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Little wants to fuck other men


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Hello I’m a Daddydom. How do I go about training her to become a sex slut with other men while keeping her leashed?

Goal is to get her attached with a single fuck toy.


I'm not an expert my any means, but my input is better than none.

Just to check, you're wanting to train your LG to be a fuck slut for others while remaining her daddy.

Firstly, does she know that you want to train her like this, if she does she may be able to offer some ideas on how to go about it. If she doesn't it's unfair on her - Half of this world is communicating. Tell her your aim and why you want it.

Secondly, I'd suggest going to a swingers club or session, you'll find people who are open to having sex outside of their relationship there. Get her used to having sex with others while you're around. Not forgetting the after care of hugging her and telling her how proud of her you are.

Invite a friend who knows about your relationship or someone you met at a swingers event to come into a private environment (your place or hotel) and supervise them having sex, only let it get as rough as you do. Keep talking, going slowly not to overwhelm her and keep offering her attention and support.


For each time she has sex with another give her at least twice the attention yourself. Co-ordinate with your guests as to what you want them to do to your little girl.


For a slightly more extreme culmination to her training arrange for multiple people to fuck her at separate 'appointment' times throughout the session. Once one guy (or girl) has been spent or has had five or ten minutes with her, they then leave the room and the next arrives and uses her. It doesn't have to be consecutive, but have her interrupted from her homework or whatever several times in the same evening to be fucked by different people.

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I used to be a daddy and I agree that sharing yr lg is best agreed between both of you ,my girl was very happy to pls daddy and wanted to make eye contact and be supervised as well as holding her hand during penetration , now im a lil girl ….

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