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**TW** Abduction in a sack


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**Trigger Warning**  - Reason: Abduction/Kidnapping


So I am new to this forum and have had this fantasy ever since I was little - the first boner I ever got was from watching a clip, where someone got thrown into a sack. Through the years it has become so intense that I now and then search the entire internet for any media related to the topic - though I have found something it is scarse compared to other pornographic content. This is the first time I have ever shared my fantasy - even though I have been in multiple relationships and currently am in a relationship, I have always been afraid to tell it to my partner due to the fear of getting rejected, and also because I like to set a clear line between my fantasy and relationships.

Anyway my fantasy involves me abducting a girl at night, either from her home or some public location. In my fantasy I gag the victim, strip her naked, tie her up with her knees to her chest and finally stuff her into a big sack, as she put up a fight. As I am a fairly strong guy, I could with relative ease throw a 50/60 kg sack containing the girl on my back and walk away with her. The thought about her body pounding against by back with every step and feel/see her struggle inside is very pleasing. I would then arrive at my place, where I would throw her at my bed, take her out of the sack and fuck her all over.


So that is my fantasy. I guess I just needed to vent it somewhere, as I must once again state that I haven't shared it with anyone. When I think about it, the fantasy is kinda funny, as I don't dominate in my social life or like to dominate sex wise. But let me know, if some of you find the fantasy interesting.

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