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Hi all. I was looking for something else in life and found something way more exciting. I didn't know how exciting I found it but we're just chatting and his submissive side really excites me. I desire him so much.

But I am 100% new so I need some feedback, I can't sort of generalise from my lived experience. This person is like no one I have ever met.

He finds cross dressing exciting and also gender play where he calls me a male title (he is Korean so Oppa which means big brother is a bit like Daddy in the West). So he is not gay but wants to be in that role and gets off on imagining me in that male role...but still wants me to be womanly enough, like "tomboy" style. 

He is very submissive, and his fantasies are just so NICE (I think they are anyway lol). He wants to be cuddled and to feel soft and safe "like a baby" and to feel "like a woman". He wants to  be pegged and that is something I haven't done but I don't think is that "out there", really. He strongly identifies with the feminine role but is not transgender, it's a kink, and I guess a reflection of his personality. He likes attention and to be led by me. He wants to live in a traditional wife type role. I think all of this is really awesome. I am a career oriented person but I'd like to have a kid, he would seriously like to be a housewife, which would be useful to me!

The thing is I think all of a sudden a lot of my dissatisfaction with men has been kind of that I don't find male dominance a turn on...it feels good but there is no brain activation. So it feels kind of hollow inside if that makes sense. I'm just chatting with this person and I feel so much more! I'm having somewhat of a revelation, at the ripe old age of 38 lol!

What I want is advice from male subs on how I can return the favour to him and make him feel that safe and directed feeling he wants. Of course his kinks are individual but I feel I have to study up and a lot of what I'm finding online seems a bit wrong for this situation. It seems like there isn't much around and male subs (like those who want the life and not just for kicks) are kind of rare. Are they?

All feedback will be valued. Thank you in advance :)







male subs aren't as common as they think, but not always so rare.  Generally, they're not the ones shouting online about what a great sub they'd be if someone would only give them a chance ;) 

Anyway - I do know a few FLR (female led relationships) which are, or appear, full-time.    So, possibly a good search term could be just that - female led relationships - because it does sound like he wants something more full time and it sounds like you are happy to embrace that.

How to return the favour, pretty much roll with it.


Thank you so much for the search term!!!! :)


Thanks so much to everyone who read my post...the situation has evolved and now I think I'm dealing more with a female sub situation. This one just happens to have a penis lol. I think I need to make a new post if I'm looking for advice ha ha :sweat_smile:

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