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**TW** Abduction


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**Trigger Warning - Reason-Abduction**

Boat Fantasy


Stressed by everyday life work and kids, I decided to just get away to a small island, quiet, sanduned, secluded coves, turquoise sea, and feel the hot sun on my skin. 


Packed bag , wine, fruit and dressed in my bikini and wrap i wonder the little winding roads, one seemed to go downwards and to my joy a lovely little cove with no one around, time to blast the music and get some rays i think, laying out the towel, feeling brave as nobody around i took the risk for the first time to go nude, bottoms the lot! How liberating it felt to feel that warm sun and cool sea breeze touch all round my body gently. Its nice being on your own at times, wishing maybe sometimes who could I share this with but since liking a different sort of kink than ‘normal’ (whatever that is) it's hard to find that out and how do I approach that, so many questions, as i drink my wine and think those very vivid thoughts i have of being dominated and controlled to the point I'm begging for more, not just the sex but the power/desire to please, over me.


Suddenly I hear a rumbling, not the weather as the skies are clear, not a cloud in the sky but I could see a far away boat coming towards the shore. That's my peace and quiet over with, I thought to myself, better wrap up my nakedness. I could see the boat now edging towards the shallow waters as a tallish masculine figure with a bandana over his head, threw a rope aside, looking at me at the same time. Hurriedly trying to go faster than i could , getting tangled up as i do in haste, all of a sudden the figure is luring over me, i look at them with a slight apprehension yet also drawn into this man, tanned with a very intimidating side but is actually is attractive, and and edgy feeling takes over my body with slight apprehension, how weird, im scared but attracted at the same time as i’m about to say, can i help you, when suddenly he's sprung his arms around my waist and tossed me over his shoulders as he gags me with one hand covering my protests from my mouth with his large hand and starts charging towards the boat.


What is happening to me, as he ties my hands behind my back, a cloth in my mouth like a gag tied around the back of my head, yet I can still see , he keeps looking at me with an evil but hypnotizing look as he does. Now my feet are and legs are taken in his hands as he spreads them apart and my ankles bound to a bar. All my bits on show, open and gaped wide for him to see, how humiliating, yet he keeps grinning at me with that look! What will he do to me? I keep thinking scared and alone yet I'm not alone, he's there. He starts the engine and we don't go far just more in open sea very far the shore as it it in the distance as i look if i could escape and swim it's too far, as he stops and then goes to an ice box, fills up a cup with booze and removes the cloth as speaks to me for the first time, a very deep direct voice, drink all of it your going to need it it's hot out here, don't want you to burn and need you very hydrated yet there was a kindness in his voice to, very strange. I was feeling quite giddy with the alcohol and heat combined but aware of my surroundings as he kept making me take another cup, it will help with some of the pain he says, what pain i ask to myself? His hand slaps my face as he tells me, it will be harder than this pain, suddenly, he thrust his cock hard in my mouth as he grabbed my hair to push my head back and forth taking all of it in my throat, i wanted to gag as he did and he pulled it out and was wanking himself off in front of me saying this is yours to have and will swallow every last drop and i did, he then starts pouring wine on my ample breasts and down to where i feel the coldness running over my clit dripping, it felt nice, i shouldn't be feeling like this, as he then starts to rub in gently over my pussy and butt holes, why I'm getting aroused, this is not right! He then takes some ice and starts circling them over my nipples and to my surprise again they were so hard and erect at this cold sensations and then he pinches and pull them with his fingers , ouch, yet i was feeling horny, this is wrong, he slides the ice down to my pussy and uses the same movements over my clit and holes, then i feel his fingers enter me, I'm so bloody wet he says, he likes it, as he probes me in a way i never felt,, a strange arousal feeling takes over my body as I feel like i need to push, all of a sudden I'm gushing water out of me! What The hell but the overwhelming fuzziness and body shaking, it is like a high, he lowers his head and buries it between  thighs and i sigh  the wetness of his tongue as he pushes his finger into my butt to then my pussy same time i start feeling it again, he sucks hard to wanting it all, i want to squirt as touches that spot again, he gets up and loosens the ropes around my ankles and wrists, telling me I'm a good girl, what does he mean?  He uses the ropes around my neck like a collar and takes a longer piece as a lead, what is he going to do, I'm not a slave why am i tied like this, why don't i say anything? Next I'm bound to a small pole upright and spread wide by my legs, even my breasts are slightly hoisted up as the ropes are tied around them, actually they look pert like that, I like it! He makes me drink again, then removes the cloth completely and says you can scream as much as you want nobody will hear you. As then he pulls out some of tailed leather long swaying threads raising it above his head and then swooshing sounds as it hits me on my breasts, my pussy, my legs, my back, its soft but stingy to, i notice it getting harder, i could yelp but i refuse to let him know it hurts a bit as he continues with this torture, bastard he his! The pain is becoming sore, I try to ignore it as its to much, i find myself in a floaty space just as he stops, a vibe is held against me on my clit, I'm wiggling around but not too much movement, as restricted, I try to escape the torture I'm feeling, pain and pleasure, then again his fingers inside me as he now tightens the rope around my neck, I'm feeling whoozy as i feel my body relax, he lets go, wow my head is spinning and then swoosh more strikes, harder again, then the fingers this time more forced touching a spot just inside my pussy hole, need to release myself again, it happens, it starts swishing out my pussy again, his delight on his face is electric! He looked at me and said, you're a good girl, that phrase again but it makes me feel warm and happy inside whatever he means by it, you've had enough now and released the tightness of the rope around my neck. 


What has this man done to me, why is my body doing this? He then lays me down and says your did very well you will make a good slave, your going to be to mine, my property and you will now do what i say always. I will take care of you now in all ways. You have much to learn and I will teach you to please and serve me well. I'm not sure what I felt with all this confusion and emotion but I know one thing, I wanted more, I needed to feel that power over me always and the liberation of my body i felt sexually, is addictive. I didn’t even know his name, as I curled up with the thin sheet he placed over me, as even though it was hot, I felt cold and still in a trance like state, wanting to just sleep, I gritted my teeth and looked up at him as he sat beside me gently stroking my forehead and hair and found the courage to ask in a gentle tone, what is your name? He replied, I am your Master, what is your name? Diana, I replied and from now on you are known as Sea Slut, my princess and will wear my collar I give you daily, with that name on the tag. If removed, you will be punished, only I can remove it and you will wear a discreet one when in public, only those that know this lifestyle will understand you are mine. I replied, yes Master, understood. Rest now Sea Slut as I'm going to fuck you hard and softly later in all of your holes as well as beat you again, when you wake up and prepare our food and drinks for the evening. 


To be continued....................................

Brilliant story, beautifully written.
Can wait for the next chapter x
That’s a real turn on, hope your going to Finnish it.. I look forward to the next chapter… You will do finish it Sea Slut 😈
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