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My thoughts upon waking 2.


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Sorry for the breaking in story. Thought I could add to it or edit. So I'm trying again.

"She came in through the bathroom window."

That was the song playing in Tina's head as she struggled to push her window open from the outside and balance on her 4 inch black heels without getting them stuck in the grating of the fire escape. Doing this 4 stories in the air at around midnight in a mini skirt made it extra difficult. Internally cursing at herself for not immediately refusing to go on yet another blind date set up by a coworker she finally managed to push the window high enough to squeeze her less than thin frame inside.

She did her best to hike her skirt without showing every bit of her butt to the pedestrians that were still out on the street. Her head and torso went first and as she began army crawling her way across the couch, she heard a cat call up from the street. At the same time, a rogue gust of chili air blew across every bit of her intimate areas and she knew she'd just unintentionally mooned the whole street. "Great end to a great evening." She muttered aloud doing her best to avoid the peeling ***t and bricks still supporting her lower half. "But you can't blame anyone else for you forgetting your key." She admonished.

She had managed to get her hips nearly through the window as her elbow slipped off the side of the cushion and caused her face to careen dangerously close to the floor before catching herself with and audible "Eeep!" and a frustratingly fabric ripping noise coming from her lower half. "What next?!" She lamented to no one, knowing she had just ruined one of the only skirts she owned. "Crawling into your pitch black apartment in the middle of the night is not something we need to keep doing Tina. Get your life together." She told herself finally managing to get her whole body into the building. She lay face down for a few moments before the cold air coming in from outside got to be too much. She stood and closed the window before inspecting the damage to her clothing in the little moonlight that came in from the street. "Definitely ruined." She muttered as the gaping, jagged, 3 inch hole shone in the light. Another string of curses bad enough to make a sailor blush went through her head as she closed the curtains with more *** than necessary and slipped her skirt off.

She bent to retrieve it and, turning to get to a lamp her shin collided with a hard, table like structure. "Mother fu... OOW!“ she nearly screamed as blinding *** took control of her body. She bent to feel her leg, not feeling any *** she decided that furniture was overrated and why her coffee table was so close to her couch she couldn't understand. She was still rubbing her *** away when jingling keys near the door gave her pause. She nearly screamed "Wrong apartment." as she heard the lock turn.

Tina stood straight up, clutching her skirt to her chest, not knowing what to do as the door opened. Her eyes bulged and her mouth dropped open as in the doorway stood 6 plus feet, of blond haired, blue eyed, black suited, eye candy illuminated by the light of the hallway outside. She willed herself to move as the man walked inside, closed, and locked the door behind him. She was calculating the ability to both open and shimmy back onto the fire escape before being detected and internally begging God to either make the man blind or just kill her when the light flicked on lighting up the entire room. "So you want me to suffer through it, huh?" She mentally raged at her creator. She immediately recognized that none of her furniture was here and she had clearly come into the wrong apartment. "Why aren't windows labeled?" She thought as she tried her best not to blush furiously.

"Well, if you're here to talk to me about my car's extended warranty you finally have my attention." The man's, smooth, deep voice said as his eyes looked Tina up and down. Tina's heart was beating so hard she was sure the man could hear it and in her complete state of shock and panic she started word vomiting any explanation she could to hopefully prevent this strange situation from getting any worse. She couldn't recall most of what she'd said but it included phrases like "I'm single." And "I had a bad blind date." And "I haven't had sex in a year." And "My mother swears I'm a spinster." And "Forgot my keys." And "Mooned the city." And "Mind was somewhere else." And "Why don't you lock your window?" And "Accident." And "97 cats that eat my body when I die alone." And finally ending it all with "I'll put my clothes on and just go. If that's okay?"

The man didn't say a word. He just watched Tina. He took off his suit jacket and hung it on a peg by the door. He undid the cuffs on his white button up. He untied his tie, and unbuttoned the top button of his shirt. The whole time he didn't break eye contact. Tina could feel the blush on her cheeks. She could feel the man's eyes on her, taking in her nakedness, her whole body. She began to tingle and felt goosebumps rise on her skin. But she couldn't move. She knew she should put her clothes on, make a break for it, do anything. But she just stood pinned to the spot by his eyes.

"No. I don't think it is okay." The man's velvet voice said calmly as if it was the most rational thing anyone had ever said. "I think the police would rather I kept you here. What with the breaking and entering and all." He began walking toward her. She still couldn't move. She just watched as he steadily came closer to her. She couldn't think of anything aside from the call she'd have to make to her mother to come bail her out of jail. The whole family mocking her because they would all know before her mother even got to the station to get her out. The endless taunting from her perfect ***s and their husbands and probably even her nieces and nephews.

Tina didn't protest as the man gently took the mangled skirt from her hands and examined it before dropping it to the couch behind her. "Please don't call the police. It honestly was an accident. I'm not trying to rob you." She pleaded finally finding her voice. The man's face gave away nothing as she searched his eyes for some sign of compassion or understanding. She saw nothing in them but... "was that hunger?" She thought to herself.

"If I let you leave, and don't call the police. I don't think you'll learn anything from this experience." He said looking her up and down again. His words caused her to shiver. His eyes roaming over her body as she stood so *** in front of him caused her nipples to tighten. "I think you should be taught a lesson." He said moments before he swatted her behind causing Tina to jump with an audible yelp.

"Hey! “ she exclaimed in terrified indignation not having anything to follow it up and knowing it was all bravado. "Do you assault all of your unwanted guests?" She asked. He chuckled mildly as he began to rub her tender skin to ease the sting. "Only the ones who need it." He said as he turned her to face him. "Only the ones that break in and start taking off their clothes." She didn't know what to say to this sexy man standing inches from her. He had all the cards and she knew it.

"What are you going to do?" She asked. He didn't respond. He only reached up and gently took the hair tie from her hair causing her brown wavy hair to break free of the almost ***fully tight bun it had been in. She nearly moaned as the tension in her scalp eased. She gasped before catching herself as his strong hand reached through her hair and massaged her scalp gently. "I'm going to fuck you." He said fisting her hair and taking her mouth in a deep kiss. The sudden *** causing Tina's mouth to open and gave him complete access to her.

His tongue slid along hers as he took her mouth. His hand still holding her hair and forcing her to remain still as he explored her. His other hand deftly undid the buttons on her shirt. The cool air across her exposed skin was such a contrast to his warm mouth. She reveled in the sensations battling for dominance in her mind. He wrapped his arm around her waste and pulled her against him still continue his punishing kisses. She could feel every warm, rigid muscle, every dip and plane of his body and the contact after being so long without it nearly caused her knees to buckle. She moaned as his kisses moved down her jaw, to her ear lobe, down the column of her throat. She felt his hand caress the back of her neck and gently massage the tension there as he kissed along her collarbone.

Suddenly her shirt was pulled away from her shoulders he held the back of it with her elbows still wrapped in the sleeves. "Don't move." He commanded as he tugged the lace cup of her bra away and took a tight nipple into his mouth. Tina nearly screamed as the pleasure took her over. His tongue flicked across her sensitive flesh, his light stubble abrading the sensitive skin of her breast, his teeth gently grazed her and it was as if this man's tongue was pure electricity. The sensations shot through Tina as she let this man explore her body.

She began rubbing her body against him wantonly. Her breaths were coming in almost gasping pants. She could feel his arousal against her. Her core flooded with the desire to have that part of him bared to her. She wanted to feel his hard length against her bare skin. A light spank across her rear-end startled her with a subtle sting. "I told you not to move." He took the opposite nipple into his mouth. "If you don't listen, I'll stop." He said pulling away slightly. "Is that what you want?" he asked and took her nipple again.

"No." She nearly moaned. Another slap on her rear. "No?" He asked. "No. Master." He told her as his hand rubbed and squeezed her behind. "Say it." He demanded pulling away from her breasts. Tina's mind raced. She had never called someone master. Had never been asked to do anything like that. She was brought back to the moment but another slap to her behind. Harder this time. "Say it." He demanded in a firm tone.

"No master." She said tentatively. She could feel his smile as he rewarded her obedience with a long suck on her sensitive nipple. "Louder." He demanded and swatted her behind again firmly. "No master." Tina said louder in a breathless voice. "Good girl." He replied and lifted her off the ground. "Put your legs around me." He instructed as he hoisted her higher. She complied and instantly felt his hard shaft straining against his trousers as it pressed against her sex.

He carried her the few feet to his bedroom and laid her onto his large bed. She felt the cool, crisp linen against her over heated flesh. "I'm going to tie you up." He stated running his hands across her skin, over her breasts and stomach, stopping just above her sex and moving back up. "Would you like that?" He asked still rubbing. "Yes." She agreed nearly delirious with lust. He lightly slapped her thigh before asking "Yes what?"

"Yes master. Tie me up." She nearly begged not wanting the pleasure to stop. "That's better." He said as he began kissing down her body again, taking time to suck her nipples. He moved lower and lower. Tina instinctively opened her legs for him as he trailed kisses to just above her opening. The wanting inside of her nearly driving her mad.

Damn, about half way through I was seeing that in mind and I didn't even see the word anymore. You are good!

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