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Acceptance and Understanding

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Hello All,

I'm writing this post as a follow on from recent posts about manners and etiquette in the lifestyle.

Firstly,  I'd like to address the punctuation and spelling thing.  This diverse lifestyle attracts people from all walks of life,  I think the community should be sensitive to those with dyslexia, fat thumbs and any other perceived deficits.  I think the learning they bring or questions they ask should be recognised over and above how their message is delivered. 

Secondly, people won't always understand or like what you like so take time please to listen, try to understand and ask thoughtful questions. 

Thirdly, this lifestyle is completely different from vanilla there are different rules and expectations, take the time to try and understand and start to recognise what the patterns of behaviour you see around you.

Fourthly, take the time to accept and understand yourself. The voyage of self discovery is the most wonderful and if you are lucky somewhere along the line you will meet people you can share that with. Learn what makes you happy, what makes you a sad, work out how you can be the best version of you that you can be... only you can do it.


Fire 🔥


My spelling sucks and I'm a published author. So it's definitely always worth seeing through such things to the purpose of the post. 

I hate bad spelling and bad grammar. On twitter I am a "grammar Nazi". On here I would not dream of pointing out any mistakes. That is not what this place is for. And if you cannot take a little bit of time to understand what a person wants, then you will almost certainly get what YOU want
Thank you Fire.... Brilliant post, great to read and very much agree with all of it, especially point 4 👍👍👍🔥🔥🔥
Excellent post Fire.

Excellent I'm not a romantic by any means but when the people on here talk of journey s,self expression,and all the deep stuff,I'm a happy man,I've been on here maybe 2weeks but have listened and learned,my ignorance has been replaced with respect and thankfulness.respect x


Some quick responses and observations from my perspective (i am very visual - words, meanings (rules and regs) dont always sit well with me!)

point 1 - language - grammar - punctuation etc etc is a fluid thing - different generations and people will use their own 'thang' - i mean some people dont write with quills thy knows!

point 2 and 4 make sense to me  - we can all benefit form that.

point 3 is where I would add comment - as similarly to point 1 - i expect there are people on here who do have differing expectation and different levels of expectation - some will be wanting to fully embrace the lifestyle (whatever it maybe!!)  others may want to only  'dip their toes'  or try out things that sit happy with their needs / wants etc


Hope that makes sense ;)

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