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A Short Essay on ***


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"He who ***s death will never do anything worth of a man alive." -Seneca

***s silently drive us to strange, hurtful places.

***s hurt us, because they predict what we won't do. For ourselves, for others, for the world.

***s hurt others, because they depive them of who we could be. What our potential is truly designed for.

***s hurt the world, because when we do not achieve our wildest dreams, the world feels the void of that emptiness.

And yet, ***s remain silent, despite all the energy it creates. All the despair, all the ruin, all the disgust, is in our pretty little heads.

***s can stop us from saying no. They can shake us into not turning down a sidewalk. They can run us off a mountain. They can stop us from meeting true friends.

They can live inside our minds, for our entire lives, seemingly issuing us a curfew, causing inaction within our tasks, and even stopping us from finding ourselves.

***s are both vivid and tranquil. And I bet if someone asked you, you would confidently say you don't want to live in ***, while you fully do.

My advice is simple; stop living in ***. Be who you are. Bask in your potential, and seize it.

Because what *** really does is rob you of time. And that is something you do not have as much of.
If only the Universe wasn’t such a scary fucking place…
I hear you friend. Don't let it scare you so bad you never become who you should have been.
Thank you for your words. I really connected with what you said. I am trying to advise someone close who is suffering from *** of changes in their life that can potentially give them a better life.
My thoughts are this………. Who are you afraid of? What have you got to lose? Opportunities that can make our lives better are few and far between so embrace the moment and fly with it.
At some point we die and…………..? I’m going to die with the biggest wicked grin because I’m happy and satisfied that I have enjoyed so many experiences that have shaped the mind and body.
A post work rambling so it may not make sense, but my initial thoughts

I don't see *** necessarily as being a negative emotion for a whole host of reasons. In some instances it can work to our advantage on the basis that it gives us a heightened sense of awareness, we're more alert and our fight or flight instinct can in some instances kick in, in a number of ways to protect us.
I guess it we may see it as a negative because it may hold us back from achieving something but, (because I like reframing things), if we can acknowledge our ***, rather than ignore it, and unpick/understand why we're ***ful, we can use that knowledge to create goals and figure out what we need to do to achieve it/them. If we're using our *** in such a positive way, and we overcome it, when faced with a similiar situation, we'll have the ability to reflect on that previous experience, learn from our lived experiences, we then develop confidence and resillience to be able to overcome our next challenge/***
Yes, my essay is tackling *** as one dimensional, when there is indeed layers to it, and how it can influence us positively or negstivy. That is great insight, and provides further context to the issue.

Maybe I'll write about that next.
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