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Pink Carpet

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"Daddy, I had a nightmare" Kirsty says standing in my doorway.

"Aren't you a little old for nightmares" I say squinting through the darkness.  My sight begins adjusting to the light and I can see Kristy looking down sheepishly.

"Also my room is really cold without carpet" she adds.  It's true, I'm waiting for her new carpet to be fitted and the room does acquire quite a chill without it.  Against my better judgement I let her convince me to go with the bright pink colour she opted for. 

"Do you think I can sleep with you tonight...just for tonight" she says finally confessing her true motives. 

"Look Kristy, you're kind of grown up now, you're only here for a bit of your summer break...I'm not sure your mum would approve" I say wiping the sleep out of my eyes.  Before I know I feel an eruption of movement on the bed and Kristy attempting to little spoon me under the covers.  I feel her round little ass snuggle against me as she let's out a satisfied exhalation.

I'm able to see her face from the moonlight pouring in through the window.  The soft light only accentuates her delicate mousy features.  She pretends to be asleep as she knows my protestation wouldn't end there. 

"Hey, I know what you're doing" I say as she pulls the covers up closer over her face.  I let out a defeated sigh as I knew there would be no chance in moving her now.

It doesn't take me long to fall asleep.  However, after some length of time I'm slowly awakened out of my slumber. 

Kristy has a habit of wriggling around a lot in the night.  I come around to find her now resting her head on my stomach.  One of her thumbs for some reason is under the band of my boxer shorts.  I have to be up early in the morning so I didn't want to make a fuss at this point, so I decide to let the tiredness once again take over and fall back to sleep.

At some point, my subsequent dreams dissolved into those of an erotic nature.  It didn't take long for my eyes to shoot open.  I immediately look down and am able to see what woke me up.  Kristy had managed to pull down my shorts enough so that my cock is unencumbered.  She is now resting her head on my thigh and I'm able to see the look of fascination on her face.  In one of her small hands she holds my now erect cock while pursing her lips.  I'm not sure what to do so I try and fake moving in my sleep.  She immediately lets go of my cock and puts her head down pretending to sleep as well.

After a few minutes, she once again lifts her head and wraps her hand around my hard shaft.  In a slightly clumsy manner she begins rubbing up and down.  I can feel her breathing intensify as she grips a little harder.  Not knowing that I'm fully awake, she tries to be as discreet as possible and with her other hand begins playing with my balls.  "Where did she learn to do this?" Was my first thought.  I felt pre-cum begin to excrete from the end of my cock.  Kristy stopped and let out a slight gasp.  I feel the end of her fingers dab it, I peek down and see her studying it intensely.  She shifts her body so that her head is closer to my member.  Her soft lips wrap around the throbbing end of my cock.  I feel her tongue dart around inside her mouth enthusiastically.  She lets out a small moan with my cock in her mouth.  I admit it feels very good.

Attempting to take it a little deeper, I feel my hard cock sliding deeper inside her mouth.  She even knows not to use her hands.  One of them is resting on my leg while the other holds my balls caressing them.

She stops abruptly.  I've been keeping my eyes half open in preparation for this moment.  She looks up at me checking to see if I'm awake.  I can hear Kristy fiddling around but I'm not sure what she's doing.  A quick glance shows me that she's removing her cotton panties before inspecting herself.  The faintest moan escapes her lips as I hear the sound of her wet pussy lips being played with.  Her head shoots back around at me.  Once again, checking to see if I'm awake.  With all the stealth she can muster.  She lifts one leg over me and very gently lowers herself down so her head is resting on my chest. 

I can feel her maneuvering her hips so the shaft if my cock is now pressed between her little pussy lips.  While biting on her PJ sleeve, she reaches down  with her other hand, taking hold of my member and bucks her hips.  It takes her a few attempts but she eventually guides the head of my cock until I feel it pushing against her tight little wet hole.  She lets out a stifled cry as she tries to lower her hips onto me.  "Daddy" she says in a whisper filled tone before letting out a moan.  I'm worried that my 8 inch dick is going to hurt her.  It seems however that she is content with adjusting just using the end of my cock.  It still feels incredibly tight inside her.  Very hot and wet.  Technically she is old enough for this but it doesn't feel like she is that experienced...if at all.

I wrap my arms around her as she nuzzles her head on my chest...she pushes her hips down a little further.  I'm now buried halfway inside her and I can feel my cock throbbing and pulsing in her little wet pussy.  One thought that crosses my mind is that I can feel my balls swelling and getting dangerously close to cumming.  I cannot remember if she told me she's on the pill or not.  However it looks like I won't have much of choice given that her thrusts have become more intense.  I hold her closer as I feel the throbbing intensify and hot cum flow through my genitals...I think she can feel it too as she lowers her cunt onto my dick as far as possible.  My cum shoots deep inside her as she grips onto me for life.  She lets out a satisfied moan as she feels every last pulse pump into her.

We stay like that for a few minutes until she slowly dismounts me.  She then says a quiet "thank you daddy" before returning to her side of the bed and falling asleep.

My heart is racing.  Even though we are not directly bloody related.  It's not going to make breakfast any less awkward...

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