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A day out in the forest with Daddy - Part 2


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He pulled her harder, spreading her cheeks apart and allowing her, now wet, panties to ride up against her eager lips. She moaned gently and his hands moved up her back, one on her shoulder and one on the back of her head.
She could feel his hand running through her hair, the anticipation was brief as he grabbed a fistful and moved her head to the side, exposing the soft, tender skin on her neck. Part kisses, part nibbles, he moved from her shoulder up her neck to her delicate earlobes.

"You've been such a good girl for Daddy" he whispered into her ear, his beard brushing against her.

She loved to hear it, knowing that she pleased him and in return he would please her, protect her and make her his.

Her hand moved down his torso, following the lines down into his shorts. She knew the way they kissed lit a fire in him. Her hand didn't get far before the tip of his penis betrayed his composure. Sliding her hand down the shaft a cheeky grin began to spread across her face.

Not allowing her to command the situation, he moved his hand from her shoulder and quickly between her legs, moving her soaked knickers aside in one movement. His fingers moving back and fore between her labia, her juices began to run down his fingers before he stopped on her clitoris, now moving left to right. Pressing just enough to feel her tiny bean flick between his fingers.

She began gripping firmer, and moving harder, as if trying to out-maneuver him, but it was already too late. His finger slid inside her with no resistance, as much as she wanted to resist. She let out another moan, and stopped kissing to bite her lip. He looked deep into her eyes, at this moment something deep inside of them met amid their gaze, and was about to explode, taking no prisoners.

"Use me Daddy!" she whispered to him, almost panting.

"What was that Babygirl?" he demanded, knowing full well what she had said, but feigning just to make her say it again for him.

"Use my mouth Daddy, please!" she begged, now visibly desperate for more sensations, her tongue pushed out and glistening, inviting him in.

With his hand still in her hair, he steered her head downwards, her resistance non-existent. Just as she expected to feel the tip of his penis on her tongue, his grip stiffened, stopping her mere inches away.

She looked up at him desperately, he'd stopped just to see that look in her eye. That wanton craving that now only he could satiate. He paused long enough that she knew he was in control. Then, as if to make sure there was no confusion in the matter, he pushed her down that last few inches until the head of his cock had disappeared between her lips.

She moaned gently at finally being allowed what she had wanted. The sensation of her sound felt amazing as he ran his hand down the center of her back. She arched as his hand glided down and just he reached her waist, his hand lifted and came down firmly on her right ass cheek.

The shock sent her forwards, taking him deeper inside her mouth. Another crack as his hand came down on her left cheek. To anyone else in the woods, it might have sounded like something was snapping branches, but inside the tent the glow on her cheeks told the full story.

(Part 3 coming once I've proof read it)

This is fantastic writing. Many thanks for posting.
Mmmm yet another great extension to the story, making me wish I was in her place x

Omg this is amazing. Awesome story 


If it gets enough likes I'll try and get part 3 proof read tonight :D

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