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New sub Hello and some advice please

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A Hearty hello to Everyone.

I'm a total vanilla Sub, if that is the correct term. I have been interested for a while and finally decided to take the bold step and do something about it. I have been on a couple of website's and been quite dismayed. I have talked to a number of Dommes

(thanks Firewitch, your post on manners & etiquette very useful) Any how the Advice I require after to talking to individual Dommes, got to know their rule and reg's etc. It comes to arranging a first meeting which is something I insist on first to see if we click and more so give them a chance to say not interested, I'm an average looking bloke with a few facial scars.

But no this is not ok First I must Buy the Custom sub starter kit, I have been quoted up to £850. Seriously. I have had this three times now. Is this normal or am I totally right they are trying to take me for a monetary Ride at least. Thanks for any input and advice.

There are a lot of findoms out there that will only communitcatenqoth you if you’re willing to pay/spoil them... these women are not real Dommes, more young girls looking to make a quick buck at the exspensive of men. However, as a Domme myself, I’ve had a lot of my time wasted by subs that arrange to meet, and then just vanish. It’s a hard one because it then makes me understand why some women will demand a deposit of some sort before any kind of session or meet. £850 is a ridiculous amount of money, so yes I would say that they’re just hoping to bleed you dry financially. Most pro Dommes don’t even charge that much for a session, so my advice.... steer clear of them.
Communicate with* sorry terrible typo 🙈

If you want to see a Professional book through a Professionals website..I believe a reasonable deposit will secure your spot and protect her time if you don't show up..however...those you speak of are just scammers and thieves trying to rinse you for every penny they can before you get wise or skint, whichever comes first.

Incidentally if these demands have come from members of this website you should report them whether they have the  € symbol on their profile or not, Financial Domination is one thing..theft and fraud quite another.




So. Yeah, £850 - that's excessive in everyone's world.  

So. OK.  Here's some bits and bobs and advice.


A lot of the Ladies I know when they're potentially interested will often ask to meet at a munch.  Reason being, when the sub inevitably ghosts, she hasn't wasted her afternoon/evening - or - if he does turn up and it's an instant flop, the two can easily just talk to someone else.


Many whom are from any form of Pro or Fin background may well ask for a deposit before meeting.  For something like a standard coffee meet we're talking £50-£100 there or thereabouts.  Obviously if this is a route you end up down, do verify the person is who they say they are.  There are signs - do a favour and google "eyemblacksheep - staying safe"


Yep, unless you are booking a Pro, most people will want to meet socially first before actually doing anything - and trust will likely take time to build.  Exceptions apply.  


Thanks all for the advice.

A social meet firstis a must for me, no expectaions or pressure .  Give's them a chance to see me close up, I'm no adonis, with afew facial scars, gives them a chace to say no then and there, i'ts only polite.

Plus I like to see if we click so to speak.

Thank again for you time.

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