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Blind fold me


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blindfolds can be fun.  the last time I was blindfolded I was lay on the floor and told to hold my cock 

I could hear her taking her clothes off

she stood over me - and ordered me to masturbate

and then... from nowhere... she sprayed me with warm piss... 

It's intense. Many subs love the "not knowing" and gasp at the sensation when they feel the touch of whatever is administered.

I once had a hook up where agreed in advance I would be restrained on my front and blindfolded and allow my host to use my ass and invite others over.


Was really intense not knowing and when the other guy arrived not knowing who he was 

  • 4 years later...

I would like to be blindfolded because of the sensation of losing any control, to give up my humanity, to be a living sex toy

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