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It's so hot when you get wet

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One woman I was with had a fantasy of breeding. At least that is the word that comes to mind. I would sext her stories like one of her tied up on my boat. The crew taking turns fucking her. Leaving their seed as lubricant for the next crewman to ravage her as she hung there suspended by line. Then she wanted me to have her last. Asserting my ownership. Adding my load to her seed filled pussy. Cum running down her leg as I slid inside.

She loved cock. She wasn't amazing in bed but her dirty mind was hot as fuck. It became a fantasy of mine to pimp her out and ravage her after others were finished.

Ahh so many kinks to uncover. Does anyone else have an experience similar, where their kink becomes a version of your kink?
I have a perked interest in the Breeding kink. (Not impregnation) but I found this grew with my love of body skin and fluids and so on. The more I began to become keen with this...the more this Kink crept into my mind. It is a massive turn on, the unprotected skin, the cum every which way, even the sex smell... it all is very arousing for me, inside or outside of the body tbh.
I find it can be a kink often misunderstood, and I am myself still learning about it.
But... From this I think you have a good imagination and can be very easily aroused by others just discussing this kind of stuff. Especially if it is not something you have done or considered before it is new and exciting. And to know by what you detail to her, is turning her on so much! It helps your mind go out of it's usual boundaries and safely play and experiment.
As you said, even pimping her out, that may be something you are 100% comfortable with speaking to her to help her 'get off' but may not be so fast to do in a real life scene.
Possibly you have found that little gem in your mind of what turns you and others on and are willing to explore that, which is great! We are all learning every day after all!
The smells... So good right? Thank you for sharing! I would have totally pimped her out if she wanted. She didn't wish to cross the line.

 It's something that I'm really like to have a good time and fuck some woman and I will have her extremely wet and I'm going to have her over my face and lick the pussy to have her come in a big orgasm it all comes in my mouth and face and I'm enjoy it and it's nice to have her come so much in my mouth so I'm have problem to get it all in the mouth and I'm get excited to have her come over my face and cover it all with that lovely fluid and I'm enjoy it all into the mouth so I'm swallowing everything she let me have.

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