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CNC Kink and kidnap fantasy story

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Disclaimer: Ok this is a story that I wrote through text for a girl who had a kidnap fantasy and CNC kink. But I hope you guys  into cnc kink enjoy it too. Also as it was a large group of messages that I have compiled the grammar might be a bit awful. Enjoy.

I meet you outside your place we arranged to meet a little later but I wanted to surprise you. I grab you from behind and easily overpower you enabling me to bind your wrists and ankles with long cable ties, then I throw you into the boot of my car .

I drive around a while making sure to go over some bumps on the way to the middle of nowhere, until I choose to pull over.

I put a balaclava over my face as I open the boot.
You kick out as I pull you out of the boot but a sharp smack to the face makes you fearful of what will happen if you choose to continue to fight. 

I rip off your clothes not caring for the fact that I am destroying them. I place a ring gag in your mouth and clamps on your nipples. I tug roughly on the chain that runs between the clamps, making you cry out. My cock by this point is painfully erect so I hang the chain over my solid cock and push my cock into your mouth. Roughly I fuck your face using your hair as leverage. Every time I pull my cock away the chain over my cock painfully pulls your nipples, which makes you cry out in pain. You can’t close your mouth to prevent my onslaught so you are mixed between having your nipples pulled or your throat invaded. All while this is going on, spit is running down your face and onto your breasts. I fuck your face harder and faster making it difficult for you to breathe. Not caring about how you feel and just using you throat for my pleasure. I stuff my cock down you throat as I cum.

Once I am spent I allow you some gasping breaths as I shove you back into the boot of my car. I take you back to your place. As I take you out of the boot this time I don’t put on my balaclava so you can see it is me and the look of relief (this is your CNC kink and kidnap fantasy come true) and anger on your face is easily visible, I slap you in the face and tell you that I enjoyed your throat now it’s time to fuck you properly. 

As I lift you out I roughly sling you over my shoulder. And carry you still naked into your house. I roughly throw you down when we get into your place. I position you face down on your knees before your bed. Only this time I place a blindfold on you and push a think plug into your ass. You scream with pain and ecstasy as it goes in. I lift you by your hair so that you are day back on your knees. Your heels up against your ass, which adds to the pressure of the plug, making you scream more. I take out a flogger and use it to whip your still clamped and sore breasts. Making you flinch and moan at every strike. I make your breasts practically glow red before I stop. Then I smack  your warm flesh with my hands just to add to it, the sting I feel on my hands is as exquisite as the sound you make as my palm crashes down onto your crimson flesh. 

By now my cock is rock hard again and I roughly push you over and stuff it into your pussy. Each thrust also pushes onto the plug giving you an extra jolt of pain for every thrust. I fuck roughly and listen to you moan and scream as I brutally invade you pussy. As I feel your pussy spasm around my cock I use my free hand to reach around an play with your clit, driving you wild. I feel your pussy clench around my cock and with one massive thrust I unload myself into you.


Hope enjoyed this CNC kink and Kidnap fantasy story. Do you think it's hot? Do you have a CNC kink?

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