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Birthday photo shoot


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Last year for my bday my wife had a surprise for me !! I woke up to breakfast in bed and a blow job !!!     Then after getting out of bed she told me I had a small job to do so she requested I dress in Lycra it was a pink catsuit then I had to hang rubber sheeting on the wall of the basement and on the floor !! My imagination was going in high gear when done she said she had a couple presents for me !! It was a heavy but soft tight fitting rubber 1 piece outfit attached hood and gloves and socks and a new vibrating plug !! I went and put it on and then hurried to the basement to show my wife as soon as I entered there was a camera flash then I noticed there were lights set up she hired a photographer to take photos due to the dim light and the outfit on the photographer I couldn't tell if they were male or female !! It was an awesome time omg !! My favorite photo out of them all is when the wife put her hand over my air hose off the photo and he waited until I was gasping and looking up and god it's a hot photo !!! 

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