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A day out in the forest with Daddy - Part 3


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Moving his attention back to her mouth, he remembered how they'd talked about this before. She wanted to be ***d by someone she trusted implicitly.

She looked up at him and with a glance they had communicated what they both wanted. There were no words, just pure sensation and emotion. He pushed her mouth further again, this time he could feel his shaft move down her thoat. Her lips touched the base of his cock and she strained to look up at him.

When their eyes met, she knew in that moment how happy she could make him. She spluttered, but tried hard to keep her composure. Another slight cough and she felt her hand tapping his leg involuntarily. She didn't want him to stop just yet.

But he knew. The taps came like Morse code. 'Push her some more'. A second longer, and not a moment too soon, he pulled her head away. Trails of saliva linked her still to his member and tears welled in her eyes.

She gasped as he looked down at her "Do you like that, my Babygirl?"

She nodded, still unable to speak the words, but his hand came swiftly to her cheek. Firm enough for her to compose herself a moment.

"Do you want some more?" He asked her, a loving tone in his voice.

"Yes please, Daddy!" She said quickly, trying to get out the words while she had the chance - "Fuck my throat!"

She'd barely finished speaking when he ***d the throbbing head of his penis back into her mouth, sliding effortlessly back down past her uvula. Her hands clasped on the back of his legs, she moved to make sure she could feel every inch as his movements became more rhythmic.

With one hand on the rear of her head he ran the other down the centre of her back, pushing down to make sure she was arched correctly. She adjusted accordingly and quickly became aware of how exposed she now was. Nearly all his manhood down her throat and her pussy eagerly displayed ready for him.

His hand continued pausing to slap each cheek in turn. Once, twice on each side, the 'snapping twig' sound echoed outside the tent. As his hand continued down, following her panties until he could feel the wetness of her excitement. Pressing the fabric almost inside her, he rubbed and toyed with her.

"I want these to get wet, Babygirl" He moved back to look down at her.

"Do you know where they're going?" He asked. Her big gorgeous eyes looking back up at him, tears now streaming down from them and tracing lightning-strikes of mascara over her cheeks.

He allowed her room to move away and speak, but just far enough that the swollen end of his penis bobbed a fraction from her lips.

"In my mouth, Daddy?" she said coyly, almost unsure if her answer was correct.

"That's right Babygirl, so you can taste my sweet little cumslut's pussy too!"

He confirmed the response by pushing himself back inside her waiting mouth. She began to moan, just as his fingers found the right spot. As if on cue, her panties began to drip, now completely sodden.


(I'll start on Part 4 this week)


Your writing is fantastic, you have me hanging on every word...

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