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Fulfilling your CNC Fantasy


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Assuming we've established consent:

As you answer the knock on the door I *** my way inside, pushing you back off-balance. I kick the door shut behind me and grab your face in my strong hand, covering your mouth and shoving you against the wall behind you. I move my hand down to pin you by your throat, and growl in your ear: "Don't you dare make a sound, little slut. I know who you are and what you want, and tonight I'm gonna fulfill those fantasies, and ravage you til I break you."

I literally rip your shirt off, the neck digging into your skin before it gives, and I start slapping and spanking every inch of sensitive skin. I start with your innocent face, and once the tears are flowing I pinch, maul, and smack your tits til they're as red as your hair.

Next I wrap that hair in my fist and *** you to the ground, hands and knees, and rip off your panties so I can lay into your ass.

My left hand is still gripping your hair at the base of your skull, and with a little pressure I *** your head towards the floor, turning your face so I can see your profile. You feel the nails of my right hand leaving red furrows up the back of your leg, then catch a quick blur of motion as my hand raises and quickly descends, landing on your raised ass with a *smack!* that echoes through the room. You cry out in surprise, and I slide my hand from your hair to cover your mouth before I ***fully spank the other cheek.

"Are you too stupid to remember the *one* rule? Or are you just begging to receive more discipline?"
I pull the shredded remnants of your panties from around your ankles and lean over you to stuff them in your mouth, then rock back and unleash another vicious smack on your tender ass. Your wail of *** and pleasure is muffled now, and I spank your ass again, then swing up to slap your bare pussy.
The wet sound of my palm striking your dripping pussy is unmistakable, and my hand stays there to find your swollen clit and pinch it with my fingers. You try to push back into me, but my hand disappears and you groan through your gag until you hear my belt and zipper opening.

I bring both hands back to grip your hips tightly, fingers digging in as I place the head of my cock against your wet little pussy. You feel me parting your lips, slowly, teasingly, then I push forward firmly with one long, deep stroke.

My thick shaft stretches your pussy, a sweet *** that causes another loud moan to fight through the gag, but I keep pushing til the resistance stops me, pull back a couple inches, then drive forward again. When my pelvis meets your ass I pause for a second, then take my hands off your ass and spank you harder than ever before, and as you gasp in shock and your eyes tear up again, I start pounding you deep and hard, my heavy balls swinging up to slap your clit with each hard thrust.

You feel my hand sliding under to strum your clit hard, then gasp and almost *** on your improvised gag as I slide a thick thumb in your pussy, right alongside my shaft, stretching you impossibly.

The *** lasts just a moment, then recedes as my digit withdraws, only to strike again as I push my lubed thumb into your ass, the intensity and fullness overwhelming. Your legs start to shake as your orgasm builds, then your pussy and ass clench tight around their ***ors, and my free hand roughly grabs your hip to hold you up.

My thrusts slow for a moment, and you start to relax into your bliss, when a shift suddenly finds the sole of my boot just below your neck, pushing your face and tits to the floor. My iron rod starts shoving deeper, fighting your clutching cunt to press firmly against your cervix, and your scream is piercing even through the shredded panties filling your mouth.

My thumb leaves your ass and grabs your hair, gathers it up at the base of your neck, and the fingers of the other hand dig ***fully into your hip to keep your back arched.

"What a dirty little slut, getting off on my cock destroying your pussy," I growl, then begin slamming into you, the angle perfect for my swollen head to push against your g-spot with each brutal thrust.

Another *smack* catches you off guard, the sting on your ass lighting up dormant nerves as I continue to fuck you too deep, the *** and pleasure spiking every time my cock demands entry into your womb.
You're still shaking all over, cumming in one long, continuous orgasm, your thoughts getting scrambled as I fuck you without mercy.

"That's right, you're my little fucktoy now, nothing but a set of holes for me to use, ***, and fill with my cum."

You're almost prone now, pinned facedown to the ground by my weight, your nipples dragging across the carpet as each powerful thrust rocks your body.
"I'm going to fill you with my cum now, and you're going to be a good little slut and leave it deep inside you, letting it drip down your thighs for the rest of the night."

At this point your hands are clawing at the carpet, trying to drag yourself away from my thrusts, but my foot keeps you in place and my hand leaves your hair to grab your arm, twisting it ***fully behind you.

"No escape, whore. You'll take what you've earned and thank me for it, or the next time I'll take your ass by *** and you won't walk right for a week."
As your tears start flowing, my hand slaps your cheek then grabs your throat tight, and your orgasm rises again as my brutal pounding takes us both over the edge.
Love the story great idea for me and my sub thanks

:hearts: I loved this, especially when you said "That's right, you're my little fucktoy now, nothing but a set of holes for me to use, ***, and fill with my cum." That instantly made my clit twitch. Thank you for sharing your story

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