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**TW** The Kidnap


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**Trigger Warning**  - Reason: Abduction/Assault


**Please note that this contains strong themes and is fantasy kidnap sex story.**

You knew instantly that you should have left earlier. The trains had been cancelled due to works and it meant that you had to walk through a rough, abandoned area to get to the next station. Your last appointment finished in darkness, and you’d wrapped up nervously trying not to think about the walk home. But now you were walking, as fast as your short black skirt allows, through the eerily quiet area, conscious that all you could hear was the clicking of your heels on the concrete. This was unusual, you hurried forward, realising you’d never walked through here at this hour.

All of a sudden two strong muscles arms wrapped around you. One around you waist locking you in, and the other under your arm but hand across your mouth, stifling your scream. Dragged off your feet, you pulled into an alley, and then thrown into the side door of a windowless black van.

The large man is on top of you immediately. Hands yanked into metal cuffs behind your back. The metal cutting slightly into your skin. Your struggles are feeble and he holds you face down on the floor with one hand. Your hair is yanked, and black tape is secured over your mouth. Trussed up on the floor, he opens the side door, leaving you lying there, heart pounding in your chest, eyes unable to see in the dark. You hear the metallic slam of a van door and then the engine starting. You have no idea what’s happening and although panicked you have one lucid thought; I recognise his cologne.

The drive is over, the tyres scratching on a gravelled path. The engine stops, his door opens and slams, receding footsteps crunching on stones. For minutes you hear nothing apart from the pounding of your heart trying to escape your ribcage. Then those footsteps return, the side door draws open, a little light illuminates the wooden panels in the van. Then you are hooded and unceremoniously hoisted onto his thick muscular shoulder.

A metal door creaks then slams. And the jolting of his body indicates a stair like descent. A whiff of his cologne, again, sparks a recollection. It reminds you of a large handsome guy, ex-military, muscular and intense who had come in for a few treatments. He would always stare at you and although told him it made you uncomfortable, it also made you hot. You hadn’t seen him in 6 months. The jolt from being thrown down onto a mattress brings you back to the present.

Within a second you are hoisted back up. A clinking from a chain, rattles against the cuffs, as your arms are lifted behind you, forcing you to stand entirely bent at the waist. The hood is ripped away, and your eyes adjust to the gloom of candlelight in the walled cavern. You look around briefly, seeing the chain now locked to your handcuffs suspended from the ceiling. Seeing nothing else in the room but him and concrete walls. You know instantly that you are underground. He grabs the tape across your mouth and rips it off. Stinging as you gasp.

He steps back and looks at you. You arch your back to look up at his intense stare. It is him; the hot but intense ex-client. His look is filled with lust. You see his body muscular under his t-shirt, legs thick in green khaki trousers. “You are mine now, Miss Jones” he says. “Please me and I will let you go”. The unsaid threat hangs in the air. You try to speak but the fear allows only you to utter a squeak; you nod your understanding instead.

He walks around you, reaching and with one smooth movement, rips your white shirt from your body. Buttons scatter on the cold floor. Your pert full breasts hang in a white bra. His rough hands grab and squeeze them. Caressing up and down. A hand reaches down and lifts your head and torso up by your hair. From behind he bites your neck, savouring the smoothness. Hands caress roughly across your throat, down grabbing your firm breasts again. Then down, fingers curling around your skirt waistband before yanking this down to your ankles.

Quickly, his fingers return, this time pushing down into your lacy white panties. Rubbing up and down, separating your labia. You are breathless, and shocked as your body betrays the fear you are feeling, as warm wetness spreads. His rubbing stops as his finger reach further, probing and entering. Looping up to caress your g-spot. His fingers thrust in, roughly rubbing, your hips arch up with feet on tiptoes to aid his position. You are panting, warmth spreading throughout your pussy. Roughly he withdraws and pushing your head back down, he moves around to face you.

Your eyes are level with the bulge in his trousers. Pussy longing for his absent fingers. A quick zip and he frees and pushes his erect hard penis towards you. His hand returns to entwine your hair, pulling your luscious full lips onto his glistening head. Your momentary resistance cannot stop him as he thrusts deep into your mouth. Your face against his abs. Within seconds he is thrusting, using your beautiful mouth, you can taste his pre-cum with each push. His hips rock, and his hardness increases with each entrance. Then, suddenly his penis jumps, salty cum sprays into your open throat. You are forced to gulp and swallow. After a few seconds, he withdraws his shrinking penis. Your jaw aches.

He steps back and says “Very good Miss Jones, but now for the main event”. He moves around you, out of view. You feel your damp knickers pulled down to your knees, exposing your now glistening pussy. His fingers return, pushing again into you, opening you up. You are bent over and then feel his rough tongue. Licking, and lapping across your labia lips. Fingers rubbing inside, you feel a building tension. Warmth spreading, you begin to moan and gasp with each stroke. Just as you feel hotness building, he stops.

You push back to try and meet his fingers again, desperate for stimulation to push you over the edge. However you meet a different probe, his now erect penis positions against you. It is so much larger, that despite your wetness, there is resistance as he pushes his bulbous head inside. You feel stretched, and full, as he keeps pushing deep in, his head meeting your cervix. Now a gentle and slow withdraw, your insides gripping as if trying to stop him leaving. Almost out, he thrusts hard back inside. His hips slapping against your round firm ass. Soon his rhythm builds, a wet slapping sound as he pounds into you.

Feeling your hair yanked again, he pulls you up clutching your chest, all the while his hips thrust. Soon he is biting your neck, your back arched as your pussy takes every deep thrust. The position changes the pressure, and soon again your warmth and tension builds. His relentless motion pushing you in waves, towards release. You feel him harder than before, his thrusts are now so hard they are lifting you off the floor. Finally you cum, white hot feeling, as his cock drives in and out. You scream out in pleasure. Just as your orgasm subsides, you realise he is grunting and panting hard. His hips smashing into you at a incredible pace. Then with one huge powerful thrust he lifts you totally, as you feel his cock pulse deep inside. His hot cum shooting into you. He holds you continuing to pulse and shoot. Then slowly it subsides, he lowers you, still holding your chest, his teeth still biting your neck, breath ragged.

You stay like that for a minute before he releases you, you return to your bent over position. He withdraws his once again softening cock, slick with your juices. You feel his cum leak out of your raw pussy, dripping down the inside of your left leg. He moves away, and with a clanking chain you feel the pressure on your handcuffs relax. With your legs shaking slowly you are lowered to the mattress. Your entire body aches from a heady mix of pleasure and pain. Curled up you look up to him as he looms above, staring with deep lust still in his eyes. “Very good Miss Jones, I’ll be back for round two soon”. And with that he walks away, and up then stairs. The metal door slams, and a clunk as a heavy bar is placed across, locking you inside his dungeon.

Omg love love love, I so want this to happen to me ❤️

Excellent and very delicious 🧚🏻‍♀️

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