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Hello fellow kinksters! This is a story based loosely on a sub I had a number of years ago. It is a mix of facts and fantasy. I hope you enjoy this series! 

 Samantha Ryan is in the third month of her promotion.  She is a marketing director of pro-foods - a supplement store for athletes. Samantha, or Sam as she is called by friends, coworkers and most people that know her, has thick long black hair. Her big brown eyes contrast her milky white soft skin. A slender girl, She enjoys an occasional hike, or work out in the gym. At 26 years of age, she is known as a rising young star in Pro-Foods. Because of her promotion, she just upgraded her apartment in one of those new high rises in Austin Texas.

  Justin Stein, Sam's boyfriend is steadily rising in his career in the banking industry. At 29, he is also a rising star. He does a lot of networking in stuck up parties that Sam hates going to. She detests Justin in his ass kissing ways at these parties. He counteracts by saying that is the only way to get ahead. "What about hard work?" Sam asks. "Work smarter, not harder" is Justin's reply.   The relationship is routine. They don't live together yet. Sam still likes her independence.  Justin has hinted about moving in together saying what a great "power couple" they both make. Sam likes her independence. Even though Justin is a good guy, stable, liked by her parents, She is hesitant to move to the next step. Justin can be too needy sometimes, and as an independent woman, she cannot stand that in a man. 

  Sam has a secret. She is interested in BDSM. She likes the idea of a man totally in control. Giving herself to a man, to do whatever he wants. She has told no one. How could she? She is the director at work, She has 5 employees under her. She leads in her relationship with Justin. He asks her for her input on anything he does. Even her friends admire how strong, and independent she is. Secretly, Sam read 50 shades of gray, and after every chapter, she would have to masturbate. After an intense orgasm, she would hide the book. This might be the reason she won't move in with Justin. He is submissive in bed. She is the leader sexually. It is hard for her to stay turned on by this. He does what she tells him to do.  He asked her to tie him to the bed once. She replied that she isn't that type of girl. Justin also is getting pudgy around the middle. Another problem for fit Sam. 

   It was a stressful week. By the time Thursday came around, The Ad campaign was delayed, a writer quit, and Jim Bradley (Sam's boss)  called Sam into his office where she had to explain all this. He accepted her explanation, but gave her a disapproving look. This made Sam work harder. After a 12 hour day, Sam went to the Food Store to get resupplied on her groceries. 

  Dominick stopped off at the food store the same time as Sam. A working class man in his late forties, He keeps himself fit and lean. He is busy with his job as a lead tech, and his side business. On top of that he lifts weights at the gym 5 days a week. Discipline is everything to Dominick. Never married with no kids, Dominick has another hobby he keeps secret from the "normies"

  In the produce isle, Sam is checking peppers. Looking at each one, she buys six. Dominick waits behind Sam impatiently. Because of his discipline, he says nothing. He checks her out and she turns around. Dominick looks at Sam directly in the eyes. His blue eyes pierce right through her. He doesn't change his gaze. Sam asks "do you need peppers too?" Dominick just says "yes".  His gaze not leaving her. She feels uncomfortable, yet inquisitive. He is in control. "Um sorry I will get out of your way."  "Thank you" is the simple reply Dominick gives. He has shit to do. He has no time for these cute girls who think the world revolves around them.

  In the supplement isle, Sam gets a text. It is an emergency at work. The social media has not uploaded the ads they promised. Sam texts back while rolling her cart not realizing Dominick is crouched down getting protein bars. Her cart crashes into him, he falls to the floor and bangs his head "Godammit!" is his reactionary response. "OMG I'm so sorry" Sam covers her mouth almost giggling as she watches him roll on the floor. "I'm glad you think this is funny" Dominick barked. "No no no I'm really sorry um I didn't see you there"  Sam replies. "How can you not...." Dominick is calming down. He pulls himself together. Takes in a deep breath. Sam just stands there not knowing what to do. She looks at him with her big brown eyes. "I wasn't paying attention...are you ok? I'm so sorry"  Dominick won't give in to her beauty. He knows pretty privilege. He wont put up with it. "I will live" he replies. "What is your name?" Sam is taken aback" um what? are you gonna call the.." No I'm asking your name " Dominick says matter of fact.. "Um Samantha but people call me Sam". "OK Samantha I am Dominick"  She felt like a little kid at school being called by her full name. "Nice to meet you Dominick. Is there anything I can do? I am so sorry" "Yes" came the reply. "Buy me dinner." He looks straight into her eyes...they widen. "Dinner? Well um I um you um" Sam stutters.

"Cat got your tongue? My head hurts because you crashed in to me. And you thought it was funny." Dominick says

"No no it wasn't funny. I told you I was sorry. Look, I can use my app and have food deliv.."

"No none of that millennial bullshit. Take me to a restaurant and buy me dinner. You can afford it"

"The thing is Dominick, I have a boyfriend."

"So? I want dinner. I didn't ask you on a date...It is the least you can do Samantha." Dominick rubs his head. 

"Um ok yes why not it is just dinner"

"Very good. I know a place where the food is great, and they don't charge an arm and a leg" 

"OK sounds uh good Um what uh" Sam hesitates. Is she really going to have dinner with this guy?

"Give me your phone"  Without thinking, Sam gives Dominick her phone. He dials his number into it and his own phone rings. Sam is nervous. Why did she just give this strange man her phone? Why did she agree to dinner? What is Justin going to say? After all her pondering he gives her her phone back. Meet me at Bella Serra in Leander. Tuesday night...I will text you a confirmation. i will make it look like an appointment. She looks at her phone. It says "Mechanic" with Dominick's phone number underneath. "Leander that's far away from here like a half hour" Sam protests. "Am I inconveniencing you?" Dominick asks as he rubs his head. "Um no no I'll be there" Sam guiltily replies. "Very good Samantha I will see you then." She sneers as she hears her full name again.  "Just tell your boyfriend it is for work. He will understand." "Um yea ok I can um..." Dominick walks away rubbing his head. A secret encounter? With an older man? No Its just dinner. Sam's brain is spinning. What did I just agree to?

  Sam solved the social media issue Friday, and left work for the weekend. Sam and Justin were going to eat dinner then to a movie. All throughout Sam thought about Dominick. Never met a man so in control. Knew what he wanted. Not stumbling on his words like most guys Sam meets.  She was stumbling, not him. Justin was talking about his week. Sam just nodded and ate her meal. At the movie, which was a romantic one, Sam just stared through it. Whos was he? I need to know. Is he married? NO I am with Justin. It is just dinner, then we never see each other again. 

  Monday was hectic. Sam's team of employees were arguing. She was the mediator. She fought to get everyone on the same page. Finally by Tuesday the ideas came. The team was running like a well oiled machine. emails flew to  her boss Jim Bradley, and he was impressed. After reading a complimentary email from her boss her phone buzzed. She looked at it  "Mechanic...appointment at 6:30 leander" is all it said...It was Dominick. A part of her hoped he would forget,  but there was a huge part of her that wanted to know more......

There is the set up...More to come! 




I read all of it. It really is good. 👍🏼👍🏼

Great start! Hope to read the next instalment  soon.

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