eyes leaving my face u take 1 slow step towards me, I stand still I will not back away from you, but my eyes have not left your face 

“what are you doing here Josh, what do you want”

 “what do I want, I want a fucking explanation as to where the fucking hell you went this morning and why you are ignoring me, what the fuck is going on young lady”

swallowing hard, my resolve to stand up to you starting to weaken, “please Josh, please dont do this, not here not now” you take another step closer towards me, my breathing becoming more laboured the closer you get to me, with every step you take closer I can feel the pain bubbling closer to the surface, remembering what I saw and heard this morning. Shaking my head to try and clear the painful memories “please Josh, please stop I cant do this not at the moment please” “Sasha im not asking, you will tell me what is going on NOW!!” the last word you speak is lower than the rest of the sentence so low its almost a growl, as you take another step closer to me. Your so close no I could reach out and touch you, feel your warmth against me, feel your heart beat on my hand, the tears well you in my eyes no matter how hard I try to fight them I cant stop them from running down my face “daddy please, I….i…..i…...i saw you” that was it the moment those words left my mouth I couldn't stop the pain any more I collapse on the floor sobbing, hyper ventilating my whole body shaking uncontrollably. 

I can feel you standing over me watching me, that's when I feel your hands on me pulling me up to my feet, im to tired to struggle, but just the simple touch of your hands under my arms makes my pain escalate, I cant breath I cant see I cant speak, I don't know what to do what to say, I just stand the unable to look at you as you slow take my sunnies off my face my eyes fall to the ground, any last resolve I had gone. “Sasha look at me” I shake my head and whisper “i cant daddy” your finger curling under my chin and raising my face to yours “i said look at me little one” looking at you through the tears, my eyes red and puffy again, my make-up running down my face “but I look awful daddy” “i don't care I love you for you and you always look stunning to daddy” hearing you say you love me sparks my anger, looking you in the eyes as I pull my face away from your hand “love me, love me, that's a joke. If you love me then why are your fucking Charlie, am I not enough for you, have I been bad, what have I done for you to hurt me like this daddy” I cant stop the words from spilling out of my mouth, my voice sounds weird to me almost like I don't know my own voice, saying those words I sounded cold, heartless broken.

I hear you chuckle to yourself, I stare at you with the confusion and pain clear on my face “are you laughing at me?” “yes Sasha I am. I am not fucking Charlie. You are my little one why would I need or want any one else” not able to process what im hearing I stammer the words out im sure they make no sense “you...i…..Charlie….heard” “listen to me little one, whose birthday is coming up soon?” “ummm m...m...mine daddy” I sniff and try and wipe the tears from my face, the look of confusion clear on my face. “do you trust me little one?” I stood and stare at you, thinking about the question thinking how quickly I would of answer yes daddy to that yesterday, you cough and stare at me “well im waiting” “ye..ye..yes daddy, I do” “well then why would you think I was cheating on you with any one let alone your best friend” I stood and thought about it and before I could think about what I was say “because I don't ever feel like im enough for you, that I cant make you happy, no matter what I do I will disappoint you, and im scared that you will wake up and see that im not worth it and walk away” the tears stream down my already sore cheeks, looking at the floor as I shift uncomfortably from one foot to the other whilst I twiddle my thumbs.

I hear you sigh deeply as I feel your hands cup my face and make me look at you, “you are MINE I don't want any one else, you are all I need, all I want, if anyone is not deserving it is me. Why didn't you come and speak to me about what you saw and heard, why did you run” crying now unable to stop “because I panicked I saw my life being ripped out from under me and I didn't know what to do. Im sorry daddy” gasping as I feel your lips press against mine, your hands sliding down my shoulders my arms, over my hips over, making me muffle a scream as you spank me hard. “you and I will talk about this when you get home young lady, you need to get back to work and I have a meeting” “do you forgive me daddy” “yes Sasha I do, but you will be punished, harshly for doubting daddy, running, making daddy worry and for ignoring daddy speaking with the tone you have been. I think its time we stepped up your training little one” blushing as I bite my lip “yes daddy” 

you stand staring at me, this look appearing on your face, I can almost hear the thoughts going round in your head “in fact im going to have my fill of you now, for making daddy worry” you look around, not sure what you are looking for I stand open mouthed and watch you, a smirk appearing on your face as you point to a wall round the corner, looking straight at me a deep growl leaves your lips  “get over there and drop your trousers now” I stare at you not sure what to say or do, I just nod in my shock “yes daddy” slowly I start walk towards the wall, pausing I turn to you “ but what...” “NOW!!!” whimpering I do as im told. Standing against the wall with my trousers  around my ankles, the cool breeze making me gasp as it its my bare skin. “turn round and put your hands against the wall and hold on, do you hear me, this is for me and me only don't you dare cum or you will be in even more trouble, is that clear” I nod, jumping as you smack me hard straight across my naked ass “i need to hear you, use your words little one, do I make myself clear” biting my lip as my ass stings from the smack “y..y..yes daddy” “good girl” your foot pushes my feet apart spreading my legs wide, making me pushing my ass out to you more, stifling a scream as rip my panties off “open your mouth you little slut” you have never spoken to me like this, it causes a mixed reaction inside me, I can feel myself getting wet yet part of me is confused by your attitude, shaking my head to clear my thought I do as im told, as I open my mouth you shove my ripped panties in my mouth. “now you need to be quiet this is for daddy and daddy only and will be over quickly, nod if you understand” I nod my head. 

All of a sudden your fingers push into my princess parts, roughly fucking my tight opening with your fingers, feeling my wetness growing you pull out of me, a muffled moan leaving my lips. “right now my little slut, daddy is going to fuck you hard and rough, I am taking what I want what is mine DO NOT CUM, this is daddys, daddy is going to fill his little cunt with his cum but you you little slut does not get to come” as I nod you slam your rock hard cock into my tight pussy making me scream into my panties. Your fingers digging into the soft flesh of my hips as you slam into me over and over and over, one hand goes to my hair and wraps it round your hand yanking it hard as you start to lose control and really start fucking my dripping wet cunt. The tears stream down my face as you use me, this is what daddy needs, this I deserve I should never of thought bad of my daddy, this is for daddy I repeat over and over in my head. Screaming into my make shift gag as you bite down on my shoulder and growl deeply, releasing me from your bite you growl again “you will never run from daddy again, do you fucking hear me?” fighting to focus on your words as my body is alive with the mix of pain and pleasure the sensations almost to much to handle, I just nod at your words.

Your pace quickens even more, your basic primal instinct taking over as your rain strike after strike down on my ass as you chase your own pleasure, my red rare ass stinging in the cool breeze, refusing to cry any more I resolve to take my punishment, to take what you need. I can hear your breathing becoming laboured and your cock twitching inside me, I know it wont be long before your explode inside me, as I that thought enters my head you hank my hair hard pulling me back against your chest as your cock impales me again with one last hard thrust you fill me with your warm cum, biting down on my shoulder and growling “MMIINEEEE” making me scream in to my panties again. Once you have emptied you load into me you pull out bending down you pull my jeans up biting my red ass cheek before pulling my jeans the rest of the way up, I squirm as I feel the material of my jeans get soaked by your cum leaking out of me.

Jumping as I feel your hands on my arms, spinning me round on the spot. I look up at you as you pull my panties out of my mouth, “daddy needs to be cleaned” I look down seeing your cock dripping with your cum and my juice looking back in to your eyes as a glint appears in them I smirk slightly oohh I get to play now is all I can think my mouth watering. Quickly I drop to my knees taking you in my mouth I start to clean your cock of all the juices, running my tongue over you sucking you, cleaning you making sure I get all of the juices, my eyes not leaving your face as my mouth works diligently to clean my daddys cock. Groaning as you pull out of my mouth and tuck yourself back into your trousers. “get up little one” holding out your hand to help me stand, I smile weakly as I take it and stand in front of you. “thank you daddy”. Tenderly you tuck a strand of hair behind my ear and smile at me “are you ok?” smiling back at you as I lick my lips “yes daddy” your arm wrapping round my waist and pulling me tight against you , my hands resting on your firm chest as we look at each other “kiss your daddy” not needing to be told twice I wrap my arms round your neck and press my lips against yours, your tongue splitting my lips as devouring my tongue tasting our juice together in my mouth, your hands slide down my back and grab my ass firmly as you bite my lip causing me to groan softly “i need to get back to work and so do you, we will deal with your other punishments tonight, you will go straight home when your shift is finished” I know that look on your face its the look of DO NOT argue with me “yes daddy”. Giving my ass a quick spank  before kissing me softly again “see you tonight” “see you tonight daddy”. Watching you walk away im still shell shocked at what just happened, “oh shit how long have I been” looking at my watch I see that I still have 15 minutes of my lunch, all that happened in 30 minutes. Sighing deeply as I walk back over to the back door of the shop , giggling to myself as I pull my cigarettes out, lighting one and taking a long drag on it “what the fuck just happened”  

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I bloody enjoyed this x

2 hours ago, Spears80 said:

I bloody enjoyed this x

A little dip into my mind, I'm glad u enjoyed it

Omg when’s the next chapter coming out?!
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