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Best way to get into niche stuff?

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I'm a ftm transgender man, I have boobs that hrt use has lessened the pain of and I'm gonna be as blunt as possible I'm willing to use them to not be broke and potentially pay my way into top surgery, I've found a few nice reddit communities for gynecomastia fetish but I'd like to find other sources of growing a consumer base on twitter so I can make more sustainable income with an OF. Any ideas of how to find what I'm looking for or tips on getting into sexwork?


As with many topics like this, we remind folk of two important rules

1) This is a thread for advice only and not one for attacking any form of sex work

but also

2) That we of course wish the OP and others luck - but we can only offer threads/profiles etc for advice only and so advertising or soliciting sites or services would not be permitted either.

Thank you all for co-operation 


The best advice would be to seek out others who have done the same.   People like Calyx Bielke or Mx Dagger. Even if you can't talk with them to find out what has worked and what hasn't, you can follow them to see what they are doing or have done to see if it works for you.

Building Twitter followers is often a slow and organic process which hinges a lot also on who you interactive with, while also remembering that Twitter is great and that but not the only form of traffic and promo to consider.

Sex Work in general is work.  We see the headline figures of those who (seemingly) make a lot for (seemingly) doing very little but these are exceptions to the norm.   There's a lot of long days, boundary pushers,  arseholes, stigma - and then, to top it all off, the % you lose in commissions and of course tax self declaration (the ever increasing question of whether it's better to pay an accountant or not)

In general, networking with other sex workers for advice is better than asking civvies - joining a sex work collective (of which there are many) is often a good start. 


they're both on there so can't do any harm

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