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Can makeup be a fetish?

I absolutely love makeup!  Either on a woman or a CD.  The heavier/thicker the better.

I enjoy wearing lots myself as well.  My face feels amazing with some sexy eye shadow, long lashes and plump, bright lips ready for cum, piss or anything else.

There's not a massive amount of porn involving heavy makeup around so wondered if it was a 'thing' or not.


clips4sale has a makeup category

scrolling through there's all sorts in there like POV makeovers, but also stuff like make up application, and there are some heavy make up clips also - women, sissies, etc. so yep, it's a popular porn category 

5 hours ago, MissTakenDeep said:
I think anything that heavily turns you on can be fetishised.

Yep. ‘Can such-and-such be a fetish’ is a bit of a daft question tbh ;P

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